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Corn is in Season! Pair it with Marsanne

White wine that pairs with corn

When it comes to summer barbecues, corn is quintessential. This classic vegetable is currently in season in Rhode Island, and will be through October. Usually, one never thinks about what wine pairs well with corn, which is not often the centerpiece of a meal. However, when it comes to corn being a major component, what do you do then? We have cut out all the guesswork, tasted a bunch of wines, and discovered that Paul Mas Marsanne goes very well with corn.

In Season Now: Corn

July – October

Sweet, juicy and versatile, corn is not only a staple of summer meals, but also of fall-time. When it gets cool enough to enjoy that bowl of corn chowder, try making some southern dishes as well, such as succotash or Johnny Cakes. Corn has many incarnations: on the cob, kernels, cereals and cornmeal.


Wine Pairing

Marsanne is a commonly found grape varietal in Châteauneuf-du-Pape & Côte du Rhône wines. A full-bodied white wine from the Rhone Valley, Marsanne can be found in both dry and sweet styles. This wine lacks the fruit and perfume, and so many times it is mixed with more aromatic grapes. The high alcohol, low acidity, and flavors of pear, spice and melon make it a great wine to pair with seafood, cheese, and of course, corn. Or simply relax and enjoy it on the porch!

Recommended Wine: Paul Mas Marsanne

– Aromas of dried fruits, pear, and violet with hints of vanilla.

– A rich, fresh, and mellow palate with a long finish of toasted notes makes this wine pair well with the sweetness of corn.

– 25% of the Marsanne is aged in oak barrels, and the other 75% is aged in stainless steel tanks.

– The Mas family has been making wines in the Languedoc region since 1892.

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