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Endless Summer Rosés

In this twilight of summer it is important to make the most of sunny days and cool evenings. One should enjoy the harvest from local farms and relish in simple meals with grilled corn, overflowing salads and many, many tomatoes. While the living is still easy, let’s not forget our pink friend – rosé . Here are four rosés that are keeping my dream of an endless summer alive. Enjoy!


-Domaines Ott ‘Les Domaniers’

Domaines Ott is a wonderful Provence estate that produces some of the most austere and heavenly rosés. Its trademark, Chateau de Selle rosé, has an unusual bottle shape, identifiable with a slight flair out at the base. This is one of the most delicate, nuanced bottles of rosé I have enjoyed in a long time. Traditionally a special occasion bottle, perfect for anniversaries and birthdays, I look to ‘Les Domaniers’ from the same winery for leisurely dinners and unbirthday lunches. Dry, hints of tangy strawberries and a refreshing acidity, a perfect treat for a picnic or dinner on the deck.


-Le Caprice Clementine

A classic Côtes de Provence rosé – a fifty/fifty blend of Grenache and Cinsault grapes create a perfect pale hue of pink. The Clementine rosé’s flavor profile is reminiscent of a pick-your-own fruit stand with delicate flavors of strawberry, raspberry, and watermelon. Dry and light, perfect for light sandwiches and grilled seafood, the Clementine is long time Bottles staff favorite.


-Costaripa Rosamara

Let us not forget the Italian side to rosé — the Rosamara from Costaripa. This wine is a great addition to a picnic of charcuterie and antipasto from your favorite deli. A blend of Groppello (a grape known for soft, lighter wines, with a strawberry note), Marzemino (has a distinct cherry flavor), and to round things out, winemaker Mattia Vezzola adds a little Sangiovese and Barbera for some bright acidity to create a dry, refreshing rosé.


-Mastroberardino Lacrimosa

Another fantastic addition to the from southern Italy, the Lacrimosa rosé is a wonderful blend of depth and acidity. Featuring 100% Aglianico, a grape with deep raspberry, pepper and smoke flavors, this rosé is hearty enough to stand up to a beautiful smoked pork shoulder. If you’re a fan of the Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon rosé , you’ll enjoy the Lacrimosa immensely.


-Bedrock ‘Ode to Lulu’

Morgan Twain-Peterson is a second generation vintner, growing up at the Ravenswood winery, his father’s estate in Sonoma, California known for bold, luscious Zinfandels. Twain-Peterson’s first attempt at winemaking at the age of five resulted in “Vino Bambino Pinot Noir” featured on some of New York’s top restaurant wine lists until 2001, when Twain-Peterson was legally able to drink the wine he created! Bedrock’s ‘Ode to Lulu’ pays tribute to Domaine Tempier’s famous rosé and Alice Waters mentor, Lulu Peyraud in Bandol, France. Lulu is a master chef and championed “eat local” long before it was hip. Wonderfully complex and full-bodied, a subtle spiced fruit note lingers after the last sip.


So live up the rest of your summer, and enjoy a glass (or 3) of delicious rosé!


– Joanna

Top 9 Rosé Wines of the Summer!


Summertime means one important thing at Bottles – it’s officially rosé season!

Rosés are perfection partnered with easy, warm-weather foods. Think BBQ or light salads with insanely fresh veggies.

Don’t confuse rosés with those sweet White Zins or Blush Wines. Rosés are actually made from red grapes.  They’re dry and not sweet. And, they have fantastic strawberry, raspberry, and cherry fruit flavors that come from the red grape skins.

For your go-to summer wine, you really can’t go wrong with peppy, lightly citrusy rosé. Everyone will obsess over them!

Here’s a honed down list of our favorite rosé wines of the season. For even more choices, swing by the store and we’ll help you find just the right one. Cheers, and happy rosé season from Bottles!


Bieler Pere et Fils (rhymes with Feeler)
Coteaux d’Aix en Provence
The staff’s favorite rosé this season!  Light and crisp, with delicious mouth-watering flavors of raspberries, watermelon, and fresh herbs. $11.99


Charles and Charles Rosé
A heavier style rosé made with mostly Syrah.  Big, bold, dark fruit flavors like Bing Cherries and ripe strawberries.  A great pick with messy BBQ ribs or chicken. $11.99


Les Dauphins Rosé
Côtes du Rhône, France
A stunning value for a classic and prestigious wine growing region.  Expect ripe summer fruit, backed up with rich, spicy, and peppery flavors that make it a perfect pairing with grilled hamburgers or lamb kabobs.  $11.99


A to Z Rosé
A lush and creamy rosé with loads of personality.  Aromas of hibiscus and honeycomb with bright and spicy fruit flavors, like citrus and strawberries that finishes crisp and clean. $14.99


Gobelsburger Rosé
Beautiful, light salmon pink color that must be seen in your glass to be really appreciated.  Made from Zweigelt, a grape native to Austria, this is a bone dry rosé with an incredible amount of acidity that begs to be paired with BBQ ribs.  Yes, ribs. $16.99


Commanderie de Peyrassol
Côtes de Provence
Classic and sophisticated rosé from the iconic Cotes de Provence region in Southeastern France.  This rosé has a pale rose color and has a lovely fruit blossom aroma, with flavors of wild strawberries and Herbs de Provence (thyme, sage, rosemary). $21.99


Orlana Rosé
The best rosé value of the Summer!  Light and breezy, this rosé has a very light fizz to it and is deliciously gulp-able.  Light in color, aroma and flavor, this wine demands to be alongside you at every casual gathering this summer. $8.99


Domaine Sourdais Rosé
Chinon, France
This rosé is as engaging as it is delicious.  Made from Cabernet Franc, this is a bit heavier than most, with flavors of bright red berries, ruby red grapefruit, and a delicious minerality. $17.99


Chateau Pradeaux Rosé
Bandol, France
Bandol (in the Southeast of France) may be the most serious region for rosé production in the world.  This exceptional wine is very complex, rich and full bodied – a special treat! $32.99

St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

I love St. Patrick’s day, maybe it’s because I can pass for a leprechaun in a children’s story or how for one day in the middle of a cold winter, everyone, or at least their coffee, is Irish. St. Patrick’s Day is a perfect reason to gather with friends, raise a glass of whiskey, and toast to the celebration of Irish culture. As always, we have all the proper staples – whiskies, stouts, red ales, lagers…and of course, your Irish cream liqueurs. Here are my favorite drink recommendations for St. Patrick’s Day.


Danny Boy Irish Whiskey

A classic Irish Whiskey, Danny Boy has delicious caramel and honey tones. Enjoy on the rocks or with your favorite ginger ale!

Duggan’s Irish Cream Liqueur

Perfect for cocktails with whiskey or vodka, this creamy liqueur is quite lovely on the rocks. Duggan’s also makes a great cupcake frosting for your St. Patrick’s day festivities, as well as a tasty addition to your coffee.

Newport Storm Spring Irish Red Ale

Local to Rhode Island (brewed by Newport Storm) and delicious, this red ale has a nice roasted malts and UK hops to lend a woodsy finish. Drink with your corned beef and boiled cabbage!
Slainte! (Cheers!)