Kate's Fresh Rosé Picks For 2020

Beware the ides of March? Well perhaps Mark Antony was on to something but that was way before this CoronaVirus was a thing. On the positive side of March, the sun is out, the skies are clear and there isn’t a snowflake to be found near 141 Pitman. What can be found inside (besides ample […]Read More »


If you are looking to ring in the new year with some bubbles, you need to look no further. Kate and Eric have nailed a selection of fun fizz that will please even the most decerning of palates. These bottles span the globe and come in at various modest price points from $11 and up. […]Read More »

Our Top 9 Rosés

So many rosés, so little time. As always, we’ve done the dirty delicious work of tasting through hundreds of the season’s offerings to bring you the best of the bunch. Here’s our wine buyer Kate Miceli on why she chose the following 9, out of the 50+ we have in store, as the favorites this year.  Mittelbach, […]Read More »

Steal These Bubbles

That’s what it’ll feel like when you taste the 3 bottles we’ve selected as this year’s top value sparklers. They deliver so much quality, flavor and enjoyment for what you pay that you’ll feel as if you’ve stolen them right off our shelves. Our Prosecco Of The Year in the Under $15 category is the […]Read More »

Why You Should Care About B. Corp. Wineries

There’s much to love with the A to Z wines. What’s refreshing – besides their very well-crafted, varietally accurate, delicious wine – is that first and foremost they operate as a force for good. Consider these stats:   100% of A to Z workers are paid well above the local living wage. Each full-time employee […]Read More »

7 Rosés For The Remaining 7 Saturdays of Summer

Last week we got a little depressed talking about how the Labor Day countdown is on, how the pumpkin flavored beers are about to hit our shelves, and about the holiday planning we (and all retailers) are doing right now. Talk about a downer. But when looked at another way – meaning through the lens […]Read More »

What’s In The Bottle? A Key To The Symbols You’ll Find On Product Tags Storewide.

It’s an exciting time to be in the beverage industry, especially for our team of buyers who are very cognizant about the quality of what they consume, and the care with which it is crafted. More and more delicious and affordable offerings made using methods that are gentle to the earth – and our bodies […]Read More »

A Fabulous "40 Ounce" French Wine

We were a touch skeptical too – after all, it’s our job to be. Our shelf space and your palate are too precious for us to give in to every pretty label that walks in the door. We need to have solid reasons to bring in bottles: just having great packaging is not one of […]Read More »

Our Top 9 Rosés, Part II

Last week we shared with you five of our favorite rosés that have arrived thus far in 2018. (We also shared our POV on the so-called “Rosé Season.” If you’re confused about when you should drink rosé, give it a read.)   This week we present the remaining four of the earliest-arriving bottles that are now […]Read More »

Our Top 9 Rosés, Part I

OK, let’s start with a fact: Despite what the mainstream media, your Instagram feed and your Aunt Jenny are putting out there, this is not the start of Rosé Season. There isn’t anything in the official anything anywhere stating that rosé can only be sipped in the warmer, sunny, cheerful season. There’s no “Rosé Rule” […]Read More »

Our Top 6 Spring Wines

Channeling our inner Kevin Costner here, and putting out there that If You Drink Them, It Will Come. We’re talking spring wines and spring weather, folks. Who knows if we’re out of the snow  woods yet, but gosh darn it, we’re going to drink like we are. And here’s what we’ll be opening: Underwood “The […]Read More »

Our Top 3 Wines That Just Happen To Be Kosher For Passover

It’s really quite exciting to see the year-over-year increase in the number of excellent wines available to us that just happen to be kosher for Passover. Our 2018 selection is larger than it has ever been, which made our choosing the top three a bit of a challenge. But we did it, and here they […]Read More »

Why We're Making Such a Big Deal Over the Cedar + Salmon Wines

So a few months back I got wind that there was a crew of really cool folks up in the Pacific Northwest who were about to launch a line of really cool wines. I sat forward immediately – PacNorth wines are near and dear to my heart. Specifically those that come from responsibility-minded producers, using […]Read More »

Melissa's Winter Wine Picks

“This winter I want to share with you the wines that I grab when I am looking for comfort. Like the crackers you still buy when you don’t feel great. The crackers your grandmother fed you when you stayed home from school in January, that immediately made you feel better. Each of the wines are […]Read More »

The Spectacular Wines of Villa Giada

Villa Giada We’re so excited to introduce you to the very special Villa Giada wines, which Melissa had imported into Rhode Island just for us. She visited the winery, in the northern Italian region of Piedmont, in the summer of 2017, where she spent time with winemaker and owner Andrea Faccio. To celebrate their arrival, […]Read More »

Great Wines - That Just Happen To Be Kosher!

Let’s face it. The star of the Hanukkah table isn’t typically the wine, but rather the amazing food served at the traditional Festival of Lights dinner. The brisket, the kugel, the salmon. The latkes, the apple donuts. That said, there’s no reason – none, zilch – why wine should take a back seat to those festive foods. […]Read More »

The Stunning Kelley Fox Wines

One of the first things that Bottles’ new Wine Director Melissa Principe did when she got to the store was ensure that we received an allocation of Kelley Fox wines. The Oregon Pinot Noirs have achieved a cult status over the past few years due to their high-quality and limited production; they’re among the most […]Read More »

Why the Pros Buy Magnums for Holiday Entertaining

Planning a holiday party for more than just a few guests? Do what the pros do, and buy magnums. It’ll save you dough, and the larger size can add drama to your festivities. A magnum of wine is 1.5 liters, which equates to two standard bottles’ worth of juice. And in most instances, one magnum […]Read More »

Top Thanksgiving Wines, Part II

Last week we shared the sparkling and white wines that we’ll be drinking come November 23, 2017. This week we present our picks for the rosé and reds that we think will that will complement your feast. Without further ado: Charles Bieler Rosé, Provence After we’ve taken a break from rosé during September and October, it’s […]Read More »

Top Thanksgiving Wines, Part I

November is our favorite time of the year at Bottles, which is why our team spends a good bit of the year thinking about you, your Thanksgiving dinner, and the bottles that will make your dinner sing. Out of the thousands of wines we taste each year, our nine November selections must meet the following […]Read More »

Meet Melissa - Bottles' New Wine Director!

We’re so happy to introduce you to our new Wine Director, Melissa Principe. She’s a native Chicagoan who recently relocated to Rhode Island to give life on the East Coast a try. Prior to making the road trip to Providence with her co-pilot Piccolo (a two-year-old mini black lab), Melissa was in charge of the […]Read More »

Wine For "Steakhouse Night," At Home

When we opened the current issue of Edible Rhody and saw New Rivers Chef Beau Vestal’s very delicious take on the traditional “steakhouse” dinner, our minds immediately went to the classic “steakhouse” pairing: a big ‘ole bottle of hearty red wine. It’s an enduring, no-fail pairing that’s enjoyed nightly in steakhouses across the county. And […]Read More »

Top Wines For Fall - Part II

Last week we introduced you to four of the wines that our team’s been reaching for now that the mercury is dipping into the 50s. Here are a few more that we recommend. Give them a try – we think you’ll love them as much as we do. Ravines Cabernet Franc, Finger Lakes, NY An adult […]Read More »

Top Wines For Fall - Part I

Fall’s here, gang. Time to explore wines that have a little more to them. Wines that’ll elevate your first rich and decadent pot roast of the season, and those that you’ll want to open when you’re burning leaves in the backyard. Out of the hundreds of new bottles we’ve tasted over the past few weeks, […]Read More »

How To Throw A Blind Wine Tasting Party - New And Improved!

A few years back we published a step-by-step instructional on how to throw a blind wine tasting party that featured a selection of red wines. It’s been such a hit – year after year it’s our most popular blog post – we’ve decided to reprise the original with the addition of a few new themes […]Read More »

Which Rosé is Right For You?

It’s midsummer and the wine world is swimming in a sea of rosé. Let our life-raft of a chart help you pick the one that’s right for you and your palate. Do you solely drink light whites? Stick with those in the lower left quadrant. Like reds and wines with savory notes? Make the bottles […]Read More »

The Top 5 New-In-Store Rosés

Last week we gave you a list of our no-fail rosés, those that have proven to be, vintage after vintage, reliably delicious. Today we introduce you to a few of the newest additions to our rosé stable, those that Nick and Kate tasted for the first time just a month or so ago. They were […]Read More »

Bottles' Classics: Our Go-To Rosés

You know, we’ve been in this business for a long time now and we’ve seen a thing or two. And yet we’re still amazed by the phenomenon that rosé is. And with good reason: there are hundreds of bottles that are finely-crafted, extraordinarily food friendly and absolute true pleasures to drink. Yet there’s also a […]Read More »

The Top 9 Spring & Kosher Wines, Part I

For some reason, it seems as if all of our guests are looking forward to the arrival of true spring weather this year more than ever before. We don’t have an in with Mother Nature, but we can certainly help you set a springtime mood with the wine you put on your table. Here’s what we […]Read More »

5 Questions with Kate

Meet Kate Miceli, our newly minted wine assistant. Kate’s been with us for just over 6 months, and thanks to her extensive wine knowledge and uncanny ability to help customers find what they’re looking for, she was a no-brainer for this new role. As part of our ongoing efforts to help you drink better, she’ll […]Read More »

Why Nick Put These Wines on Sale

The stunning CasaSmith wines are on sale – a full $5 off – through April 30. Why’d Nick do such a thing? He wants you to drink better in 2017, and with these wines you can do just that. They’re a truly delicious old world/new world mashup, made with classic Tuscan, Piedmontese and Pugliese grape […]Read More »

Rare, Collectible and Affordable Wine in The Cellar

One of our resolutions this year here at Bottles is to find new ways to help you drink better. And we’ve started by expanding our cellar of special wines: the bottles that are iconic and collectible, as well as those that are rare, highly-rated, and have achieved cult status. Our new Cellar list, over 600 […]Read More »

The Top 3 Wine & Chocolate Pairings

Drink wine with chocolate, we say. Not just because it’s Valentine’s Day. But because the two are great together – when you choose wisely – and they should be enjoyed in tandem whenever you’re in the mood. Not just on February 14th. How to Pair: Though wine and chocolate are great on their own, it can […]Read More »

Comfort Wine for Comfort Food, Part II

Fact: More comfort foods are eaten per capita in January than in any other month. Post-Fact: OK, we have nothing official to back that stat up, but it certainly feels right, doesn’t it? Because it does so to us, here are more Comfort Wine and Comfort Food pairings that get our team through trying times and blustery […]Read More »

Comfort Wine for Comfort Food

There are no two ways about it. 2016 was a doozy. Which is why we’re easing into the new year with the cozy-wool-blanket bottles we call Comfort Wines. They’re the uncomplicated, easy drinking wines we crave when we just want to tune out, sit back, and feed our souls.  Herewith, a few of our team’s favorite Comfort Wine […]Read More »

Top Hanukkah Wines for 2016

In selecting the wines we feature each Hanukkah, the first thing I consider is the same thing I think about when selecting any of the wines we sell at Bottles: taste. Does the wine taste good, will it fit my customers’ tastes. The second is how it will pair with a traditional Hanukkah menu. Will it […]Read More »

What to Drink While Watching "A Christmas Carol"

Whether you’re watching the 1951 Alastair Sim version of the Dickens classic, or taking in a live performance at Trinity Rep (which we highly endorse – it is just fantastic this year), we’ve got a pairing that will make your enjoyment of this holiday must-do that much better. Curt Columbus, Artistic Director of Trinity Rep […]Read More »

Top Holiday Wines for 2016

There’s a lot of eating that will be done over the next 30 days, what with the festive observances of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve and Day, and myriad other wonderful winter celebrations. And if you’re reading this blog, stakes are that you’ll be drinking wine with those feasts. Here are our picks for the […]Read More »

The Top White Wines For Thanksgiving

Our entire team gathered one Sunday night after closing to taste through the Thanksgiving wines that our Wine Director, Nick, selected this year. The consensus? They’re all winners. There wasn’t a loser among them (and we have a really opinionated staff. Really. Opinionated.) That said, there are marked differences among each bottle. We encourage you to […]Read More »

The Top Red Wines for Your Thanksgiving Table

Everyone has opinions about which wines pair best with Thanksgiving dinner. Some say only drink Beaujolais, some dictate pinot noir. Some suggest drinking bubbly wine throughout the entire meal (let’s have dinner at their house!), some suggest pairing a different wine with each course. None of the above are wrong, of course. The only wrong […]Read More »

Paso Robles Wines are a "Force of Nature"

The labels had us at hello. The art was graphic, powerful, densely colored, and letterpressed onto textured paper on heavy black bottles. We had to try them. To our relief, the wine inside the bottles matched their intensity and originality. And we bought a bunch of them. Can’t miss them – they’re on display in […]Read More »

Appropriate Drinking

Heading to Trinity Repertory Company to see Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ “remarkable and devious” (The New York Times) new play? Jacobs-Jenkins, one of three recipients of this year’s MacArthur Genius Grants, is considered one of the theater world’s most important young creatives, and his “Appropriate” was the winner of the 2014-2015 Obie Award for Best New American […]Read More »

Top 9 Wines for Fall

We’re not going to lie: Though we love our rosés (we really do), more than a few of us were happy to see our massive stock of them dwindle away at summer’s end. And though we’ll always have a robust rosé showing in store (especially at Thanksgiving) we’re all ready to change our seasonal wine […]Read More »

Wine to Pair with Roasted Cauliflower Soup

photo credit: Edible Rhody With cooler, fall nights upon us, the soul starts to crave rich, creamy, nourishing soups. Ben Lloyd, Chef-Owner of The Salted Slate (just a hop and a skip from Bottles) has a satisfying roasted cauliflower situation that fits the bill. He’s shared his recipe in the current issue of Edible Rhody, […]Read More »

Eric's Top Kosher Wines

The 2016 High Holidays are almost upon us, which means Eric’s been tasting his heart out in selecting the newest and best kosher wines for your table this year. We’ll be opening several of them at a special Kosher Wine event in store on Wednesday, September 28th from 5-7.  We hope you can join us so that you […]Read More »

Nick's Spanish Adventure

Garnacha growing in the extreme desert conditions of Jumilla. Earlier this summer Bottles’ Wine Director Nick Shugrue traveled throughout Spain, visiting several vineyards and essentially having the time of his life. We’ll be tasting many of the wines he had while in Spain in the store on Saturday. Following are excerpts from his travel journal. […]Read More »

A Summer Corn and Tomato Pairing

I can’t get enough of this super simple spin on the classic summer corn and tomato salad from our friends Brian and Katie O’Donnell of Warren’s really fantastic bywater restaurant. With such a wonderfully complex dish that has fat, oil, and garlic, I could think of only one other element to complete the picture: acid. Which is why […]Read More »

The Top 8 Late-Summer Rosés

Man is it hot. The dog days are here – there’s no mistaking it. But rather than bemoan the sweltering heat, let’s embrace it. Why not revel in the sultry steam, particularly when there’s still so much great rosé – the ultimate, refreshing summer sipper – to be had. Grab a glass (any size or […]Read More »

Summer Pairings: A Cool Dish for a Hot Week

  It’s hot. The air is hot. Our political climate is hot. Our society is hot. And we’re not even halfway through the Summer of 2016. Things could change if we all cool down our own little corners of the world, one step at a time. And a good place to start is at the […]Read More »


They’re baaaack…. They’re fresh and fizzy and fun. They’re light and refreshing on hot summer afternoons. They’re spritzers, and we’re such huge fans of them that we’ve decided to declare this season the Summer of Spritzers. The spritzers we’re talking about are descendants of the wine drinks made famous (some say infamous) in the 1980’s. […]Read More »

Wine & Beer to Pair with Clams & Favas

Can’t get more “New England in the Spring” than with this classic clam & squid salad from the current edition of Edible Rhody and Al Forno‘s Chef David Reynoso. The addition of the fava beans and scallions anchors it to the season, and allows for more adventurous parings. Try it with the Brasserie Dupont Foret for […]Read More »

This Season's Rosés, Part Three

Ah – here we are at last at the end of our rosé spectrum, with the wines that are darker, have a more intense fruit flavor, and finish on a savory note. Though there’s lots of variation within this subsection, these wines are all bone dry. They drink more like a red wine than their lighter […]Read More »

What to Pair with Oklahoma!

If you haven’t yet moseyed on over to see Trinity Repertory Company’s  widely-praised production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma!”, do it now. Mosey now. And while you’re there, sip on “The Farmer and the Cowman,” a cocktail we created with Curt Columbus, Trinity’s Richard L. Bready Artistic Director, to pair with this quintessentially American show. “The […]Read More »

This Season's Rosé, Part Two

It’s finally arrived! East Coasters are finally enjoying the warmer, delightful weather that most people call Rosé Season. We at Bottles drink the pink year-round but it is an undeniable fact that longer sunny days and spring blossoms go hand-in-hand with bottles of chilled, crisp rosé. This week, we explore the middle of the rosé […]Read More »

Vintage 2015 Rosé, Part One

It’s official: rosé is the “it” wine of the year. Everyone’s drinking it, from big burly men whose usual go-tos are big tannic reds, to ladies who like a light white with their luncheon salads. That’s because rosés, with their wide spectrum of aromas and flavors, have something for all. This week, we explore the […]Read More »

So, You're Having A Seder

A Wine Buying Guide Don’t let your guests’ wine glasses run dry. Follow our handy guide to ensure you have enough for the 4 cups of wine for each of your Seder guests. Our math is based on each Seder participant having 4 cups of wine, each containing 3.3oz. Bottles is stocked with a huge selection […]Read More »

Curt's Picks: A Wine and Theater Pairing

Eric Taylor, Bottles’ General Manager, and Curt Columbus, the Richard L. Bready Artistic Director of Trinity Repertory Company, at Bottles. Curt Columbus, the Richard L. Bready Artistic Director of Providence’s internationally acclaimed Trinity Repertory Company and wine lover, visited Bottles in March to talk with our General Manager, Eric Taylor, about “Curt’s Picks,” our new […]Read More »

Four Reds for Easter and Spring!

Last week we gave you Bottles’ top Spring picks for white and rosé wine. Today we share our favorite reds that will pair beautifully with lamb, ham, and other heavier dishes you’ll have on your table this season. Primarius, Pinot Noir, Oregon A rich, luxurious pinot from Oregon with bold fruit and an interesting mineral/graphite element that […]Read More »

Three Whites & a Rosé for Easter

Springtime celebrations, Easter being among the first this year, call for sprightly wines that revive our taste buds after a winter of more weighty flavors. In spring, we look for zing and zest, bright fruit and floral aromas to match the young season’s flavors of lamb, fresh greens, ham and fish. Here are the three white […]Read More »

Drink Your Chocolate

Skip the chewable chocolate this Valentine’s Day and give your sweetie the sippable sort. We’re crushing on a few bottles made with real chocolate and genuine skill, those that are good enough to be enjoyed year-round. Meletti Cioccolato Thick, dark, creamy, this Italian liqueur is pure pourable decadence. It’s made in Italy with milk and […]Read More »

A Mushroom Wine Pairing

Photo by Chip Riegel The humble mushroom is a cook’s best friend, given its amazing flavor and texture, versatility and nearly year-around availability in local farmer’s markets. It’s also beloved in the wine world as it has a natural affinity for so many different wine grapes and styles. When pairing wine with mushrooms, consider their power: […]Read More »

Wines to Pair with Butternut Squash Mac 'n' Cheese

Photo by Amy McCoy Come ON … look at that photo … why are you still reading and not on your way to the market to pick up fixins to make this Butternut Squash Mac ‘n’ Cheese?  While you’re out, stop by Bottles for one (or more) of the wines we suggest to pair with […]Read More »

Wines to Pair with Braises, Roasts & Stews

They’re the mainstay cooking methods in winter kitchens, and the backbone of virtually all of the comfort foods we are genetically inclined to crave when the mercury dips below 32. Here are our picks for the wines that will match the rich, warming flavors these techniques will bring to your table. 2010 Chateau Magneau Rouge […]Read More »

Roasted Leg of Lamb with Chateau Magneau Rouge

The Chateau Magneau Rouge is a very dry wine, with only hints of red fruit flavors. It has loads of minerality from the granite-rich soil which predominates the sub-region of Graves in which its grapes are grown and it’s precisely this lean, mineral style that makes it an excellent pairing with lamb, cranberries, and roasted […]Read More »

Magnums for New Year's!

  No single bottle signals a celebration more emphatically than a magnum of sparkling wine. Filled with two bottles-worth of bubbles (12 glasses, give or take), 1.5 liter magnums make all occasions feel a bit more special. And their super-size glamour is perfect for the glittery festivities that mark many a New Year’s Eve party. […]Read More »

Wines for Winter Holidays

It’s official: Home entertaining season has reached its fever pitch. And because wine plays a key part in most winter occasions – from a romantic fireside dinner for two to a holiday open house for 100 – we selected 9 1/2  wines that are ideal for your table, under the tree, or for your host. […]Read More »

Top 3 Holiday Kosher Wines to Please and Delight

Quality, delicious, well-priced kosher wine is available to us more so now than ever before – a trend we thankfully don’t see waning anytime soon. Below are the 3 we think would will be perfect on any winter table – kosher or not. 2011 Savia del Sol Rioja, Spain $17.99 An excellent value and a […]Read More »

Party Math: A Guide to Buying - and Serving - Booze

The good news is the party’s a raging success and your guests are having the time of their lives. The bad news is the party’s a raging success and you’re about to run out of booze. Here’s how to never let that happen again. Now that you have that down, ensure your party’s a smash […]Read More »

Don’t Let Your After-Dinner Drinks Be An Afterthought

An easy and impressive way to elevate any meal – especially Thanksgiving Dinner – is to offer your guests an after-dinner drink, served alongside – or in lieu of – dessert. And all that’s required for this elegant and delicious end-to-a-meal is a thoughtful bottle choice (we can help with that), and clean glassware. Baking […]Read More »

More Daring Pairings for Your Thanksgiving Table

Last week we shared 9 beautiful, crowd-pleasing wines, each of which will pair perfectly with the all of the flavors on the Thanksgiving plate. This week we have wines that are a bit more daring: they may not be for your beer-drinking Uncle Tom, but your sommelier-in-training cousin Susan will undoubtedly thank you for elevating […]Read More »

Perfect Pairings for Your Thanksgiving Table

One Plate. One Wine. The classic Thanksgiving dinner isn’t comprised of course after course of individual flavors and tastes; rather it’s a wholly-American one-plate mashup of differing flavors and textures that somehow equals a sum greater than its parts. For your table this year we’ve chosen wines grounded in this one-plate tradition: wines that within […]Read More »

Top 9 Fall Wines: New York, Washington, Oregon

Ah, autumn. It’s time to ditch your summery drinks and pull out those velvety reds and luscious white wines. After all, you need something perfect to drink for the cooler weather, and equally yummy when with paired with harvest veggies, slow roasts, and big pasta dinners. Luckily, the shop has tons of incoming wines. It […]Read More »

Favorite Kosher Wines at Bottles This Fall

With the fall High Holidays coming up, you’re most likely looking for new and exciting Kosher wines, in addition to the already extensive selection at Bottles. This year, a must-try is this trio of delicious wines from the Lazio region of Italy (the area around Rome). They’ll surprise you with their quality and price! Really, […]Read More »

Rosé Wine: Color Chart with Flavors & Pairings

Have you ever had trouble deciding which rosé wine to get when shopping at a wine store? Well, to help you out, we’ve created this handy infographic on rosé wine colors, pairings, and flavors. Looking at the color of a rosé tells you a lot about its general flavors and potential food pairings. Most of the […]Read More »

Our Top Rosé Wines

Rosé is here to stay! No longer an afterthought for winemakers and wine drinkers alike, rosé is now recognized as a serious style of wine to be enjoyed in the most casual of settings. Dry, light and refreshing for warm summer days, a glass of rosé evokes picnics on the beach, polo tailgates and leisurely […]Read More »

Top Spring Wines!

Spring’s arrival brings to mind new ​beginnings: the snow banks are melting, the days are getting longer and the sun is making itself known. Just as you pack away your bulky, winter jackets and unearth your light, spring coats – your wine choices gravitate away from hearty reds that pair well with comforting stews and […]Read More »

Top Wines for Easter & Passover

Spring is nearly here! At Bottles, we are always happy to help you select the perfect wines for your holiday menus, ensuring maximum holiday enjoyment with minimal stress. Our holiday display is a sampling of our favorite picks for your festivities, whether you’re serving a honey glazed ham, roasted rack of lamb or a poached cod […]Read More »

New Kosher Wines!

At Bottles we take great pride in hand selecting every single wine in our shop, we are always on the hunt for new great kosher wines from all over the world. This year we’re proud to introduce Volcanus Petit Verdot, a full and rich red with notes of raspberry, blackberry and a lush, smooth finish. […]Read More »

9 Overachiever Wines Under $15 and Pairings!

There’s no need to have a less-than-satisfactory glass of wine, even if you’re on a budget. Lucky for you, the wine experts at Bottles are always on the hunt for the best wine bargain—wines that deliver great quality at a little price. The catch is that oftentimes, wines that fit into this category are off […]Read More »

Video! Learn about Sparkling Wine

What’s the difference between Champagne, cava, and prosecco? Watch a basic overview of these different sparkling wine categories with Eric Taylor, our resident wine expert at Bottles. We’re here to help make sense of it, and so we have broken the giant world of sparkling wine into three really big categories: Champagne and sparkling wines made in […]Read More »

Video! How to Open a Bottle of Sparkling Wine

Nothing says celebration like a bottle of bubbly! But wait, how do you open that pesky cage and cork top? Is there a way to open it safely? Just watch our short and sweet instructional video on opening your next bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine. Cheers! Additional Tips for Opening Sparkling Wine:   – […]Read More »

Top 9 Holiday Wines!

The Holidays are busy times for all of us, with numerous family gatherings, parties, and special dinners to attend or even host. The wine experts at Bottles are here to take the stress out of the Holidays by helping you select great wines for any occasion. Need a handsome hostess gift? Having a few people […]Read More »

3 Great Kosher Wines for Hanukkah

Each year, there seem to be more and more great Kosher wines to choose from. Just take a look at the Bottles Kosher wine section, and you’ll be impressed by the range and quality of wines available. Here are just a few highlights that we find to be particularly wonderful for Hanukkah and your holiday […]Read More »

All About Champagne Infographic!

Whether you are a Champagne aficionado, or a newbie eager to learn, we’ve created this handy infographic to keep you in the know on the specifications of sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France! It’s chock full of cool tidbits such as: label requirements, the fermentation process, how to chill different varieties of champagne and more! So […]Read More »

Top 9 Bubbly Wines for the Holidays!

There is no other category of wine in the store that can do or say so much than Sparkling Wine! Regardless of price, a glass of bubbly is the best way to start any occasion.  The ‘pop’ of the cork is the official sound of party time, and perfectly sets the tone of any gathering. Not […]Read More »

Top 9 Thanksgiving Wines!

What wines pair best with a Thanksgiving Feast? The simple answer is that the very best pairings are the wines that you like best. A typical Thanksgiving Dinner has so many different flavors on the table that it is nearly impossible to pick just one go-to wine that will pair with absolutely everything.  We recommend […]Read More »

How to Pair Wine with Your Pizza!

Don’t want to drink beer with your pizza? Or that pesky water stuff?? Gross! Well, here is our handy dandy guide to pairing wines with different varieties of our, (and hopefully your) favorite pizzas! -Margharita, pepperoni, white, vegetable, Greek, and Hawaiian- All pizza in this video is from the delicious Nice Slice in Providence. Cheers,  […]Read More »

Learn About Malbec

What exactly is Malbec wine? And, why should you care? Eric, one of our resident Bottles wine gurus, gives you the lowdown in our newest video. Malbec is an extremely popular type of wine in our store because you get a lot of bang for your buck. Full of antioxidants and great with roasts and […]Read More »

Top 9 Fall Wines!

We love fall at Bottles! It marks the beginning of our ‘busy season’ and we get to really dig in to the richer, heavier white and red wines to pair with the richer, heavier foods from the autumn harvest. As you know, we taste every wine that comes into our store, and as we taste, […]Read More »

Rosh Hashanah Wines! (Kosher Wine Picks)

Happy Rosh Hashanah! Bring in the Jewish New Year with a few of our favorite Kosher wine picks for this season. Though we’re pretty happy about our year-round Kosher wine selection, we’ve made sure to layer in a few more additions just for the holiday. Love a nice red? We highly recommend Arza ‘Ariel’ Merlot. […]Read More »

Endless Summer Rosés

In this twilight of summer it is important to make the most of sunny days and cool evenings. One should enjoy the harvest from local farms and relish in simple meals with grilled corn, overflowing salads and many, many tomatoes. While the living is still easy, let’s not forget our pink friend – rosé . […]Read More »

Learn about Sauvignon Blanc

Learn about Sauvignon Blanc! In this video, Eric Taylor (Bottles wine guru) discusses flavor and aroma profiles in Sauvignon Blanc from major wine regions. Find out some of his favorite wines in the store, and get food pairing ideas from Ben Lloyd, chef at The Salted Slate in Providence (we’re neighbors!). Curious about wine? Subscribe to […]Read More »

Barbecue for me and you!

Folks, we are officially in the throws of summer! Rhode Island, the wiley mistress she is, has decided to give us a momentary reprieve. And so there’s no better time to pull out your grills and get cooking! The beautiful thing about summertime grilling is the laid back nature; of throwing it on the grill […]Read More »

Learn How to Taste Wine Like a Pro!

We all know how to drink wine, but do you know how the wine experts at Bottles taste a wine? Here’s a short video tutorial with the Bottles Wine Director, Nick Shugrue, that shows you how he does it. The steps are simple, and they can help you quickly assess the aroma, color, flavors, and mouthfeel […]Read More »

Rosé Wine Guide!

Learn all about rosé wines! These are not the sweet blush or white zinfadel wines you might be thinking of, but dry, delicious, and great with a wide variety of foods. Watch our very own Eric Taylor’s video guide for more information on rosé styles, flavors, food pairings, and some of his favorite brands. In this same video, […]Read More »

Wine by Design: Tasting & Seminar at the RISD Museum!

This spring, the RISD Museum opened “Graphic Design: Now in Production” a large-scale exhibit that explores some of the most vibrant graphic design work produced in the past 10 years; including magazines, books, posters, branding and more. Last night we were able to host a magnificent wine tasting based on, what else, wine labels! Guests […]Read More »

Top 9 Rosé Wines of the Summer!

Summertime means one important thing at Bottles – it’s officially rosé season! Rosés are perfection partnered with easy, warm-weather foods. Think BBQ or light salads with insanely fresh veggies. Don’t confuse rosés with those sweet White Zins or Blush Wines. Rosés are actually made from red grapes.  They’re dry and not sweet. And, they have fantastic strawberry, raspberry, and […]Read More »

Here's How to Pour a Glass of Wine like a Pro

Learn one simple trick to pouring a glass of wine. Wine is precious; here’s how to not waste even a drop. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more useful wine tips: https://www.youtube.com/user/BottlesProvidenceRead More »

How to Open a Bottle of Wine - Once and For All!

Let’s be real…that ‘opening a wine bottle with a shoe‘ thing does not work. You’re just going to end up in the hospital with a hand full of broken glass and drippy Merlot everywhere. It’s time to get serious and open these bottles like the badass wine drinkers we are! We’re using a corkscrew wine key. […]Read More »

Learn About Chardonnay - Video Guide

Chardonnay is also one of the most widely planted grape varietals in the world. It is also a wine with a wide range of flavors, aromas, and styles. Eric Taylor, Bottles manager and wine expert, talks about the range of Chardonnays out there, from warm climate to cool climate Chardonnays and oaked to un-oaked Chardonnay. […]Read More »

Top 10 Easter Wines Under $20

We love feasting holidays, and the arrival of spring also means Easter is on its way. Pairing wines for Easter is a treat for us, because rather than the heavier and richer wines that you’d have on Thanksgiving, wines that pair with a traditional Easter dinner are lighter and fresher. We’ve hand selected ten of […]Read More »

Our Top 9 Spring Wines

For us, spring is the real beginning of the year.  So many exciting wines start to arrive, the most notable being rosé from all over the world. When thinking about springtime foods, they mirror the season very well – fresh, light and with vibrant flavors and colors.  To make a comparison, we think of Grüner […]Read More »

Great Kosher Wines for Passover

Happy Passover from Bottles! We’re excited to feature a great selection of new wines that also happen to be Kosher. Swing on by and shop our newly expanded Kosher wine display for a huge array of great choices from Israel and around the world. Keep reading for a few of our favorites out of the […]Read More »

New Year, New Wines! The Bottles Noble Grape Wine Challenge

Bottles is challenging you to drink wine. Sounds awesome, right? If your hand gravitates toward the same bottle of wine each time you shop, well, here’s a chance to try something new. To help you out, the wine pros at Bottles have created of list of under $20 wines at our shop, representing the major […]Read More »

9 Winter Wine Picks Under $20

Winter is the time to enjoy hearty beef stews, tuck into your favorite spaghetti recipe, or savor a pork shoulder roast. We’ve paired these classic winter foods with complementary red and white wines. Keep reading for our list of under $20 wines, and stop by our store to shop our winter wine display. Visit our […]Read More »

Learn about Dessert Wines

Dessert wine? If you’re not familiar with them, and are curious to learn more, then watch this video guide! Eric Taylor, the Bottles wine expert, talks about different dessert wine styles, and gives you an example of a few of his favorite brands in the shop. Great for the holidays! Subscribe to our Youtube Channel […]Read More »

Learn about Wine: Pinot Noir

Ever want to learn more about Pinot Noir and its different variations, styles, and flavors? Or how to choose the right Pinot Noir for you? What food pairs have with this particular type of wine? Eric Taylor, the Bottles wine pro, can answer all of your questions. Watch the video below and learn about Pinot […]Read More »

Top 10 Thanksgiving Wines Under $20

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday! We believe that wine transforms a dinner into a feast, and is the thread that binds your family and friends together. After tasting thousands of wines throughout the year (a tough job), this Top 10 Thanksgiving Wine List is hand-selected to complement your Thanksgiving feast, all without breaking the bank. […]Read More »

Learn All About Riesling Wine

Introducing a new Bottles video series: Learn about Wine with Eric Taylor! Eric is our wine store manager, a wine rockstar and a professional libation enthusiast. Watch the video below to learn all about Riesling wine, one of his favorite varietals. Eric also visited Birch, a new restaurant in Providence, to talk with chef/owner Ben Sukle […]Read More »

A Visit to Westport Rivers Winery

Did you know award-winning sparkling wine is made here in New England? Nick, our Wine Director, recently visited Westport Rivers Vineyards and Winery where winemaker/owner Bill Russell showed him around the vineyards, bottling line, and more. Watch this video of the tour! Visit Westport Rivers Vineyards and Winery, which is located in the beautiful South Coast of Massachusetts. Looking […]Read More »

Kosher Wines for Rosh Hashanah

  Greet the Jewish New Year with our wonderful selection of sweet AND dry Kosher wines from all over the world! We have some exciting new finds to share with family and friends for Rosh Hashanah this year, in addition to our already plentiful section of Kosher wines. Stop by the shop to see for yourself! Portuguese […]Read More »

Pinot Camp 2013 - Eric Taylor Goes to Oregon!

A few weeks ago we sent Eric Taylor, General Manager at Bottles, to Pinot Camp in Oregon. Oregon Pinot Camp is a three day immersion into the Oregon wine world. He had a blast and took amazing photos (and we got a week of peace & quiet). Check out our video and more photos below! […]Read More »

Newport Vineyards Tour - Rhode Island Wineries

Rhode Island wine! Nick, the Bottles Wine Manager, paid a visit to Newport Vineyards in nearby Middletown, Rhode Island (we’re a wine store in Providence, RI). John Nunes gave Nick a tour of the vineyards and winery, followed by a visit to their tasting room to try their impressive selection of wines. Learn about Wine […]Read More »

Bastille Day Wines!

This Sunday, July 14th is Bastille Day! And what better way to celebrate the French National Day than with elegant French wines from across the region. Just look for the red, white and blue French flags across the store for our French favorites. Check out our Saturday Wine Tasting for a sampling of French Bastille […]Read More »

A Visit to Allens Farms in Westport with Darius

Know your local farmer! Wine and food are natural partners, and so what better way to enjoy the best of both by choosing local, fresh, and seasonal foods? We  love enjoying seasonally appropriate wines (rosé sangria in summer! big reds in the winter!), and so eating seasonally makes a lot of sense, too. Your food […]Read More »

Greenvale Vineyards in Rhode Island

Bottles supports local wineries! Watch our video about Greenvale Vineyards in Portsmouth, RI, which is not far from our wine store in Providence, Rhode Island. Nick, our Wine Manager, got a behind-the-scenes tour of the beautiful coastal vineyards and the wines with Nancy Parker Wilson, the 6th generation to own and operate Greenvale Farm. Learn more […]Read More »

Easter Wine Video

Spring is coming, which also means Easter is on its way! While kids enjoy Easter candies and dyed eggs, adults get ready for Easter dinner and brunch with family and friends. What wines match best with what’s on the table? Here at Bottles, we’ve made pairing wine with ham, lamb, and other foods easy with […]Read More »

Kosher Wines for Passover Recommendations

Happy Passover from the Bottles team! We are stocked with a plentiful selection of Kosher wines from all over the world, with many wines under $15 dollars. Looking for a dry Bordeaux, spicy Spanish Tempranillo, a Israeli Cabernet Sauvignon or a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc? Visit us at our Providence, Rhode Island wine store to shop our international […]Read More »

Spanish Wine Recommendations

We always enjoy featuring different wine regions on our in-store display, here at Bottles in Providence. Currently, we’re taking a good look at Spain, by showing some of the key regions of the country. Wines from Galicia, Rioja, and Catalonia were chosen to highlight the vast differences of styles, flavors and cultures you can find all […]Read More »

Bottles for the Cause: "How to Love Wine" with Eric Asimov

Recently, Bottles and the Providence community welcomed the Chief Wine Critic of the New York Times, Eric Asimov, for a reading of his newest book, “How to Love Wine, a Memoir and Manifesto.” Jennifer from Books on the Square, Eric Taylor from Bottles, Eric Asimov, and Susanna from Reach Out and Read Eager fans could […]Read More »

Perfect Holiday Wines for Gifts, Dinners & Parties

Visit our Providence wine store for wonderful selection of festive wines, great for easy gifts and for all of your holiday celebrations this season. Watch the Bottles Wine Manager, Nick, give his advice and recommendations for wines that are great to give as hostess gifts, bring to parties, and that pair wonderfully with holiday dinners. […]Read More »

New Zealand Wine Video

Learn more about New Zealand wines in this Bottles video. To coincide with a New Zealand wine feature in store, we created this video full of photographs and information to introduce you to different wineries in the region. If you are in the Providence area, be sure to stop by for one of our Skype wine […]Read More »

Wine Feature: Sancerre

Introducing our regular review of quirky and unique findings from wine enthusiasts here at Bottles, a wine store in Providence, RI. Let’s start off with this somewhat obscure wine, red Sancerre. You might be familiar with white Sancerre, perfect for hot weather with its cool, clean, and bright flavors, but this grape also has a dark side. By […]Read More »

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