The "It" Beverage of The Summer of 2018

It’s official. Now that we’re in the thick of the summer of 2018 we can indeed call it: The beverage of the season is, drum roll please, the canned cocktail. This ready-to-drink format has taken not just our store, but the whole country by storm. Seems gazillions of you have taken a shine to these […]Read More »

Our Favorite Bottle For Spritzing

If it’s summer at Bottles you can be sure we’re spritzing. We’re taking a few of our favorite bottles, mixing them with seltzer or sparkling wine, pouring them over ice in a big wine glass and enjoying the good life. For the fizz in our spritzers this year, we’re turning to the Anno Domini 47 […]Read More »

Cocktails For A Crowd

When entertaining at home there’s perhaps no more stressful time than those first few minutes when guests have arrived, but you’ve yet to light the candles, put the roast in the oven, or get dressed.  To lessen that crunch-time agita, consider setting out a simple but impressive drinks spread that your guests can easily help […]Read More »

El Diablo - An Easy Late-Summer Cocktail

                                    We’re not entirely sure why this iconic tequila-based cocktail isn’t more popular among the general drinks-lovin’ public. After all, it’s easy to make, distinctive, delicious and a perennial bartender favorite. To right that wrong we’ve teamed up […]Read More »

How To Tap A Watermelon

If you’re looking for a way to amp up your summer get-together that requires minimal effort but delights even the most cynical New Englander, look no further. For some unknown reason, filling a non-conventional vessel with fresh juice and booze provokes giddiness and pure joy. I should know – I’ve tapped countless pumpkins and pineapples […]Read More »

A Cocktail To Cure Hangovers?

In researching South American cocktails to serve at the book signing we just co-hosted for local author Peter Andreas’s “thoroughly engrossing”** memoir Rebel Mother: My Childhood Chasing The Revolution, we came across the Chilcano. Its base is pisco, the grape brandy that originated in either Peru or Chile, depending on where you happen to be, and is […]Read More »

A Boozy Play List For Brandy Cocktails

Brandy’s dandy whether sipped after dinner, or when mixed into a cocktail, as we like to do. The classic Brandy Alexander, a creamy treat made popular in the early 20th century, still holds its own today, but for simpler, less-sweet brandy beverages consider the Brave & Strong, and Glory Days. Both cocktails are from Copper […]Read More »

How to Spike Store Bought Eggnog

If it isn’t the most asked question at Bottles this time of year, it’s the second for sure: “How do I spike the carton of eggnog that I just bought at Eastside Marketplace?” Here’s where we come down on the matter: What To Use to Spike: Brandy is the most traditional, but we love a […]Read More »

DIY Gifts: Homemade Hooch

Peperoncini Vodka, Pineapple Vodka, and Coffee Bean Bourbon, ready to gift DIY infused booze. It’s the perfect gift, whether you’re the type that likes to have your gifting done pre-Thanksgiving, or the guy who’s scouring the mall on December 23rd. It’s simple, really. All you need is a neutral spirit, an empty jar or bottle, […]Read More »

Bottles' Hot Spiked Cider

Cider Drinking. It’s a rite of passage for us New Englanders. It pairs well with football watching, apple picking, pumpkin carving and post leaf-raking relaxing. Bottles’ go-to version is a grown-up affair, made strong with a slightly-boozy cider and a few drops of allspice dram*. Fill a thermos of the warm concoction before heading to […]Read More »

Old Forester's Enduring Appeal

By now, most of us know that Bourbon, as American as Jazz or Apple Pie (with a slice of melty Vermont Cheddar, thank you very much), has reached a new and unprecedented heyday. Basically unsellable throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, when bottles of Pappy Van Winkle gathered dust on store shelves, we now can’t seem […]Read More »

How To Make Simple Cocktails That Taste Anything But

No muss no fuss. That’s our mantra in these torrid times, which is why we’re crushing hard on locally-owned and operated Bootblack Brand’s line of all natural cocktail/soda syrups. They’re made by Paul Kubiski out of Hope & Main, the culinary incubator in Warren. His roster currently consists of two killer flavors, both of which […]Read More »

Rhum With A "Rh?"

J.M Rhum Agricole Gold. On sale through September 5th, 2016. Type-o or marketing gimmick? Neither. Rhum with a “Rh” is a thing. Rhum Agricole is as style of rum made with cane sugar that’s been cut, ground and pressed into juice, unlike rums without the “Rh,” which are distilled from molasses. Many consider Rhum Agricole […]Read More »

Pasote - The Rainwater Tequila

Pasote tequila, on sale at Bottles through September 5, 2016. The agave plant usually gets the lionshare of attention when tequila lovers talk about flavor and aroma. But the type and quality of the water used during the distillation process also plays a big part in the how the beloved Mexican spirit smells and tastes. Which […]Read More »


They’re baaaack…. They’re fresh and fizzy and fun. They’re light and refreshing on hot summer afternoons. They’re spritzers, and we’re such huge fans of them that we’ve decided to declare this season the Summer of Spritzers. The spritzers we’re talking about are descendants of the wine drinks made famous (some say infamous) in the 1980’s. […]Read More »

Uncle Val's Gins

They’re really good gins with a really great story. You see, it all started in 1895 when Samuele Sebastiani emigrated to the US from Tuscany. He settled in Sonoma, and within 10 years he opened the successful Sebastiani Winery which is still in operation today. This skill for producing high-quality, tasty beverages was inherited by […]Read More »

The Caprese Cocktail

Listen, we were skeptical at first, too. Really skeptical. But then we remembered how much we love James Beard’s Drunken Cherry Tomatoes*, and just how much basil is in the garden already this season. And that we can’t really resist cheese. Really fresh, really good mozzarella cheese. And then we tried it. And loved it. And […]Read More »

Bottled-in-Bond: What it Means and Why it's Important

What does “Bottled-in-Bond” mean and why should we care? Whiskey Professor and two-time Whiskey Man of the Year Bernie Lubbers visited Bottles recently to let us know just why. And we believe him. If you’re getting your dad a Bottled-in-Bond bottle of whiskey for Father’s Day, why not learn what makes it so special! The Bottled-in-Bond […]Read More »

What to Pair with Oklahoma!

If you haven’t yet moseyed on over to see Trinity Repertory Company’s  widely-praised production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma!”, do it now. Mosey now. And while you’re there, sip on “The Farmer and the Cowman,” a cocktail we created with Curt Columbus, Trinity’s Richard L. Bready Artistic Director, to pair with this quintessentially American show. “The […]Read More »

A Simple Michelada

Times are crazy. Keep things simple. Learn how to make a no-frills Michelada tonight. Thank yourself all summer. A Simple Michelada: Rim a tall glass with lime juice and salt. (A pint  glass is traditional, and you can do this by running a lime wedge along the lip of the glass and dipping into a plate […]Read More »

Shanghai-Inspired Liqueurs

Made by the couple who own Cranston’s popular Cha Bai ramen house, the Cheongsam Tea Liqueurs had us at hello. The two versions – currently produced in China but available only in Rhode Island – are hand-crafted with natural extractions of exotic whole leaf teas. They’re captivating and nuanced. And they’re really delicious. Named after […]Read More »


In our role as the Official Sommelier of Trinity Repertory Company we are reviving our very own “Grumpy Cup” cocktail to pair with theater’s world premier of Arnie Louis and Bob. The drink is a riff on the classic British “Pimm’s Cup” cocktail with the addition of Crabbie’s alcoholic ginger beer and St. Germain elderflower liqueur. […]Read More »

The Irish Mountain Marma

We loved the Irish Whiskey-based cocktail that Lily created for us last week so much so we asked her to do another. To complement the whiskey, Lily used a pantry staple – marmalade. The drink is sweet & tart, with wonderful aromatics from rosemary and a slightly bitter finish thanks to the addition of Montenegro amaro. It’s […]Read More »

The Irish Butter Cup (of Coffee)

This delicious recipe, reminiscent of the classic Irish Coffee drink, is the latest from Bottles’ in-house cocktail guru, Lily. It relies on iced coffee, rather than hot-from-the-pot joe, which means it’s not just for brunch or after dinner. The less conventional choices of butterscotch and sea salt combine to make a delightful iced Irish Coffee […]Read More »

Mad River Distillers: Spirits With a Sense of Place

photo courtesy of Mad River Distillers We’re mad about Mad River Distillers. Maura Connolly, a co-founder of the Warren, Vermont-based craft distillery, visited Bottles on an unusually warm day in January to talk about and taste our team through the line of Mad River small-batch spirits. Her distillery, a red-roofed, renovated horse barn, is cradled […]Read More »

The Comeback of Creme Yvette

Don’t let this ornate, bell-shaped bottle filled with deep purple liqueur perplex you. It’s actually quite versatile, easy to serve and enjoy. It’s a classic liqueur that’s making a comeback. Creme Yvette, first produced in the late 19th century, was a popular digestif and cocktail mixer until the late 1960s, when production stopped. Enter the […]Read More »

Drink Your Chocolate

Skip the chewable chocolate this Valentine’s Day and give your sweetie the sippable sort. We’re crushing on a few bottles made with real chocolate and genuine skill, those that are good enough to be enjoyed year-round. Meletti Cioccolato Thick, dark, creamy, this Italian liqueur is pure pourable decadence. It’s made in Italy with milk and […]Read More »

Bourbon 101

Whether we’re turning neophytes onto bourbon or introducing new finds to long-time aficionados, we at Bottles love talking about bourbon. We love talking about it, writing about it, sipping it, mixing it, discovering new distillers and re-discovering old distillers. We just flat out heart bourbon. To spread the love to team members that are new to […]Read More »

A Pair of Pear Cocktails

This time of year we’re always on the lookout for easy-drinking, flavorful cocktails that don’t pack a killer wallop, i.e., those that we can sip on all weekend long. This pair of pear cider cocktails make great companions for strenuous Sunday relaxation activities such as marathon sessions of book-reading, Netflix binge-watching, and backgammon-playing. The following […]Read More »

The Bitter Peruvian

The popularity of aperitif-based cocktails — those with Campari, Aperol, etc., such as the Negroni — shows no sign of abating anytime soon. And we’re good with that, as we very much like their balanced sweet/savory combination, and their grown-up (aka, bitter-ish) finish. Our version here is modeled on these aperitif cocktails in that it has […]Read More »

The Bottles' 2015 Gift Guide

We scoured the wide world of beverages to select the perfect gifts for wine, beer and cocktail enthusiasts this year. They’re the bottles that are in-demand, on-trend, highly-acclaimed, and flat-out awesome. Here’s what to give (and get) this holiday season: Four Roses Private Label Bourbon: Bottles’ Barrel #3  Available only at Bottles: our private barrel […]Read More »

Party Math: A Guide to Buying - and Serving - Booze

The good news is the party’s a raging success and your guests are having the time of their lives. The bad news is the party’s a raging success and you’re about to run out of booze. Here’s how to never let that happen again. Now that you have that down, ensure your party’s a smash […]Read More »

3 Cocktails for Classic Cult Halloween Movies

Another reason to love fall: it’s prime season for spooky screenings. This is what we’ll be drinking once the projector starts rolling: Easy & delicious for a Halloween get-together! Basically a vodka blush, it’s also the drink featured in one particular scene in one of the most popular horror movies of all time. ROSEMARY’S BABY […]Read More »

Pumpkin Whiskey Cocktail Recipe & Two Tasty Twists on Classics

Looking for the perfect cocktail to make this season? Here are 3 tasty recipes that you and your guests will love for the fall, Thanksgiving, and beyond. These all feature a local whiskey distillery, Sons of Liberty Spirits, and are fun twists on cocktail classics. Visit the SOL Spirits website for even more cocktail ideas! […]Read More »

Southside Manhattan, a SCLT Cocktail Recipe with Sage Honey Syrup

Bottles is proud to be a supporter of Southside Community Land Trust. SCLT is a fantastic organization and forceful change agent for community food security, providing land, education, tools, and support for people to grow food for themselves in greater Providence, Rhode Island. This past Tuesday was a fundraising event, the 11th annual Harvesting Hope. […]Read More »

Make Lavender Honey for Garden Cocktails (Guest Post by Parcel Apothecary)

Shoutout to the pollinators in the garden! A bee’s daily collection of plant nectar and pollen allows many of our agricultural crops to create seed and fruit, with the stars of the workforce being the honeybee. They make a medicinal alternative to white sugar behind the bar: honey. Raw honey never spoils, contains every essential […]Read More »

Masko's Manhattan Recipe

Looking for a magical Manhattan cocktail recipe? John Masko (a friend of Bottles) has concocted this special drink that features White Ginger Infused Simple Syrup from Sonoma Syrup Company. To make their White Ginger Simple Syrup, Sonoma Syrup Co. infuses fresh white ginger in pure cane syrup, resulting in a peppery, sweet taste. It can enhance loads of […]Read More »

8 Easy Summer Cocktails - Plus, How to Pre-Batch Cocktails

When it’s summery and gorgeous outside, and you’re having a party or attending one, the last thing you want to be doing is spending hours making the drinks. You also don’t want to be making cocktails for everyone all night long if you’re hosting. What’s the solution? Pre-make and bottle your cocktails in big batches, […]Read More »

Cocktail Recipe: How to Make a Caipirinha

Need a different drink idea, yet something still simple and summery? Try cachaça, a popular spirit in Brazil that is made from distilled sugarcane juice. Well, what should you do with cachaça, you say? Make a caipirinha! It’s a refreshing combination of limes, sugar, and cachaça. Pick up a bottle of Boca Loca Cachaça for $19.99 […]Read More »

Aviation Cocktail Recipe with DIY Violet Syrup (Guest Post by Parcel Apothecary)

Spring flowers are blooming and that can only mean one thing: it’s officially gin season. Roses are wafting their allure to the city, the violets are carpeting the tree’s roots with purple smiles, and the dandelions are finding their way to the cracks in the sidewalk, slowly taking back the streets. Now is the time […]Read More »

Summery Cocktail Recipe: Make an Italian Lemonade

Looking for the perfect summery drink idea? Fizzy, citrusy, and bright, this Italian Lemonade recipe is a must-try. Plus, it’s easy to make! If you need a great vodka to elevate this recipe, we recommend Square One Botanical Vodka, a spirit infused with aromatic botanicals: pear, rose, chamomile, lemon verbena, lavender, rosemary, coriander and citrus peel. […]Read More »

Plant Your Cocktails! Herbal Infusions with Southside Community Land Trust

Bottles is pairing up with Southside Community Land Trust to help you create garden-fresh cocktails! If you’re in the midst of planning this year’s garden, don’t forget to incorporate herbs to infuse your vodka, whiskey, tequila or gin. It’s a great way to add a personalized twist to classic cocktails, like a vodka martini or vodka […]Read More »

Learn How to Infuse Your Booze (A Helpful Infographic)

Learn how to infuse! Infusions are a great way to personalize cocktails, use fresh ingredients, and create fantastic handmade gifts. Just follow this infographic! Though it’s easy to experiment with different combinations of herbs, fruit, and alcohol, here are our directions on how to make a basil infused vodka. It’s perfect in a martini! BASIL INFUSED […]Read More »

All About Absinthe!

So, what is the deal with Absinthe? The notorious spirit is known for its tumultuous history and its fluctuations in legality throughout the years, its associations among some of the most famous artists and writers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries (particularly those who called Paris home), and of its supposed hallucinogenic qualities, especially of ‘la fée verte‘ – […]Read More »

3 Bully Boy Cocktail Recipes

Using craft spirits really does result in fantastic cocktails! And the hand-produced, small batch spirits created by Bully Boy Distillers in Boston are something to savor. If you haven’t heard of Bully Boy, read our previous blogpost to watch a video tour and learn about their range of whiskey, vodka, and rum. Below are three easy cocktail recipes that […]Read More »

3 Warm Drink Recipes for Chilly Nights!

It’s that time of the year again, and these cold, brisk nights are perfect for warm & cozy drinks. You’ll love these 3 classic winter cocktail recipes! It isn’t winter without at least one spiked tea or cocoa! Our mulled wine recipe is also a great alternative for punch at any party or gathering! Grab these awesome […]Read More »

Let's Get Punchy! 3 Holiday Punch Recipes

For me nothing says holiday festivities quite like a big ol’ batch of punch! Many fine parties have begun around a punch bowl. By serving punch, you’ll not only satisfy your unquenchable guests but also save yourself the crazy expense of trying to have a full bar at your shindig. Even better yet, you can […]Read More »

4 Classic Bourbon Cocktails for Fall

There’s nothing like that warm whiskey feelin’ to help adjust to cooler nights. So, to ready yourself for fall, here are a few of our favorite bourbon cocktail recipes. They’re classic, easy to make, and delicious to boot! – The Stone Fence incorporates freshly pressed apple cider…live dangerously (like we do) and try a Tripping Hazard as well. Our […]Read More »

3-Ingredient Rum Cocktails to Try This Summer

Enjoying a rum based drink is part of what makes summertime feel like summertime. But who wants to miss out by spending too much time mixing up elaborate cocktails? Ideally, you’ll want that delicious, delicious, rum cocktail in your hand without breaking a sweat. Here’s 4 recipes that are easy to whip up, and that you’ll find sophisticated […]Read More »

Dark 'n' Stormy too WEAK? Make a Dark 'n Stumbly!

We all love the Dark ‘n’ Stormy cocktail here in Rhode Island. I mean, it’s a classic! Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, Gosling’s Ginger Beer, fresh lime, tons of ice…a great way to enjoy the summer. But could it be…more…epic? Well, we decided to use Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer instead, and it sure makes one heck […]Read More »

8 Spring Cocktail Ideas

Happy springtime! The cocktail experts at Bottles have concocted an enticing group of fresh, bright drinks to celebrate the arrival of spring. Find these ingredients featured in-store on our spirits display, which includes Campari, Lillet, Pimm’s, Fernet Branca, and more interesting, flavorful liqueurs. With only 2 to 3 ingredients each, these recipes are ridiculously quick to mix […]Read More »

The Easiest Oscar Punch Recipe

Having an Oscars party? Take it up a notch with a champagne punch! There are many variations on the champagne cocktail; think of this recipe as a wild departure from a mimosa. We’ve combined Framboise Lambic, sparkling wine, and a splash of orange juice to create a brilliant, delicious punch that will take only five […]Read More »

Oaxaca Tequila Hot Chocolate & Bourbon Latte!

It’s cold outside today so we took a trip (do we really need an excuse?) to New Harvest Coffee & Spirits located in the newly restored Arcade in downtown Providence, RI. We met with Assistant Manager, Erick Ambrust who mixed up a couple of delicious hot cocktails to warm us up; Bourbon Latte and Oaxaca […]Read More »

Holiday Party Idea: Self-Serve Bubbly Bar! Free Printable Sign!

When we think of New Year’s, we think of bubbly! A festive way to ring in the New Year with family and friends is to set up a self-serve sparkling wine bar at home. Let your guests have fun creating their own sparkling cocktails! Your guests can choose a simple Kir Royale, or play mixologist […]Read More »

Your Heirloom Eggnog Recipe

Christmas parties call for one classic drink: Eggnog. There are plenty of good pre-mixed eggnog options, but don’t you think there’s something special about food and drinks lovingly made from scratch? Edible Rhody Magazine has provided us with an easy but delicious homemade Eggnog recipe that will please all you guests. You’ll just need a […]Read More »

3 Delicious Amari for Thanksgiving

  Since Thanksgiving is a day that our stomachs get a full workout, I wanted to share some of my favorite Amari from our selection here at Bottles. Amaro is a digestif; an herbal liqueur invented by doctors, chemists, pharmacists, laymen hundreds of years ago to serve one purpose – settle the stomach. These pragmatic […]Read More »

Introducing St. George Spirits

For over three decades, St. George Spirits in Alameda, CA has been distilling extraordinary artisanal spirits, from botanical gins to single malt whiskey. These spirits are wonderful all year round, but make for special gifts and housewarming presents during the holidays. Their character and quality are excellent for sipping as well as mixing unique cocktails. […]Read More »

Self-Serve Cocktail Bar for Thanksgiving, Free Printable Signs Included!

If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving party, it can be a challenge to balance cooking times, the arrival of guests, and drinks. That’s why we love the idea of offering a self-serve cocktail bar, complete with a few easy cocktail recipe signs, ice, and liquors so your guests can have fun playing bartender. (Check out the […]Read More »

How to Make Mulled Wine in a Crockpot

The holidays are upon us, and sometimes it gets tricky deciding what wines or libations to serve at your holiday party. These cold, brisk nights are perfect for warm & cozy drinks. You’ll love our easy crock-pot recipe for mulled wine. Just make a large batch, adjust the spices to taste, and serve with a […]Read More »

Happy Halloween! Try Our Spoooky Cocktails!

This Halloween we’re showcasing our most chilling concoctions with free downloadable printables–perfect for your next self-serve bar! Feeling a little Lovecraft-inspired? Try The Lurking Fear. Taking a nice walk through walls? Phantasma may be more your speed. Completely brain drained? Mix up the Re-Animator. All with just 3 ingredients in each! Download Cocktail Signs PDF here! SELF SERVE […]Read More »

The Last Word - A Chartreuse Cocktail Recipe for Halloween

Want to try a classic Prohibition era cocktail? We recommend The Last Word, a gin and green Chartreuse drink that has recently experienced a renewal in popularity. Serve it at your Halloween party for a pleasingly complex and herbal libation that guests will remember and love. The Last Word INGREDIENTS 3/4 oz gin – Uncle […]Read More »

Halloween Cocktails? Try the Corpse Reviver #2

What goes great with an adult Halloween party? A fantastic cocktail. One of our favorites here at Bottles is the Corpse Reviver #2, a medley of gin, citrus, Lillet, and enticing aroma of absinthe. Though ‘corpse reviver’ drinks are originally intended as ‘hair of the dog’ cures, this gin-based cocktail is enjoyable for brunch or […]Read More »

How to Make a Carved Pumpkin Drink Garnish with an Orange Peel

A Halloween party is a great excuse to make creative garnishes for your cocktails. If you love pumpkin carving, you’ll love this idea to carve these mini pumpkins to decorate your drinks. All you’ll need are an orange, a knife, and a channel knife. Once you’re finished, add them to your favorite cocktail and enjoy! […]Read More »

Blood and Sand: A Devilish Cocktail Recipe for Halloween

Looking for the perfect cocktail idea for Halloween? Here’s a classic recipe from the Prohibition era with a suitably sinister name: Blood & Sand. It’s one of the few cocktails out there that uses scotch as as the base spirit, while blood orange juice makes this drink a devilishly red color. For some depth and […]Read More »

Congratulations to Joseph Haggard, Winner of the 2013 Providence Cocktail Competition!

Joseph Haggard at the announcement of his win. Who has bragging rights as the winner of the Providence Cocktail Competition? Joseph Haggard from The Grange! After an action-packed evening of muddling, shaking, mixing and blending, guests and judges chose their winner from the group of participating competitors. A big congratulations to Joseph, who entered the […]Read More »

How to Make a Boulevardier Cocktail

A Boulevardier cocktail is a classic, Pre-Prohibition drink. With only 3 ingredients (bourbon, Campari, and sweet vermouth), a Boulevardier is easy to make at home, or even in larger batches to share with friends for fall time. This cocktail with a goofy name is a variant on a Negroni, a classic cocktail made of equal […]Read More »

Presenting the Providence Cocktail Competition Contestants!

We’re gearing up for the Providence Cocktail Competition tomorrow night at 7pm at Féte Music! For just 10 bucks you’ll be able to sip 12 signature cocktails from bartenders and at home mixologists and help determine a winner. Plus 6 more secret ingredient cocktails made on the spot by finalists! For us at Bottles, it’s […]Read More »

Amaretto Bourbon Punch

Learn how to make an Amaretto Bourbon Punch cocktail, perfect for the fall! This is a party sized punch that serves a group of 6-8 people. Visit our YouTube channel for more easy bourbon drink ideas for entertaining or for serving at home. Amaretto Bourbon Punch Serves 6-8 Ingredients: 1 Liter bottle of club soda 1/2 […]Read More »

Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktail Recipe

We’re excited for fall cocktails! And you’ll love this crisp, bubbly, and refreshing Apple Cider Bourbon drink. Feel free to adjust the recipe to taste, and then be sure to enjoy on an autumn evening. Ingredients *1 oz bourbon *2 oz sparkling apple cider *2 oz ginger beer Pour cider and bourbon over ice, add […]Read More »

The Lurking Fear - An Ode to Lovecraft

Here at Bottles, we’re answering the call of Cthulhu for this week’s Necromonicon Providence Festival celebrating the works of famed Providence author, H.P. Lovecraft! So put on your best Herbert West face and reanimate your gatherings with this literary inspired cocktail. The Lurking Fear 2 oz Tequila 1 oz St. Germain 1 oz Chartreuse Add all ingredients over ice in a […]Read More »

Providence Cocktail Competition Entry is Open!

Consider yourself a cocktail concocting genius? Enter the Providence Cocktail Competition! As part of the 2013 Providence Cocktail Week held by Providence Monthly, this contest is open to anyone over 21, and includes a great prize package. You’ll just have to read these guidelines, submit a cocktail recipe, and wait to see if you’re one […]Read More »

Summer Cocktail Recipe Cards

A hot summer day is the time for some cool refreshing cocktails. Drinks these days can get pretty, but sometimes you just want to enjoy the familiar standby. Follow along with these classic cocktail recipe cards and keep cool all summer long! With only two ingredients, the Dark & Stormy is a perfectly simple summer […]Read More »

How to Infuse your Booze

Infusing spirits is easy! Time and the ingredient do all the hard work for you. Infusing is also a great way to use seasonal herbs and berries, and a way to add that special touch to summer cocktails. Simply pick a base alcohol (such as vodka, gin, or tequila) and add your favorite aromatic, such […]Read More »

An Iuka Grogg Cocktail: Make a Classic Tiki Drink

Join the revival of Tiki cocktails! From Jeff “Beachbum” Berry’s book, Remixed: A Gallery of Tiki Drinks, we’re featuring a new recipe called an Iuka Grogg (spelled with an “I”). Enjoy this enticing combination of lime, pineapple, and passion fruit flavors, topped off by a rich, caramel, dark rum aroma. The quintessential tiki cocktail to have all […]Read More »

A Zombie Drink Recipe for a Tiki Party!

If you haven’t heard yet, tiki parties are back! Just in time for the season of backyard shindigs and warm summer evenings on the patio, we’ve put together an instructional video on how to make your very own Zombie drink. Stop by our Providence, Rhode Island store to browse a display with all the ingredients you need […]Read More »

How to Make a Mai Tai Cocktail: An Easy Tiki Drink!

Tiki is back! Summer has arrived, and so has Mai Tai season! Along with featuring Tiki party ideas and bar basics in our Providence, Rhode Island store, we’ll be offering a series of easy Tiki drink recipes on this blog and on our YouTube channel. Watch Joanna’s video below to learn how to make a your […]Read More »

Celebrate Derby Day with Mint Juleps and Woodford Reserve

Derby Day is this weekend! Even up here in Rhode Island, we’re ready for the festivities and celebrations for Kentucky Derby fans. Bottles was lucky enough to receive a few bottles limited edition Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby Bourbon; stop by our store to get yours before they disappear! You can also visit our website to […]Read More »

Super Bowl Drink Ideas & Printable Cocktail Sign

Our beloved Pats haven’t reached the Super Bowl, but you and your friends can still gather to watch the game. Serving cocktails during the football game or any party doesn’t have to be stressful – a self serve bar is a great idea where guests make their own drinks. What’s better than a DIY bar for a […]Read More »

New Years Champagne Cocktail Ideas

Happy New Year everyone! We thought it might be nice to share some information about Champagne and Sparkling Wine, and super-easy, festive cocktail recipes you can make to share with friends and family. As your local wine store here in Providence, Bottles is here to help you find what you need for New Years! From […]Read More »

Re-Animator: A Bourbon Cocktail Idea

Bourbon cocktail recipe: The Re-Animator: We found this recipe in the NY Times just before last Thanksgiving, and it has quickly become a staff favorite here at Bottles. It’s dangerously simple to make, and the kind of drink that goes down very well after a big meal. All of these ingredients are available at Bottles, […]Read More »

Boulevardier: Bourbon Cocktail Recipe

Learn how to make a Boulevardier cocktail as part of the Bottles Bourbon feature happening in our Providence store. With only 3 ingredients (Bourbon, Campari and Vermouth), this is an easy drink ideas for holiday parties!  Contact Us This cocktail with a goofy name is a variant on a Negroni, a classic cocktail made of equal parts […]Read More »

Manhattan Cocktail Recipe for the Holidays

As part of the Bottles Bourbon feature, here is a simple but delicious Manhattan cocktail recipe made from our recommended Bourbons, Vermouths, and Bitters. All of the bourbons and drink ingredients in this blog post are available at our fine wine, beer and liquor store in Providence, Rhode Island. Contact Us A classic cocktail, Manhattans […]Read More »

Phantasma: Halloween Cocktail Recipe

Halloween and Dia de los Muertos are just around the corner! Phantasma is a Halloween cocktail idea created by the folks here at Bottles, a fine wine, craft beer, and liquor store in Providence, Rhode Island. To help you celebrate for Halloween, here is an easy tequila cocktail recipe that uses only 3 ingredients: Kah […]Read More »

Bonal and Rye Whiskey Cocktail Recipe

Be your own bartender and learn how to make great cocktails with Joanna from Bottles. Bottles is a fine wine, beer and liquor store in Providence, RI. This instructional video shows you how to make Bonal & Rye, a type of rye whiskey cocktail created by San Francisco bartender Todd Smith. Bonal and Rye has […]Read More »

How to Make a Rosé Sangria

Enjoy this refreshing Rosé Sangria recipe at home or with friends, created by Joanna, the Bottles cocktail expert. This sangria drink idea is easy to make and great for the summertime! Watch this video tutorial for instructions on making this crisp and light sangria that uses Frog’s Leap Rosé, Mathilde Pear Liqueur, Q Ginger Ale […]Read More »

How to Make a Grumpy Cup Cocktail

Watch this video tutorial on how to make an easy and delicious British themed cocktail recipe. The Grumpy Cup drink idea is a Bottles (a Rhode Island liquor store) cocktail invention, and a twist on a classic Pimm’s Cup cocktail. The ingredients include Pimm’s, St. Germain and Crabbie’s (alcoholic!) Ginger Beer. Everything you need for this recipe is available […]Read More »

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