If you are looking to ring in the new year with some bubbles, you need to look no further. Kate and Eric have nailed a selection of fun fizz that will please even the most decerning of palates. These bottles span the globe and come in at various modest price points from $11 and up. […]Read More »

How To Make French 75 "Jello" Squares

They’re the sophisticated older cousin to the sickeningly sweet and dangerously strong Jello shots of your college days, and we wholeheartedly endorse your serving them this season. Our French 75 “Jello” Squares are incredibly easy to make and are a fun way to add a surprising, delicious and festive treat to your winter holiday parties. […]Read More »

How To Throw A Blind Wine Tasting Party - New And Improved!

A few years back we published a step-by-step instructional on how to throw a blind wine tasting party that featured a selection of red wines. It’s been such a hit – year after year it’s our most popular blog post – we’ve decided to reprise the original with the addition of a few new themes […]Read More »

Rosé Popsicles!

It’s mid-August and summer is nearly over (don’t shoot the messenger). We might be sick of tomato sandwiches, sick of already seeing Halloween decorations and sick of seeing school supplies (why does that still make me anxious when I’m not even a student or a teacher?!) One thing that we are definitely not sick of, however, is […]Read More »

How to Spike Store Bought Eggnog

If it isn’t the most asked question at Bottles this time of year, it’s the second for sure: “How do I spike the carton of eggnog that I just bought at Eastside Marketplace?” Here’s where we come down on the matter: What To Use to Spike: Brandy is the most traditional, but we love a […]Read More »

Bottles' Hot Spiked Cider

Cider Drinking. It’s a rite of passage for us New Englanders. It pairs well with football watching, apple picking, pumpkin carving and post leaf-raking relaxing. Bottles’ go-to version is a grown-up affair, made strong with a slightly-boozy cider and a few drops of allspice dram*. Fill a thermos of the warm concoction before heading to […]Read More »

The Caprese Cocktail

Listen, we were skeptical at first, too. Really skeptical. But then we remembered how much we love James Beard’s Drunken Cherry Tomatoes*, and just how much basil is in the garden already this season. And that we can’t really resist cheese. Really fresh, really good mozzarella cheese. And then we tried it. And loved it. And […]Read More »

A Simple Michelada

Times are crazy. Keep things simple. Learn how to make a no-frills Michelada tonight. Thank yourself all summer. A Simple Michelada: Rim a tall glass with lime juice and salt. (A pint  glass is traditional, and you can do this by running a lime wedge along the lip of the glass and dipping into a plate […]Read More »

So, You're Having A Seder

A Wine Buying Guide Don’t let your guests’ wine glasses run dry. Follow our handy guide to ensure you have enough for the 4 cups of wine for each of your Seder guests. Our math is based on each Seder participant having 4 cups of wine, each containing 3.3oz. Bottles is stocked with a huge selection […]Read More »

Three Whites & a Rosé for Easter

Springtime celebrations, Easter being among the first this year, call for sprightly wines that revive our taste buds after a winter of more weighty flavors. In spring, we look for zing and zest, bright fruit and floral aromas to match the young season’s flavors of lamb, fresh greens, ham and fish. Here are the three white […]Read More »

Drink Your Chocolate

Skip the chewable chocolate this Valentine’s Day and give your sweetie the sippable sort. We’re crushing on a few bottles made with real chocolate and genuine skill, those that are good enough to be enjoyed year-round. Meletti Cioccolato Thick, dark, creamy, this Italian liqueur is pure pourable decadence. It’s made in Italy with milk and […]Read More »

Super Bowl Party Pairings

So your team hasn’t made it to the big game. So what. We can think of at least one reason why this could be a good thing: You now have more time to pay attention to the food on the table and the drink on the bar than the action on the field. And sure, […]Read More »

The Bitter Peruvian

The popularity of aperitif-based cocktails — those with Campari, Aperol, etc., such as the Negroni — shows no sign of abating anytime soon. And we’re good with that, as we very much like their balanced sweet/savory combination, and their grown-up (aka, bitter-ish) finish. Our version here is modeled on these aperitif cocktails in that it has […]Read More »

Wines to Pair with Braises, Roasts & Stews

They’re the mainstay cooking methods in winter kitchens, and the backbone of virtually all of the comfort foods we are genetically inclined to crave when the mercury dips below 32. Here are our picks for the wines that will match the rich, warming flavors these techniques will bring to your table. 2010 Chateau Magneau Rouge […]Read More »

Magnums for New Year's!

  No single bottle signals a celebration more emphatically than a magnum of sparkling wine. Filled with two bottles-worth of bubbles (12 glasses, give or take), 1.5 liter magnums make all occasions feel a bit more special. And their super-size glamour is perfect for the glittery festivities that mark many a New Year’s Eve party. […]Read More »

Wines for Winter Holidays

It’s official: Home entertaining season has reached its fever pitch. And because wine plays a key part in most winter occasions – from a romantic fireside dinner for two to a holiday open house for 100 – we selected 9 1/2  wines that are ideal for your table, under the tree, or for your host. […]Read More »

Top 3 Holiday Kosher Wines to Please and Delight

Quality, delicious, well-priced kosher wine is available to us more so now than ever before – a trend we thankfully don’t see waning anytime soon. Below are the 3 we think would will be perfect on any winter table – kosher or not. 2011 Savia del Sol Rioja, Spain $17.99 An excellent value and a […]Read More »

Party Math: A Guide to Buying - and Serving - Booze

The good news is the party’s a raging success and your guests are having the time of their lives. The bad news is the party’s a raging success and you’re about to run out of booze. Here’s how to never let that happen again. Now that you have that down, ensure your party’s a smash […]Read More »

Don’t Let Your After-Dinner Drinks Be An Afterthought

An easy and impressive way to elevate any meal – especially Thanksgiving Dinner – is to offer your guests an after-dinner drink, served alongside – or in lieu of – dessert. And all that’s required for this elegant and delicious end-to-a-meal is a thoughtful bottle choice (we can help with that), and clean glassware. Baking […]Read More »

5 Spooky Bottles Guaranteed To Be The Hit of The Halloween Party

When it comes to Halloween parties for the adult set, nothing is more true than Ogden Nash’s apt aphorism: Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker. We couldn’t agree more. Here are 5 bottles that will steal the spotlight off your neighbor’s sexy zombie costume: Battle Axe Malbec An Argentinian malbec, with a round & […]Read More »

Champagne and Popcorn - Just in time for Oscar Night

Popcorn and Champagne … they go together like Harry & Sally. Like Bogie & Bacall. Like Harold & Maude: great alone, together sublime. They’re the ideal pair because Champagne’s yeasty, toasty bready flavors crave the fat and salt of a perfectly popped and dressed bowl of popcorn. And then there’s all that texture: the crunch […]Read More »

The Ultimate Drink List for Your Super Bowl Party!

Looking for fun drink ideas for your Super Bowl party? Something that excites beyond the standard cheap beer? The pros at Bottles have created a game-day-ready drink menu that includes Washington state wines, New England craft beers, and crowd-sized cocktail recipes featuring craft spirits by New England distillers. We’ve even created a handy printable list […]Read More »

Jo's Drink Menu for New Year's Eve

Personally, New Year’s Eve has evolved from a whirlwind of party hopping to a quiet evening with a few friends and neighbors at home. I’ve substituted long bar lines and waiting for cabs in the frigid cold with a home cooked meal, a selection of ridiculous board games, and a few crowd-pleasing drinks. Download & […]Read More »

Let's Get Punchy! 3 Holiday Punch Recipes

For me nothing says holiday festivities quite like a big ol’ batch of punch! Many fine parties have begun around a punch bowl. By serving punch, you’ll not only satisfy your unquenchable guests but also save yourself the crazy expense of trying to have a full bar at your shindig. Even better yet, you can […]Read More »

3 Thanksgiving Drink Menus - Free Printables!

You’re hosting Thanksgiving for the first, second or twentieth time. Your friend who makes an incredible oyster stuffing is coming for dinner and your cousin who spent two years in Italy will be there. You stare at your beers, wines, and cocktails and feel a twinge of doubt. Will your family like these? Does this […]Read More »

How to throw an Oktoberfest party!

Friends! Let us beckon the arrival of fall and cooler weather by throwing an Oktoberfest party! Brisk autumn evenings provide the perfect back drop for having a casual get together with friends and family. Historically the first Oktoberfest was held in celebration of Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. […]Read More »

How to Set Up a Backyard Bourbon Bar

Having a party? Need a fun idea for drinks? Forget that bucket of ice water and beer! Instead, treat your guests to a bourbon tasting bar. And guess what — we’re letting you in on how to set one up at home, right in your backyard. Treating your guests to a selection of Bourbons is […]Read More »

Barbecue for me and you!

Folks, we are officially in the throws of summer! Rhode Island, the wiley mistress she is, has decided to give us a momentary reprieve. And so there’s no better time to pull out your grills and get cooking! The beautiful thing about summertime grilling is the laid back nature; of throwing it on the grill […]Read More »

The Easiest Oscar Punch Recipe

Having an Oscars party? Take it up a notch with a champagne punch! There are many variations on the champagne cocktail; think of this recipe as a wild departure from a mimosa. We’ve combined Framboise Lambic, sparkling wine, and a splash of orange juice to create a brilliant, delicious punch that will take only five […]Read More »

Holiday Party Idea: Self-Serve Bubbly Bar! Free Printable Sign!

When we think of New Year’s, we think of bubbly! A festive way to ring in the New Year with family and friends is to set up a self-serve sparkling wine bar at home. Let your guests have fun creating their own sparkling cocktails! Your guests can choose a simple Kir Royale, or play mixologist […]Read More »

So You're Having a Party? Amounts of Wine, Beer, or Liquor to Have

Having a party? Ever wonder how much wine, beer, or liquor to supply your guests with? With the arrival of the holiday season, many of us are hosting parties, and drinks are a must. But, it doesn’t have to be a mystery when it comes to getting the right amount of drinks; just follow our […]Read More »

3 Delicious Amari for Thanksgiving

  Since Thanksgiving is a day that our stomachs get a full workout, I wanted to share some of my favorite Amari from our selection here at Bottles. Amaro is a digestif; an herbal liqueur invented by doctors, chemists, pharmacists, laymen hundreds of years ago to serve one purpose – settle the stomach. These pragmatic […]Read More »

Great Kosher Wines for Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah from Bottles! We love to help pair holiday meals with wines that perfectly compliment the herbs, spices and love you put into your family’s feast. Here are four wonderful Kosher wines that will make your holiday memorable. Alfasi Chardonnay pairs with Matso Ball Soup Hints of apple and lemon make this Chilean Chardonnay a […]Read More »

Self-Serve Cocktail Bar for Thanksgiving, Free Printable Signs Included!

If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving party, it can be a challenge to balance cooking times, the arrival of guests, and drinks. That’s why we love the idea of offering a self-serve cocktail bar, complete with a few easy cocktail recipe signs, ice, and liquors so your guests can have fun playing bartender. (Check out the […]Read More »

A Guide to Choosing Thanksgiving Wines

Hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner is a big deal and picking the wines to be served can be a nerve-racking challenge. To take some of the difficulty out of it, we’ve come up with this handy guide to help navigate the choppy seas of choosing wine for Turkey Day. Serve wines that you like. Thanksgiving Dinner […]Read More »

Happy Halloween! Try Our Spoooky Cocktails!

This Halloween we’re showcasing our most chilling concoctions with free downloadable printables–perfect for your next self-serve bar! Feeling a little Lovecraft-inspired? Try The Lurking Fear. Taking a nice walk through walls? Phantasma may be more your speed. Completely brain drained? Mix up the Re-Animator. All with just 3 ingredients in each! Download Cocktail Signs PDF here! SELF SERVE […]Read More »

How to Make a Carved Pumpkin Drink Garnish with an Orange Peel

A Halloween party is a great excuse to make creative garnishes for your cocktails. If you love pumpkin carving, you’ll love this idea to carve these mini pumpkins to decorate your drinks. All you’ll need are an orange, a knife, and a channel knife. Once you’re finished, add them to your favorite cocktail and enjoy! […]Read More »

How to Make a Pineapple Cup for Tiki Drinks!

With Tiki drinks in revival, you’ll probably need a great tiki cup to go with your concoctions. What better way to celebrate summer than with a real pineapple cup in hand? Watch our instructional video tutorial showing an easy way to core a pineapple. All you need is a pineapple corer tool, a little technique, […]Read More »

Tiki is Back! Basic Bar & Drink Ideas for Summer Parties

What’s old is new again…and tiki is back! There’s really no better way to enjoy summer outdoors and in the backyard than relaxing with a deliciously smooth tiki drink to sip. All you need are some funky tiki decorations like leis, mugs, and tiki torches, and of course, great tiki cocktails. Keep reading to learn […]Read More »

Easter Beer Hunt Party Idea & Photo Contest

What’s an Easter Beer Hunt? Well, Easter fun doesn’t have to be just for kids with this party idea. Simply replace the eggs with beer, and bring back the joy and excitement of Easter for those over 21! How to Hold an Easter Beer Hunt Buy beer. Variety is the spice of life, so try mixing […]Read More »

St. Patrick's Day Drinks

I love St. Patrick’s day, maybe it’s because I can pass for a leprechaun in a children’s story or how for one day in the middle of a cold winter, everyone, or at least their coffee, is Irish. St. Patrick’s Day is a perfect reason to gather with friends, raise a glass of whiskey, and […]Read More »

Super Bowl Drink Ideas & Printable Cocktail Sign

Our beloved Pats haven’t reached the Super Bowl, but you and your friends can still gather to watch the game. Serving cocktails during the football game or any party doesn’t have to be stressful – a self serve bar is a great idea where guests make their own drinks. What’s better than a DIY bar for a […]Read More »

New Years Champagne Cocktail Ideas

Happy New Year everyone! We thought it might be nice to share some information about Champagne and Sparkling Wine, and super-easy, festive cocktail recipes you can make to share with friends and family. As your local wine store here in Providence, Bottles is here to help you find what you need for New Years! From […]Read More »

Entertaining Advice & Party Tips for Wine, Beer, Spirits & Cocktails

Planning a party and need help and advice with drinks? Eric from Bottles in Providence has his tips and recommendations for wine, beer, liquor, and cocktails to make entertaining this holiday season easier & stress free. First, get wine that you enjoy. If there is any leftover, you are going to have it for the next […]Read More »

Kosher Wine List for Hanukkah

Kosher Wine recommendations for Hanukkah: Hanukkah is just around the corner, and the Bottles team is here to help you choose wines. We have a wide selection of Kosher wines and unique gifts such as custom wine gift baskets and wine bottle etching! Stop by or order wine by calling (401) 372-2030 or emailing us at Try Cantina Gabriele Dolcemente White, which […]Read More »

Thanksgiving Wine & Drink Pairing Guide

Thanksgiving pairing recommendations from the experts at Bottles are here!! From craft beer, to specialty cocktails, and to finding just the right wine for each occasion, we’ve got you covered! Watch these 4 videos: Pre-Dinner Drinks, Appetizer Pairings, Dinner Pairings and Dessert Pairings, and then scroll down for a list of the best Thanksgiving pairings and […]Read More »

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