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Wine Pairings for Striped Bass Season in Rhode Island

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It’s striper season in Rhode Island! You might have read our previous posts featuring food and wine pairings as they come into season in little Rhody. This week, we’re all about this mouth-watering combination: Striped Bass paired with Albariño, a white wine from Spain.

In Season Now
June – September

Striped Bass is a classic Ocean State food, and the Rhode Island state fish! Now is the season for catching your striper in the Narragansett Bay. Not a fisherman, or just unlucky? Pick up a few filets from local  fishermen such as The Local Catch at your farmer’s market. The Local Catch also has a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) program, sign up today!

Mild and sweet, light and flaky, Striped Bass tastes great cooked right on the grill, or pan-seared (in filet form!). Just add your favorite fresh herbs, lemon, olive oil or butter, and season to taste for the perfect Rhody summertime dish.

Read Edible Rhody Magazine’s simple Grilled Striped Bass recipe or Striped Bass with Tomato Basil Relish and Sweet Corn Purée recipe.

Wine Pairing

Albariño is a native grape of the Ríaz Baixas (pronounced “ree-ass by-shuss”) region on the Galician Coast of Spain. White wines from this region are delicate, lively, and aromatic. Ríaz Baixas is also a region with an ancient, pre-Columbian history of fishing and seafood. If it grows together, it goes together, so enjoy this fantastic wine with striped bass this summer!

Recommended Wine: Santiago Ruiz

Photo: Santiago Ruiz
  • History of the label: Santiago Ruiz’s daughter, Isabel, was celebrating her wedding at the winery house, and drew a little map to help guests find their way. Santiago saw it, added his handwritten text, and chose it to be the label for his wine.
  • Upon retiring at the age of 70, Santiago Ruiz dedicated himself to his true vocation and followed in the winemaking tradition of his ancestors. His maternal grandfather was one of the first to produce and bottle wines in Galicia in 1898.
  • Read more about Santiago Ruiz at www.bodegasantiagoruiz.com
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