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Top 9 Thanksgiving Wines!

What wines pair best with a Thanksgiving Feast?

The simple answer is that the very best pairings are the wines that you like best. A typical Thanksgiving Dinner has so many different flavors on the table that it is nearly impossible to pick just one go-to wine that will pair with absolutely everything.  We recommend choosing 3 or 4 of your favorites, open them all at once and let your guests choose the wine they want to drink.   

If that isn’t enough of an answer for you, then ask us your specific food pairing questions — it’s our passion! And we love to share our passion and knowledge with anyone who will listen – both experts and novices alike.

All of us at Bottles have been thinking about Thanksgiving all year, and can give you an emphatic guarantee that all nine wines on this list will be the perfect complement to your dinner.  So relax, with so much to worry and think about, at least you know that the wine will be perfect!


Top 9 Wines

Listed in order of lightest to heaviest:

Sutto Prosecco – Holy Wow! Very fresh, vibrant and dry Prosecco makes for a perfect treat before, during, or after dinner.   


Secateurs Chenin Blanc – An expressive and aromatic white from South Africa, this Chenin Blanc is turkey’s best friend. Bright and engaging with lots of white peach and tart apple flavors with a rich and silky mouthfeel.


Château du Rouet Provence Rosé – Rose is our go to no-brainer pairing with all things Thanksgiving.  Not only can it pair perfectly with almost all things on the dinner table, it’s great to sip pre-dinner while cooking or relaxing with your friends and family.


Aviary Chardonnay – Our favorite California Chardonnay of the moment.  Everything you want and nothing you don’t:  rich and creamy but without being oaky or buttery.  Elegant and restrained and an excellent pairing to all things Thanksgiving.  


Grisy Bourgogne Rouge – Beautiful Pinot Noir with loads of character and a sure fire winner at dinner.  Soft and silky texture with bright tart fruit like cranberry and raspberry with a hint of savory earthiness that makes it all appealing and interesting.


Adelsheim Pinot Noir – From one of the founding wineries from Oregon, established in the early 1970’s.  American elegance at its best and a honest expression of the brilliance of Oregon.  Supple and elegant with cola and black cherry flavors with hints of fine leather and earth.


Dupeuble Beaujolais – Classic Thanksgiving pairing! A richer, more concentrated Beaujolais with blackberry and blueberry fruit flavors with hints of cinnamon and violets.


Gran Passione Rosso Veneto – Rich and smooth wine from the Veneto region.  Stacked with rich, opulent dried fruit flavors of plums and blackberries with generous hints of mocha and toffee.


La Posta PIzzella Vineyard Malbec – For those who like a big, heavy, rich and delicious wine, this is for you.  Dark and ripe flavors with cherry and creamy blueberries with hints of spice and mineral. 


Enjoy your day of thanks, and thank the wine for helping you get through it!


The Bottles Team


Learn about Sauvignon Blanc

White Wine Guide - Learn about Sauvignon Blanc styles

Learn about Sauvignon Blanc! In this video, Eric Taylor (Bottles wine guru) discusses flavor and aroma profiles in Sauvignon Blanc from major wine regions. Find out some of his favorite wines in the store, and get food pairing ideas from Ben Lloyd, chef at The Salted Slate in Providence (we’re neighbors!).

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Barbecue for me and you!

Folks, we are officially in the throws of summer! Rhode Island, the wiley mistress she is, has decided to give us a momentary reprieve. And so there’s no better time to pull out your grills and get cooking! Best Wine Pairings for Grilling and BBQ The beautiful thing about summertime grilling is the laid back nature; of throwing it on the grill and cracking open a bottle of something delicious.

The key behind pairing wine and food is to match the flavor characteristics. Sometimes foods flavors align with a wines palate, but other times it’s the age old idea that opposites attract which can be surprising!

Here at Bottles, we’ve decided to help you out by going ahead and removing the guesswork. From vegetables to beef and all things in between, we have your perfect summertime pairings! Wine Pairings for Grilled Foods


From the plethora of farmers markets that run all summer long in Rhode Island there is a virtually endless rainbow of produce to enjoy.

Berger Gruner Veltiner - white wine food pairings

Berger Grüner Veltliner 2013, $14.99

Clean, subtle & floral with notes of grapefruit and a refreshing peppery quality throughout. This Grüner is just oh so bright and crisp! Let me just say what a great value this wine is at a liter a bottle, that means a little more bang for your buck!



LambruscoMedici Ermete Grasparossa Lambrusco, $17.99
This is my wild card recommendation! Too often, Lambrusco has been pushed aside and forgotten, but not anymore. Yes, some Lambruscos can have a juicy, fruitier quality to them; however, when you’re enjoying something rich and fatty like pork or beef ribs, that is exactly the kind of flavor you want to counter that smoky saltiness from grilling. This particular wine has red berry ripeness to it; the light effervescence, however, keeps this wine from feeling too weighty.

Catena Malbec Wine PairingsCatena Malbec 2011, $19.99
What would a guide on grilling be without at least one Argentinian recommendation? The Argentinians are known the world over for their love of grilled meats, and taking a page from their book, I can think of no better wine to recommend. Without coming across as too fruity, this wine is ripe and juicy in all the right places with a sensual smokiness, making for the perfect accompaniment to grilled steak.

Foris GewurztraminerForis Gewurztraminer 2012, $15.99
I chose this particular vintage which comes from Oregon because it has warmer flavors of nectarines and pineapples, with heady aromas of lush citrus blossom and delicate rose. Despite being fruity, this wine is by no means sweet – the finish is pure with no cloying sweetness. Whether it is chicken sausages, lighter brats, or kielbasas when it comes to pairing ‘wursts, choosing a white that is a little richer in body will complement the fatty richness of the sausage.



What is summertime in Rhode Island without seafood? I love the simplicity of whole grilled fish dressed up with fresh herbs and citrus – for me, you just cannot get any better.

Stefano Massone GaviStefano Massone Gavi 2013, $14.99
Gavi di Gavi was made for summertime! Made from 100% Cortese grapes, this wine has a soft but bright palate. Clean flavors of apple and pear are grounded by a refreshing mineral note, making it the perfect wine to pair with delicate white fish.


Matua Pinot Noir - Wine Pairings

Matua Pinot Noir 2012, $12.99
Long gone are the days of solely drinking white wines with fish when enjoying meatier options such as salmon and swordfish. Light bodied reds are definitely the way to go! This New Zealand Pinot Noir has notes of bright red fruit and earthy herbs, and the palate is supple and easy drinking.


Lobsters, oysters, and littlenecks oh my! Is there anything more quintessentially New England than the scrumptious taste of shellfish? Pair it with this Portuguese white blend.


Aveleda ‘Follies’ Alvarinho/Loureiro 2012, $10.99
A delicious Portuguese white blend that has a surprisingly ample palate with heavenly herbal and stone fruit notes. Despite being medium bodied, this wine still manages to have a light thirst quenching finish with crisp acidity! Fragrant and flavorful this white will stand up to the richness of shellfish.



Chicken, everyone’s favorite protein! Versatile and easy, here are a few wines that will pair with your grilled chicken.

Macon VillagesAlbert Bichot Macon Villages 2012, $12.99
What a fantastic bottle of White Burgundy for such a great price! This Chardonnay is an absolute classic French white; the palate has light floral notes balanced by a streak of refreshing minerality throughout. Medium bodied with very little oak, this white manages to maintain a fresh and easy drinking quality about it making it a sure hit for all things poultry!


Jean Francois GamayJean Francois Merieau Gamay 2011, $15.99
Beaujolais in the summertime! A perfect light red to enjoy in the warmer months. Since it is lighter in body, it won’t come across as too heavy on the palate. Fresh vibrant red fruit notes like strawberries and raspberries pair with an earthy herbal character, this wine is just good and easy!


Rosé Wines

Last but certainly not least, let’s not forget about our UNIVERSAL wine pairing for summertime: Rosé! I am such a big advocate of rosés especially once they are in season. I have yet to meet the rosé that I don’t absolutely adore.

Rose Wine Pairings for Grilling

The beautiful thing about rosé is that they are no longer those sickly sweet wines of days gone by. Instead we now have a full spectrum of rosés for every taste! From the dry and mineral driven rosés from Provence, to the juicier, more fruit forward New World rosés, there is something tasty to be had no matter what style you prefer.

Because there are just too many wonderful rosés to pick from and describe here, please stop by Bottles and see for yourself! We have a bountiful selection of rosés to choose from, and you’ll have plenty of new and fun things to try all summer long!

If there is one idea behind my pairing recommendations it is that you have fun with it. Just as grilling is a casual summertime activity, so selecting a wine pairing.

No fuss, no muss, just easy and delicious!

Jackie’s FUN TIP: Be sure to chill your wines! Even reds can stand to be cooled down in the warmer summer months in order to allow their vibrant natures to shine through! So don’t be afraid, chill that red!

– by Jackie Blackwell


Top 9 Rosé Wines of the Summer!


Summertime means one important thing at Bottles – it’s officially rosé season!

Rosés are perfection partnered with easy, warm-weather foods. Think BBQ or light salads with insanely fresh veggies.

Don’t confuse rosés with those sweet White Zins or Blush Wines. Rosés are actually made from red grapes.  They’re dry and not sweet. And, they have fantastic strawberry, raspberry, and cherry fruit flavors that come from the red grape skins.

For your go-to summer wine, you really can’t go wrong with peppy, lightly citrusy rosé. Everyone will obsess over them!

Here’s a honed down list of our favorite rosé wines of the season. For even more choices, swing by the store and we’ll help you find just the right one. Cheers, and happy rosé season from Bottles!


Bieler Pere et Fils (rhymes with Feeler)
Coteaux d’Aix en Provence
The staff’s favorite rosé this season!  Light and crisp, with delicious mouth-watering flavors of raspberries, watermelon, and fresh herbs. $11.99


Charles and Charles Rosé
A heavier style rosé made with mostly Syrah.  Big, bold, dark fruit flavors like Bing Cherries and ripe strawberries.  A great pick with messy BBQ ribs or chicken. $11.99


Les Dauphins Rosé
Côtes du Rhône, France
A stunning value for a classic and prestigious wine growing region.  Expect ripe summer fruit, backed up with rich, spicy, and peppery flavors that make it a perfect pairing with grilled hamburgers or lamb kabobs.  $11.99


A to Z Rosé
A lush and creamy rosé with loads of personality.  Aromas of hibiscus and honeycomb with bright and spicy fruit flavors, like citrus and strawberries that finishes crisp and clean. $14.99


Gobelsburger Rosé
Beautiful, light salmon pink color that must be seen in your glass to be really appreciated.  Made from Zweigelt, a grape native to Austria, this is a bone dry rosé with an incredible amount of acidity that begs to be paired with BBQ ribs.  Yes, ribs. $16.99


Commanderie de Peyrassol
Côtes de Provence
Classic and sophisticated rosé from the iconic Cotes de Provence region in Southeastern France.  This rosé has a pale rose color and has a lovely fruit blossom aroma, with flavors of wild strawberries and Herbs de Provence (thyme, sage, rosemary). $21.99


Orlana Rosé
The best rosé value of the Summer!  Light and breezy, this rosé has a very light fizz to it and is deliciously gulp-able.  Light in color, aroma and flavor, this wine demands to be alongside you at every casual gathering this summer. $8.99


Domaine Sourdais Rosé
Chinon, France
This rosé is as engaging as it is delicious.  Made from Cabernet Franc, this is a bit heavier than most, with flavors of bright red berries, ruby red grapefruit, and a delicious minerality. $17.99


Chateau Pradeaux Rosé
Bandol, France
Bandol (in the Southeast of France) may be the most serious region for rosé production in the world.  This exceptional wine is very complex, rich and full bodied – a special treat! $32.99

Top 10 Easter Wines Under $20

Top 10 Easter Wine picks

We love feasting holidays, and the arrival of spring also means Easter is on its way. Pairing wines for Easter is a treat for us, because rather than the heavier and richer wines that you’d have on Thanksgiving, wines that pair with a traditional Easter dinner are lighter and fresher. We’ve hand selected ten of our favorite wines that will pair with glazed ham, roasted lamb, fresh veggies and everything on the table.  Come in and look for more wines marked with orange flower tags, or ask any of our knowledgeable staff for assistance. We are here to help!


easter wines

Botter Moscato
A little sweet, a little fizzy – great by itself or with light salads.  A perfect way to start off the day during Easter brunch.

Ca’ Furlan Prosecco
Our favorite inexpensive sparkling wine! This makes a mean Mimosa or Bellini, but it’s also great on its own.

Feudi di San Gregorio Lacryma Christi
This virile and powerful red from Campania translates to “Tears of Christ”.  We can’t think of a more appropriate wine for Easter, and it pairs really well with Lamb!

Mulderbosch Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon
Deeply colored, boldly flavored and mighty delicious, we really recommend this rosé as one of the best pairings with ham.

The Immortal Zinfandel
A really great Zin from vines that were planted in the 1880’s.  Big bold fruit with a bit of strawberry and cocoa.

Dr. Loosen Riesling
Perfect with ham and lighter dishes.  Not too sweet, but loaded with ripe peach and grapefruit.  Sophisticated and delicious!

Château de Segries Côtes du Rhone
A very well made, very elegant wine that will please any red wine drinker.  Pair with lamb or anything roasted.

Château Magneau Graves
A stunning Bordeaux that has both beautiful fruit flavors but also a pronounced mineral element that makes it the best pick for pairing with Lamb

Toad Hollow Chardonnay
Perfect for those that want to serve a Chardonnay but doesn’t want loads of oak and butter.  Crisp, clean and drinks just like an expensive French Burgundy.

Tintero ‘Grangia’
A tiny bit fizzy and very delicious.  Aromas and flavors of white flowers and ripe stone fruit.  Springtime in a bottle – pair with Easter Egg Hunts and anything you’d eat for lunch.

Eric Taylor
Bottles General Manager


Our Top 9 Spring Wines

Top Spring Wines

For us, spring is the real beginning of the year.  So many exciting wines start to arrive, the most notable being rosé from all over the world. When thinking about springtime foods, they mirror the season very well – fresh, light and with vibrant flavors and colors.  To make a comparison, we think of Grüner Veltliner, Albariño and Cabernet Franc to be the Ramps, Fiddlehead Ferns and Asparagus of the wine world.



Spring Wines

Look for our in-store display of spring wines, hand-selected to be perfect with almost any fresh and vibrantly flavored springtime dish.

Braised Lamb Shanks recipe // Wine Pairing Ideas

Stout-Braised Lamb Recipe >

2012 Château D’Oupia ‘Les Hérétiques’, Languedoc, France, $11.99 
2010 E. Guigal Côtes du Rhône, Rhone Valley, France, $14.99
2009 Frederic Mabileau ‘Les Rouilleres’, Loire Valley, France, $17.99

Roasted Chicken Wine Pairing ideas

Herb-Roasted Spring Chicken Recipe >

2012 Matua Pinot Noir, Marlborough, New Zealand, $12.99
2012 William Hill Chardonnay, North Coast, California, $14.99
2012 K Vintners Viognier, Columbia Valley, Washington, $24.99

Garlic, Ramp, and Mushroom Flatbread recipe

Veggie Flatbread Recipe >

2011 Burgáns Albariño, Galicia, Spain, $12.99
2012 Château Les Valentines ‘La Caprice de Clementine’, Provence, France, $14.99
2013 Anton Bauer ‘Gmörk’ Grüner Veltliner, Wagram, Austria, $15.99

Eric Taylor
Bottles General Manager


Corn is in Season! Pair it with Marsanne

White wine that pairs with corn

When it comes to summer barbecues, corn is quintessential. This classic vegetable is currently in season in Rhode Island, and will be through October. Usually, one never thinks about what wine pairs well with corn, which is not often the centerpiece of a meal. However, when it comes to corn being a major component, what do you do then? We have cut out all the guesswork, tasted a bunch of wines, and discovered that Paul Mas Marsanne goes very well with corn.

In Season Now: Corn

July – October

Sweet, juicy and versatile, corn is not only a staple of summer meals, but also of fall-time. When it gets cool enough to enjoy that bowl of corn chowder, try making some southern dishes as well, such as succotash or Johnny Cakes. Corn has many incarnations: on the cob, kernels, cereals and cornmeal.


Wine Pairing

Marsanne is a commonly found grape varietal in Châteauneuf-du-Pape & Côte du Rhône wines. A full-bodied white wine from the Rhone Valley, Marsanne can be found in both dry and sweet styles. This wine lacks the fruit and perfume, and so many times it is mixed with more aromatic grapes. The high alcohol, low acidity, and flavors of pear, spice and melon make it a great wine to pair with seafood, cheese, and of course, corn. Or simply relax and enjoy it on the porch!

Recommended Wine: Paul Mas Marsanne

– Aromas of dried fruits, pear, and violet with hints of vanilla.

– A rich, fresh, and mellow palate with a long finish of toasted notes makes this wine pair well with the sweetness of corn.

– 25% of the Marsanne is aged in oak barrels, and the other 75% is aged in stainless steel tanks.

– The Mas family has been making wines in the Languedoc region since 1892.

Visit our store to get this wine!

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Watermelon Pairs with Rosé Wine: Le Caprice de Clémentine

watermelon and rosé wine pairing idea

When it’s hot as habaneros, you want something refreshing, cold, juicy, sweet…watermelon! Luckily, this bright red melon is newly in season here in Rhode Island. The next logical question is, what do you drink with it? We’ve tasted a slew of wines and found through our research that rosé wins for the best wine pairing. Keep reading for quirky recipe ideas and reasons why you need to try Le Caprice de Clémentine.

In Season Now: Watermelon
Mid-July – September

Watermelons are a quintessential summer treat. Whether they are served for breakfast, enjoyed cold after dinner, or combined with other ingredients to make salads, drinks, desserts, or cold soups, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more perfect summer ingredient.

Wine Pairing

What wine says summer? Rosé! Right between a red and white wine, rosés are dry, and not sweet like White Zinfandel or Blush wines. Rosé from the Côtes de Provence region in France are known for their gold standard quality and joie de vivre lifestyle. Their signature light, crisp, berry and citrusy flavors are a perfect complement to fresh, sweet watermelon. Serve them both refreshingly cold, and enjoy on a hot summer day!

Recommended Wine:
  • Aromas of watermelon! It’s like double watermelon. Trust us.
  • A light and delicate rosé with beautiful color and good acidity to preserve freshness.
  • Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Le Château Les Valentines is a wine growing estate in the south of France that is more than a century old.
  • In 1997, Les Valentines family decided to make their own wine, and built a modern winery called the Domain “Les Valentines.”
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Rosé Wine Pairing with Littleneck Clams

Littleneck clams are a classic Rhode Island dish. They’re even better with a bottle of crisp wine! Keep reading for a fantastic clam recipe from Edible Rhody and our pick for a rosé wine pairing.

Rosés make great partners with food because they are, in the way they’re made, right in between a red and white wine. Dry, not sweet, and full of light berry and citrus flavors, rosés are a lovely summertime wine.

Edible Rhody Magazine‘s summer issue includes a great Littleneck Clam recipe by Amy McCoy of poorgirlgourmet.com. She cooks Littlenecks with choriço sausage and vine-ripened tomatoes, which pairs perfectly with Ferraton ‘Samoren’ for a magical mingling of flavors.

Côtes du Rhone, France

Rosés from the du Rhône region are rich and fruity without being cloyingly sweet. Composed of a blend Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault, this rosé has a rich sherbet color. A wonderful mineral finish lends itself to seafood dishes such as littlenecks and the Grenache/Syrah power duo gives the wine weight to stand up to  warm flavors such as spicy tomatoes and garlic. 
Visit our store to get this wine. (Or, have it delivered to your door if you are located in Rhode Island!)
Photo by Amy McCoy
By Amy McCoy, author of Poor Girl Gourmet and founder/blogger PoorGirlGourmet.com
The lemon zest and lemon juice add bright acidity to this dish. For a heartier meal, serve the clams and broth atop linguine.



½ pound mild choriço sausage, casing removed, sliced in half lengthwise
1 pound vine-ripened tomatoes (Roma or other sauce tomatoes are ideal)
3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 medium sweet onion, such as Vidalia, trimmed and sliced lengthwise into ½-inch wedges
4 medium cloves garlic—2 minced, 2 left whole
1 tablespoon fresh oregano, coarsely chopped
1 cup dry white wine
24 Littleneck clams, scrubbed clean
Kosher or sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper
4 thick slices good-quality crusty bakery bread
Grated zest of 1 lemon, plus 4 lemon wedges for serving (optional)


Preheat the grill to medium heat or prepare coals.

Grill choriço until it is lightly charred; remove and cool slightly, then slice it crosswise into ¼-inch half-moons. Likewise, grill the tomatoes until they are lightly charred and their skins are peeling off; remove and allow to cool. Discard skins, core and coarsely chop, reserving any liquid.

Heat olive oil in a large Dutch oven or heavy stockpot with a tight-fitting lid. Add the onion and sauté until translucent, 3 to 5 minutes. Add minced garlic and oregano and sauté 1 minute.

Pour in wine. Add tomato flesh and accumulated juices. Add the choriço and stir to combine.

Place the clams in pot, increase the heat to medium-high until the liquid begins to steam. Cover the pan and simmer, stirring occasionally, until the clams have opened wide, 10–12 minutes. (Discard any unopened clams.) Season to taste.

Meanwhile, grill the slices of bread over medium heat until they are just toasted, 1–2 minutes per side. Rub one side of each slice with peeled garlic cloves.

Divide clams and broth among 4 large warm, shallow bowls. Sprinkle with lemon zest and serve with a slice of grilled bread and lemon wedges alongside. Serves 4.


Wine Pairings for Striped Bass Season in Rhode Island

food and wine pairing idea striped bass albarino

It’s striper season in Rhode Island! You might have read our previous posts featuring food and wine pairings as they come into season in little Rhody. This week, we’re all about this mouth-watering combination: Striped Bass paired with Albariño, a white wine from Spain.

In Season Now
June – September

Striped Bass is a classic Ocean State food, and the Rhode Island state fish! Now is the season for catching your striper in the Narragansett Bay. Not a fisherman, or just unlucky? Pick up a few filets from local  fishermen such as The Local Catch at your farmer’s market. The Local Catch also has a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) program, sign up today!

Mild and sweet, light and flaky, Striped Bass tastes great cooked right on the grill, or pan-seared (in filet form!). Just add your favorite fresh herbs, lemon, olive oil or butter, and season to taste for the perfect Rhody summertime dish.

Read Edible Rhody Magazine’s simple Grilled Striped Bass recipe or Striped Bass with Tomato Basil Relish and Sweet Corn Purée recipe.

Wine Pairing

Albariño is a native grape of the Ríaz Baixas (pronounced “ree-ass by-shuss”) region on the Galician Coast of Spain. White wines from this region are delicate, lively, and aromatic. Ríaz Baixas is also a region with an ancient, pre-Columbian history of fishing and seafood. If it grows together, it goes together, so enjoy this fantastic wine with striped bass this summer!

Recommended Wine: Santiago Ruiz

Photo: Santiago Ruiz
  • History of the label: Santiago Ruiz’s daughter, Isabel, was celebrating her wedding at the winery house, and drew a little map to help guests find their way. Santiago saw it, added his handwritten text, and chose it to be the label for his wine.
  • Upon retiring at the age of 70, Santiago Ruiz dedicated himself to his true vocation and followed in the winemaking tradition of his ancestors. His maternal grandfather was one of the first to produce and bottle wines in Galicia in 1898.
  • Read more about Santiago Ruiz at www.bodegasantiagoruiz.com
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