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Kate’s Fresh Rosé Picks For 2020

Beware the ides of March? Well perhaps Mark Antony was on to something but that was way before this CoronaVirus was a thing. On the positive side of March, the sun is out, the skies are clear and there isn’t a snowflake to be found near 141 Pitman. What can be found inside (besides ample amounts of hand sanitizer) is the first crop of Rosé season. We are delighted to see these fresh pink colors begin to brighten the store and lift our spirits. Here is a list of Kate’s Fresh Picks.  Cheers!


Pinta Negra Rosé   $6.99
Portuguese wines are super popular in the wine market right now!  They are some of the best values you can buy.  This one is so good, you would never think it’s only $6.99!  I dare you, bring this to a party and have your friends guess the price, I’m sure they will overshoot it and be pleasantly surprised.  This is also an easy case grab for your summer parties!

Tintero Rosato   $14.99
Our staff favorite Rosé of the year is back!! This one is spritzy and fruity with hints of watermelon rind and tart raspberries.  Tintero is a vineyard in Northern Italy, specifically in Piedmont.  This Rosato is a blend of 90% Barbera and 10% Arneis, who knew! This is always the first Rosé of the year to sell out, so grab some while you can!

Toad Hollow Rosé   $14.99
The Chardonnay from Toad Hollow has always been a hit here and this year we are featuring their dry, thirst-quenching, refreshing Rosé!  A rosé of Pinot Noir is always a treat, and this one is a great value from California.  This baby is a perfect patio sipper for all those warm days coming up!

Gouleyant Malbec Rosé   $11.99
Malbec is an extremely popular red wine for us at Bottles.  They are fruity, easy-drinking, and fun! Now, try a Rosé made from Malbec grapes!  This one is from southern France and has a perfectly electric, pink hue!  Dry and zingy, enjoy with cheese platters and seafood!

Casa Americo Rosé   $9.99
Another ‘ol Bottles favorite making a comeback!  A classic blend of the Portuguese grapes, Touriga Nacional and Alfrocheiro.

Vina Zorzal Rosé   $11.99
A unique, darker style of Rosé made from 100% Garnacha grapes!  This is one of the ‘punchiest’ Rosés of the season!  This reminds me of fruit punch, without the sweetness because of it’s dark, magenta color.  It is like eating a juicy raspberry and a lemon wedge at the same time.  Enjoy this with all the BBQ foods this summer!

Le Poussin Rosé   $11.99
One of the few Rosés that we feature with just a kiss of sweetness.  A French wine with flavors of cotton candy, strawberries, and watermelon.  Since there is that hint of sweetness, this works wonderfully with spicy foods, like tacos!

Mi Mi en Provence   $18.99
Not only is this a beautiful bottle with a glass closure, but inside contains a magical Rosé made by unicorns! Not really, but it is a scrumptious and classic Provencal Rosé, so bring this to your springtime picnics with all the sandwiches and snackies!


Les Dauphins CDR Rosé   $10.99
A blend of Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah which shows flavors of white peach, nectarine, and cranberry.  Dry, light, and a total crowd-pleaser! It’s richer than most and picks up those lovely garrigue flavors of rosemary, wild oregano, and lavender.

Prices subject to change

Dry January Survival Guide

If you happen to be wondering how you will survive the rest of “Dry January”, foregoing any libations with alcohol, we are here to support your valiant efforts. Maybe it is a good thing – you’ll have to let us know in February. Until then, we are always of the “everything in moderation” approach. All that said, we have a selection of non-alc bevies that will certainly help add some zip and zing to just about any glass. These are all great in different ways. They are all staff tested and approved. Most of these (maybe not the beer) work with alcohol for when Dry January is behind us. Enjoy!

Seedlip Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirits    $29.99

England-based Seedlip has been earning quite a buzz without actually producing one. The line up is non-alcoholic but it is distilled similarly as traditional spirits. Maceration, distillation, filtration, and blending. The process begins with farm-fresh produce, like hay, herbs, and even English peas. Each plant is macerated in a neutral grain spirit and water before distilling in copper pot stills. The alcohol is removed (although there is no fermentation stage) with the concentrated distillates being blended, filtered and finally bottled. Each label is creatively and beautifully illustrated with the ingredients featured within.

Spice 94 is comprised of Jamaican allspice, green cardamom, cascarilla and oak, grapefruit and lemons. Serve over ice with tonic and a garnish of grapefruit. Garden 108 features a floral blend of peas, hay, rosemary, thyme, hops, and spearmint. Serve with ice and ginger ale with a sprig of rosemary. Grove 42 is a citrus-forward blend of bitter, blood and mandarin orange with lemon, ginger, and lemongrass for the spice notes. Serve over ice with tonic or ginger ale. Simple to mix. Simply delicious!

Laurisa Il Nostro Chinotto   $2.99

New to our Laurisa offerings is the Chinotto. It’s unique taste and aroma comes from the namesake trees grown on the west side of the Liguria Riviera since 1500. These precious citrus fruits give this bubbly drink its deep caramel amber color and intense fragrance of citrus and spice. The carbon dioxide emphasizes the delicacy and harmony of a particularly complex bouquet: citrus, herbs, spices, and bitter caramel. The taste is velvety and soft without excessive sweetness.

Served chilled in a glass tumbler, with (or without) ice or lemon, it is an excellent thirst-quencher. Easily accompanies savory appetizers, a full meal or as an aperitif. Excellent as an ingredient in cocktails in which a bold exotic taste is desired.

Casamara Club Sparkling Amaro Soft Drinks $7.99 /4 PACK

These sparkling amaro soft drinks draw on the history and traditions of Italian amaro, fusing the depth and complexity of our favorite Italian aperitivi and digestive with the lightness and ease of a refreshing bitters & soda.

Alta is the aperitivo soft drink. It’s our take on a dry, spritzy Negroni, with notes of dark berries, fruity spices, and bright pink citrus peel. Lemon juice, Demerara cane sugar, Extracts of Italian chinotto, juniper berry, orris root, Mandarin peel, allspice, clove bud, and aniseed, Mediterranean sea salt.

Capo is the alpine soft drink, bridging mountain amaro traditions from throughout Italy. Notes of fresh-picked wildflowers, peppermint leaves, and key lime acidity. Lemon juice, orange blossom honey, extracts of Italian mandarin, chamomile flower, peppermint leaf, licorice root, grapefruit peel, juniper berry, clove bud, and cardamom seed, Mediterranean sea salt.

Sera is the digestivo soft drink, our take on a lo-fi, cinnamon-infused Aperol spritz, with notes of purple flowers, strawberry candy, and fruit tart acidity. Lemon juice, orange blossom, honey, extracts of grapefruit, cinnamon bark, rhubarb root, Italian chinotto, allspice berry, and aniseed, Mediterranean sea salt.

Each bottle contains 12 ounces and only 4g of sugar for a total of 15 calories.

Three Cents Artisinal Beverages   $1.99

What do you get when you combine Greek computer science major, an econ and business major, a marketer and a business graduate meets bartenders? These. Born from the historical 1920s when prohibition was in effect (kinda like self-imposed Dry January?) soda became a “thing”. Two cents plain and three cents flavored. Ooopa! The team behind these tonics sought to create the bubbliest sodas ever, pushing the limits of carbon dioxide and precious minerals to the limit. Dial-in the most natural flavors under the biggest pressure and the result is powerful. Bubbles for days (well at least through the end of the drink) never disintegrating or deserting your favorite flavors.

Bootblack   $18.99

From our very own Ocean State, Bootblack produces these “small batch – huge flavor” syrups and cocktail mixers for some of the best-tasting beverages you can make.

The Ginger Cardamom Lime is the flagship syrup consisting of lime juice, fresh ginger root, seedless golden raisins, cardamom seeds, black peppercorns, fresh rosemary, red pepper flake, star anise, allspice, filtered water, and cane sugar. Mix 1 part syrup to 3 parts tonic or soda water over ice and there you have it. Once February arrives it mixes with many spirits including whiskey, rum, vodka & tequila to name a few. Think Moscow Mules, Rum & Ginger and a variety of other cocktails.

Cranberry Jalapeño Lime makes a modern take on a (January Virgin) Margarita, Paloma or even a great addition to a Bloody Mary. It has some heat but to remind you it’s made with jalapeño but it is not too much to intimidate. Other notes of ginger, tarragon, juniper berries, coriander seed, fennel seed, sea salt, allspice, red pepper flake, fenugreek seed. 

Wellbeing Brewing Company Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverages   $9.99 / 4Pack

These are perfect for Dry January as the company name Wellbeing is solely dedicated to proudly making non-alcoholic Craft Beer. They are living and believing in what they are doing and their products warrant their efforts.

Heavenly Body Golden Wheat is based on a Great American Beer Festival award-winning recipe. The American-Style Wheat is flavorful and using hints of Cascade and German traditional hops for slight citrus notes that balance the lighter malts. It’s dry, crisp and smooth, with a full-bodied mouthfeel. Great for after your other January training, yoga or anytime you are taking care to watch what is going in your heavenly body. A “Near Beer from Heaven”. Vegan, non-GMO and healthy.

Hellraiser Dark Amber is a hop-forward amber that has the perfect balance of floral aroma and spicy hops to delight the palette of craft beer enthusiasts everywhere. 80 calories, 15 carbs, 0 sugar.

Weihenstephaner Premium Bavaricum Non-Alc Malt Beverage    $3.99

Founded in 1040, The Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan is the oldest existing brewery in the world known worldwide for producing world-class beers of the highest quality. The unique combination of tradition and science gives the brewery the quality standard “premium Bavaricum” and has garnered many national and international awards.

There is something special about this non-alcoholic wheat beer. Other breweries halt the fermentation process prematurely – Weihenstephan gives it the time it needs to allow the refreshing flavor to unfold. The alcohol is removed from the beer using falling film evaporation, a technique developed together with the Technical University of Munich-Weihenstephan. The result is a truly enjoyable beer with no alcohol, fewer calories, and carbs.

Sparkling, fresh and highly drinkable with notes of honey, clove and yeast best describe the flavor of this non-alcoholic wheat beer. One of the best available.

Prices subject to change


If you are looking to ring in the new year with some bubbles, you need to look no further. Kate and Eric have nailed a selection of fun fizz that will please even the most decerning of palates. These bottles span the globe and come in at various modest price points from $11 and up. Perfect to hoist a flute while you toast the start of a wonderful 2020. Cheers!



Charles de Fere Reserve Blanc de Blancs Brut $14.99

Crafted in Burgundy at the Boisset family’s state-of-the-art sparkling wine facility this Brut is rue to its roots. Charles de Fère’s grapes continue to come from diverse terroirs throughout France, ensuring the best possible fruit for consistently excellent sparkling wines at a great value. A traditional method wine production with a second fermentation in the bottle, then aged in riddling racks for at least 12 months. This pale and brilliant gold wine has white fruit and floral aromas with a lively and crisp bubble attack. The palate is elegant, long-lasting and well balanced between freshness and fruit.


AD47 Prosecco $10.99

This has become a staff favorite for its taste, versatility and wallet-friendly price. Meant to be drunk young, this is great for sipping or mixing excellent mimosas or a refreshing Aperol spritz. It features a characteristic straw-yellow color with a bouquet of apple. This pleasant prosecco is delicate, fruity and dry with a velvety-fresh, vibrant full-bodied finish. Excellent acidity and alcohol and long-lasting flavor. 


Curatoria Emiliana Lambrusco Salamini di Santa Croce $12.99

Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce is one of the Lambrusco DOCs situated in Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy. The wine is known for its deep ruby color, its exceptional fragrance, and refreshing fruitiness. It offers the most structure in comparison to other Lambruscos and is made to match the northern Italian cuisine, such as cotechino (a slow-cooked sausage) with beans or lentils and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Perfect for pizza!


Champagne Moutard Grand Cuvee Brut $39.99

This sparkling French wine gem carries a historic family tradition of Champagne growers/winemakers dating back to 1642. The families of Champagne Moutard Diligent have been living in the village of Buxeuil since the mid 17th century, and have a long tradition of both grape growing and wine production. 

Located in the Côte des Bar, the vineyard soils are made up of clays and limestones, lending to rich, fruity aromas and good minerality. Cellar-aged for at least three years, this beautiful Champagne of 100% Pinot Noir received outstanding scores of 91 points from Wine Spectator and Tanzer, 90 from Wine Advocate, and other 90+ accolades.

Complex and nuanced with fine, intense bubbles on the tongue, yellow-gold in color, a bouquet of fresh pears, almonds, apple and minerals followed by rich flavors of honey and ripe stone fruits. This Champagne has a remarkably long, delicate finish. Pairs well with just about anything especially sweet desserts. 


Encontro Vinho Espumante Bruto $10.99

Winemaker Osvaldo Amado has been making wines since 1986, he is a great connoisseur of the Portuguese viticulture. Dão, Alentejo, Douro, Vinhos Verdes, Lisbon, and Bairrada are the regions where he presently vinifies. He already vinified in Spain, Italy, and South Africa and presently in Brazil. In Portugal, he is responsible for producing about 15 million bottles a year. Osvaldo Amado’s wines have been awarded consecutively and received more than 600 medals between Gold and Silver. The Encontro is a citrine color with fine bubbles and a persistent aroma fruit, citrus, hazelnut, and biscuit. Fruity, fresh, smooth crisp and elegant persistence.


Prices and selection may vary

5 Great Wines To Gift

What is better than giving a great bottle of wine? Some say receiving but around here…we all love both. Certainly fans of enjoying great wines, Kate and Eric have selected these 5 quick picks as sure-to-please winners for giving as gifts this busy season.

Grab, go and delight. Done! Next…



Chateau Lanessan Haut-Medoc $29.99

We love wines from Bordeaux for the holidays!  This is a timeless gem that we are excited to promote as a great wine for gifting! From the right bank of Bordeaux comes this fantastic red wine that is sure to please your friends and family!  What’s great about this bottle, is that you can choose to lay it down to rest or drink now!  A lovely bold, blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and a bit of Petit Verdot with distinct flavors of dark currants, forest floor, violets, cedar, and a hint of black pepper.


Chateau Moutard Brut Champagne $39.99

This is such a wonderful Champagne that you absolutely need for your Holiday table!  Also, this baby is a few dollars less than it’s classic rival with the orange label, take the challenge, buy them both, do you think it’s better?  We think so!  Impress your guests with this baby tonight!


St Francis Cabernet Sauvignon $21.99

St. Francis has been on the map for over 40 years and their wine keeps getting better and better!  Now they are completely Certified Sustainable, which we love supporting!  A lush, but not too goopy, Cab with refined notes of tart cherries, raspberries, and vanilla.  Sure makes a great gift for all the ‘Cab’ lovers out there!


Bichot Macon Villages $14.99

This is a new wine that proves once again that excellent wine does not have to be expensive!  This affordable white wine from Burgundy is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes, and is one of those unoaked styles.  This is a light and dainty wine that has flavors of crunchy Anjou pear and tart apple that finishes with a refreshing bite of lemon to keep it light on it’s feet! For sure a crowd-pleaser, feel safe knowing this makes a sensational, casual gift for the holidays!


Justin Isoceles Red Blend $84.99

Everyone loves the Justin Cabernet Sauvignon, so we are featuring their next level blend, the Isoceles! This is a rich, opulent red with a deep, dark red fruit core and decadent dark chocolate on the finish! We can’t think of a better gift this Holiday season.  Go ahead, spoil your loved ones 😊


Prices subject to change

Kate’s Thanksgiving Picks

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Kate has hand-selected a quiver of go-to wines for you to share and enjoy. As we give thanks and spend quality time with friends and family, these picks will punctuate your appreciation and elevate the day.














Cantine San Marzano ‘Edda’ Bianco $19.99
This white wine screams Thanksgiving and is sure to bring conversation to the table.  It is from the very dry, southern region of Salento in Italy and is an extremely one-of-a-kind blend of Chardonnay with Malvasia.  Malvasia adds aromas of elderflower, orange blossom, and peaches!  Dry, lovely, and thought-provoking!  We can’t imagine a Thanksgiving feast without it!














Jean-Paul Brun ‘Charmes’ Cremant de Bourgogne $24.99
We only get this fantastic Sparkling wine from Jean-Paul Brun a couple of times a year, and I’m so excited that we have it here for Thanksgiving!!  This Blanc de Blancs is made from all Chardonnay sdf and is just what you need to start your holiday feasts!  This is super versatile bubbly is dry with flavors of golden delicious apples, toasted brioche, and hazelnuts.  This is a match for your appetizers and turkey!  Also, did we mention it’s organic?!















Les Hauts de Trintaudon Haut-Medoc $16.99
Here’s a wonderful Bordeaux that won’t break the bank but delivers top-notch quality!  A juicy blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with an earthy, robust palate.  Slightly spicy with hints of clove and nutmeg, balanced by ripe, red fruits on the finish.














Domaine de Giennois ‘Rive Droite’ Sauvignon Blanc $14.99
This is a wonderful wine that is from the Loire Valley in France, in an area right next to the famous Sancerre region.  Made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc (like Sancerre) and is very dry with juicy notes of lemon, so it will be awesome with that classic shrimp cocktail ring and appetizers!  It is an excellent, true ‘Bottles’ value, with an adorable label that has been a staff favorite for quite some time.















Justin Cabernet Sauvignon $32.99
Everybody loves Justin Cab!  This is a mainstream, popular Cabernet that is a true crowd-pleaser! With the cold weather here, a nice, big plush California red is just what you need.  Totally awesome red, with flavors of dark raspberries, toasted oak, vanilla, and just a hint of cocoa.  Goes with just about anything on your holiday table, so how could you go wrong!














Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay $26.99
One of the reasons we chose this Chardonnay for our Thanksgiving table is because it’s slightly oaky, yet very crisp and completely scrumptious.  It’s a perfect pick to satisfy those guests that require their California Chardonnay.















Stafford Hill Pinot Noir $21.99
Pinot Noir is classic with Turkey, and this year we are featuring a killer one from Oregon.  This wine is a medium body with flavors of cherries and cranberries!  Wine that tastes like cranberries…what could be better than that for Thanksgiving!














Chauvet Freres Beaujolais Blanc $19.99
New to the store this holiday season!  There isn’t a lot that makes it over to the US, so we are thrilled to showcase this gem for Thanksgiving.  Many people associate Thanksgiving with the red Beaujolais, so this is your chance to bring the white one, made from Chardonnay, to all the festivities!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! We are thankful to have such great customers!

pricing subject to change

Alex’s 6 Top Fall Brews

August is too early to start thinking about Pumpkin Spiced anything, but the End of September, now that’s a different story. The crispness in the cool air starts to permeate the thoughts of what’s to come. As the new crop of seasonal brews rolls in, here are some of Alex’s great suggestions to pick up and try. But just like the fall season, these brews will disappear like the leaves on the trees. They’ll be gone before you know it so get ’em while the getting’s good and the supply is here. Thanks for the tips, Alex!

Oktoberfest Lager By Banded Brewing

A domestic take on the timeless German style. This version is bready and warm with hints of toffee and caramel. Sssshhh – You can almost hear the Oohmpa band.

ABV: 5.4% Price: $10.99 – 4pk 16oz cans

Smashed Pumpkin By Shipyard

A boozy spin on the OG pumpkin ale from Shipyard. Big and robust with pumpkin sweetness and Saphir hops.

ABV: 9% Price: $12.99 – 4pk 16oz cans


Roadsmary’s Baby By Two Roads

A rum-barrel aged pumpkin ale that amplifies the sweetness of the pumpkin and adds tons of warm baking spice flavor. Plus the name is just genius.

ABV: 6.8% Price: $11.99 – 6pk 12oz cans

Cold Press Coffee Pumking By Southern Tier

Cold brewing coffee leaves behind the bitter acids that can seem harsh, but brings forward vegetal notes that highlight the pumpkin flavors in this imperial brew. A great treat for PSL lovers!

ABV: 8.6% Price: $15.99 – 4pk 12oz btls

Pumpkin Cider By Downeast Cider

The top seller from Downeast is a fan favorite for good reason. An excellent blend of pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon spices create a warming but refreshing cider, making it one of our first to land and first to leave for the fall season. Get it while we got it!

ABV: 5.1% Price: $9.99 – 4pk 12oz cans // $17.99 9pk 12oz cans


The Great Pumpkin Ale By Cambridge Brewing Company

CBC uses all local ingredients for their pumpkin ale including sugar pumpkins from Lexington, MA and organic barley from Hadley, MA. It is a great balance between pumpkin spice sweetness and hearty lager.

ABV: 5.5% Price: $15.99 – 4pk 16oz cans

Enjoy these selections and let us know what you think.

Pricing subject to change. Seasonal product with limited availability while supplies last.

Kate’s Favorite Values

Who doesn’t enjoy good new wine? Who also doesn’t enjoy a great buy? Lucky for you –  Bottles’ Wine Manager Kate Miceli enjoys both. And we are all fortunate that she is more than happy to share her latest finds with you. The only thing better than these finds is that they are all under $10. Thanks Kate!






Santola Vinho Verde
This is a newer wine to the store and it instantly became a Bottles favorite.  Our spritziest and most refreshing Vinho Verde with an adorable label and killer price!  Grab a few, this is sure to quench your thirst on those hot days! $7.99 






Underwood Rosé Bubbles Can
Sometimes we forget that this can is a half bottle of wine!  In this case, a fruity and delicious sparkling rose that tastes like raspberries and citrus.  It’s a staff favorite!  Every cooler should have a few cans of this. $6.99 each 






Wanted Gruner Veltliner Can
The first Gruner can in RI!   Made in Austria at a family vineyard from Gruner Veltliner, the wine tastes like limes and cucumbers. This label was made by a super cool lady that lives here in RI.  The best food pairing for this is grilled hot dogs with mustard and sauerkraut! $4.99 each 






Pinta Negra White
Dry and light un-oaked white wine that is a simple go-to for summer salads and seafood!  This appeals to those who enjoy Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blancs, or crisp Chardonnays.  Tastes like lemon, lime, pear, and melon with a zesty finish! $6.99 






Cabriz Rose
One of the lightest and driest roses of the season for another great price.  There are more mineral-driven flavors here and finishes tart.  With such a sophisticated label, no one will know it was inexpensive! $8.99 







Marques de Marialva Red Blend
A red blend from Bairrada, Portugal.  Enjoy this great bottle with all the BBQ meats this summer.  A dry and complex wine with flavors of dark black cherry, cocoa, and hints of smoke.  A total crowd-pleaser! $9.99 


Enjoy the new finds and let us know what you think the next time you’re in.



Pricing subject to change

Top 9 New (Winter) Wines

Even though the weather can’t make up its mind about what season we’re in, we’re drinking like it’s winter. Because we live in New England. And it’s February. And winter foods make such great wine partners. Here are the new bottles our wine Manager Kate brought in to pair with Taco Tuesdays, winter feasts, and everything in between.

Girasole Montepulciano d’Abruzzo  Italy

During the cold months, a sturdy Montepulciano hits the spot for a couple of reasons: It’s dark, comforting and easy to understand. And it needs nothing more than a good book and a roaring fire, or your favorite pizza and a binge-worthy movie at home. This fellow doesn’t want any aging, rather it is meant to be consumed young and fresh. Its flavors of bright, red fruits like cranberries and Bing cherries, have a lovely peppery finish. $9.99

Alphonse Dolly Chardonnay France

Chardonnay is a good winter white because it doesn’t need to be served super cold. Dolly’s Chardonnay tastes like apple pie, lemon curd, and toasted nuts. It’s creamy and satisfying, especially with a good homemade soup or roast chicken.  $12.99

Rosa del Golfo Primitivo Italy

Basically, Primitivo is Italy’s Zinfandel. The grapes in this wine are grown way down in the heal of the boot where it’s very, very hot. They develop lovely lush flavors of dark cherries, blackberries, and little spice from some gentle oak aging. This wine loves Sunday roasts, lamb, or any other meaty braise or stew.  $13.99

Valdelana Agnus Spain

A classic, awesome value wine from Spain. This family-run vineyard has been making wine since 1583, and their centuries of experience shine through in the wine. Enjoy this rustic and slightly spicy Tempranillo with all your favorite winter foods like stew, chili, steak, and roasted vegetables. $13.99

La Val Albarino Spain

A brand-new, single vineyard, killer Spanish white from Rias Biaxas, the birthplace of Albariño! Albariño is a dry Spanish grape that has flavors of citrus zest, orange blossoms and tart apples. It doesn’t see a lick of oak aging, so it’s light and easy-drinking and will pair perfectly with cheese platters, seafood, and healthy winter salads. $14.99

Garsea Ribera del Duero Crianza Spain

Once again proving that great wine doesn’t have to be expensive, we present this elegant Crianza. It’s predominantly Tempranillo, with a little Tinta de Pais (a light table grape) from very old vines. Juicy, fruity, elegant and refined, it makes a great choice for pizza or taco night with the fam. Also makes a killer mulled wine! $14.99

La Guardiense Janare Greco Italy

Some of the most interesting and un-sung Italian whites are from the region of Campania. Greco is the house grape for everyday drinking in Naples, Positano, Sorrento, and the Amalfi Coast. It’s an ancient Roman grape that makes a richer style of wine. Think flavors of peaches, lemons, and pine nuts. Excellent with seafood, fresh pasta, and fresh sauces to brighten your winter mood, like pesto or a garlicky tomato sauce. $14.99

Tre Monti d’Albana Italy

We are super excited about this new addition from Tre Monti, one of our favorite organic vineyards! Tre Monti is in the vicinity of Bologna and Parma, in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, known for its crisp, dry whites. Tre Monti makes this fun, frizzante wine with natural yeasts and minimal intervention. It’s a little cloudy, fresh, unique, and fruity, and perfect for mid-winter weekend celebrations, especially when served with creamy pasta dishes. Pass the Parmigiano! $18.99

La Boutanche Weiss Germany

Natural wines continue to be all the buzz in the wine world these days. They’re the bottles made with naturally occurring yeast and minimal intervention from the winemaker. This blend of Muller Thurgau, Kerner, and Riesling grapes is made by a well-known German winemaker, Andi Knauss. It’s a good ol’ fashion fruit cocktail of kiwi, lime, pineapple, and peaches in a bottle. La Boutanche already has a cult following in LA and NYC, so we are happy to host them here in little Rhody! $19.99


prices subject to change


Steal These Bubbles

That’s what it’ll feel like when you taste the 3 bottles we’ve selected as this year’s top value sparklers. They deliver so much quality, flavor and enjoyment for what you pay that you’ll feel as if you’ve stolen them right off our shelves.
Our Prosecco Of The Year in the Under $15 category is the gorgeous, authentic AD-47 from the Veneto region in Italy. It’s round and creamy and eminently drinkable. It even has the traditional Prosecco closure for added charm. (Don’t let the cork intimidate you. Open as you would a traditional still wine: Gently move the fastening string to the side and insert the auger. Just be sure to move slowly and gently – and absolutely be sure the bottle is cold – and directed away from the crowd.) $10.99
Our Under $15 Cava Of The Year, made by the Bohigas family in Spain, arrived at Bottles only a few months ago. We were taken immediately with its story (the small winery is still family owned and employs only 14 people) and its flavor: Lots of zip and extra bubbly, which means we love it for celebrations, and for mixing in sparkling cocktails. $14.99
Our French Sparkler Of The Year in the sub $15 category is one of the store’s all-time best sellers. The Grandial Brut wins again for its tried and true consistency in delivering absolutely lovely flavor and buckets of festivity to any occasion. And its new(ish) counterpart, the Grandial Rosé, is equally as fetching, with a whisper of sweet and a delightful fizz. $9.99

Cheers to you and yours, whatever you may celebrate!

prices as of December 2018, subject to change


The Beer & Spirits Lover’s Gift Guide

There’s only so many times you can get them the same old, same old. Surprise and delight the beer and spirits lovers on your list this year with a variation on their favorite theme. 

Insta Hot Toddy Kit 

Because everyone needs a warm pick-me-up this time of year. Kit contains a glass mug engraved in-house at Bottles, 50ml each of Bulleit and Maker’s Mark bourbons, local & raw Aquidneck Honey Straws, a bag of Bigelow’s English Teatime, and a chocolate-dipped pretzel, because who doesn’t like a chocolate-dipped pretzel. Shop in-store or call to have one set-aside for pick-up or delivery statewide. $19.99  

Beer Me! Gift Set 

A hearty beer with sweet ‘n savory fixins: contains a bottle of Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout, a beer mug engraved in-house at Bottles, a chocolate-dipped oreo and locally-made Sweet Twist trail mix. Shop in-store or call to have one set-aside for pick-up or delivery statewide. $19.99 

Engraved Bottle of Bourbon (or Scotch, or Rye, or Gin…you get the drift) 

Give us your message and we’ll engrave it onto their favorite bottle. Say something sweet or something salty (we don’t judge) for a truly one-of-a-kind gift. Ask a team member for details or visit LINK Starts at $39.99 

3-Month Beer Of The Month Club Membership 

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Beer newbies and long-time aficionados alike will be thrilled with each month’s package of 3 unique beers accompanied by detailed tasting notes, pairing recommendations and a recipe. Visit here to find out more. 3-Month membership starts at $88+tax. 

A Bottle of Private Barrel Bourbon  

You can’t buy them anywhere other than at Bottles, which means you really can get the bourbon-lover-who-has-everything something they’ve never had before.  And you can do so without breaking the bank: our Private Barrel Selection starts at $34.99. Call or visit for current inventory. Maker’s Mark as shown, $74.99.  

Tastings of Over 300 Whiskeys  

Give them the ultimate gift – the gift of choice. Our sister bar The East End on Wickenden Street in Providence has over 300 whiskeys, all available by dram and pour. A gift certificate in any denomination you choose means they can select the bottles they want to taste – all paired to the restaurant’s award-winning cuisine. Call (401) 433-9770 or visit The East End online. 

And if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, come on in or give us a jingle and our team of passionate, in-the-know beer & spirits buyers will help you select the perfect, tasty gift. 

 Happy Holidays!