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Welcome Springtime with Local Scallops and a Bottle of Muscadet

Scallop and Wine Pairing

Winter is coming to an end and Spring is just around the corner. What better way to transition to the next season than with seared, fresh Sea Scallops gathered from Narragansett Bay? To enhance the mild flavor of the scallops, we recommend a bottle of Muscadet, a dry, bright, and minerally white wine. Down with the reds! Bring on the whites and rosés!

Scallops and Wine Pairing 

Sea Scallops

Found in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean, sea scallops are harvested anywhere from Newfoundland down to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Generally shiny and creamy white in color, scallops have a sweet, rich taste that is mild or briny. Don’t worry about a slight orange or pinkish tint when raw; it’s natural and won’t affect the flavor. High quality scallops have an ivory translucence to them and should keep their oval shaped structure.

  • The Local Catch provides fresh, available seafood at the Wintertime Farmers Market. Sea Scallops are there now!
  • For a list of wholesalers and local seafood farms check out this list at Farm Fresh.
  • For some of the best scallop recipes in New England, interviews from Nantucket scallop fishermen, shuckers, world-renowned chefs and history check out Scallops: A New England Coastal Cookbook.

Muscadet Wine

Domaine de la Pepière
Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur Lie

Located in the far western portion of the Loire Valley, in France, wine grower Marc Ollivier makes some of the top Muscadets from the AOC Muscadet Sevre et Maine appellation. Hand-picked by Ollivier himself, this Muscadet is unique because of the use of natural yeasts. Taking longer to ferment, the wine is bottled later, but it is well worth it.

The Muscadet vines are grown in terroir that is thick with granite stones and debris, giving the wines a particularly lemon-tinged, mineral edge that makes it perfect for seafood. His Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur Lie has beautiful, bright and energetic aromatics that are fruit forward and floral. The palate displays similar characteristics, with lots of pleasing texture and substance.

This Muscadet is a fantastic complement to this simple seared scallop recipe that only takes 10 minutes to prepare. We recommend enjoying this pairing on your veranda on a fresh spring day.

Sea Scallops Recipe

Sautéed Scallops with Garlic & Parsley 

1 lb Sea Scallops
2-3 tsp grapeseed oil or olive oil
2 large cloves of garlic, roughly chopped
A handful of Parsley, chopped
1 tsp unsalted butter
Fresh ground pepper
Juice from half a lemon
Sea Salt

Method of Preparation
1. In a bowl gently toss the scallops with the oil, garlic and parsley. For increased flavor, store in the refrigerator for some minutes before cooking.
2. Over medium heat, melt the butter in a sauté pan.
3. Once the butter starts to bubble, add the scallops, season with ground pepper and sauté for 2-3 minutes.
4. Very carefully, turn over the scallops. After about 1 minute squeeze the lemon juice over top and cook for another 1-2 minutes. Once they have become opaque, stop cooking them!
5. Serve over salad greens and sprinkle with sea salt. Yields 4 servings. *Recipe by Savoring the Thyme


Looking for other spring food and wine pairings? Try Asparagus with Grüner Veltliner or Arugula with Sauvignon Blanc.

by Kim Vroegindewey

Bottles for the Cause: RI Community Food Bank’s "Taste of the Flower Show"

Bottles was proud to sponsor Rhode Island Community Food Bank‘s “Taste of the Flower Show” a preview of the Rhode Island Flower Show. There were gorgeous flowers, fantastic local restaurants and food and of course, we brought three of our favorite wines to share! The evening was a great success and helped raise $30,000 for the RI Food Bank!

Check out more Bottles for the Cause events here>

Meet the Guys at Bucket Brewery!

Bucket Brewery - Pawtucket RI

Bucket Brewery is one of Rhode Island’s newest craft breweries. Watch Liam’s visit to their new Pawtucket brewery, learn how they got started and what beers they’re currently brewing. You’ll also be happy to find Bucket Brewery Growlers in our beer coolers!

Learn about Beer
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Bucket Brewery
Tastings Saturdays 10-5
Tours Saturdays 2, 3, and 4

Bucket Brewery Bucket Brewery Growlers Bucket Brewery Bucket Brewery

Cheers! Get the backstage tour at other local breweries >

Rhode Island Quahogs Taste Great with Vinho Verde


Summer in the winter! We’ve paired Muralhas Vinho Verde with a Rhode Island classic: Quahogs. Known to some as hard-shell clams, or as the mythical town in Family Guy, the Quahog is not only the official State Shell but was once used by the Narragansett Indians to make beads that were used as money, called wampum. Now consumed as a savory local food, Rhode Island is right in the middle of “quahog country” and has supplied a quarter of the nation’s annual catch for years. They are typically served in clam chowder, clam cakes or stuffed.

Muralhas Vinho Verde

Richer than most, and made primarily of Alvarinho, the Muralhas Vinho Verde from Portugal will pair perfectly with a delicious Quahog dish. A predominance of peach and apricot aromas hit the nose with a good structure, well-balanced, smooth and dry palate. According to The Wines & Vineyards of Portugal “‘Muralhas’ wine is one of the most reliable and best known Vinho Verdes in the thousands of fish restaurants that line the coast of Portugal, from Lisbon to the Minho.” One of Portugal’s best co-ops, Adega de Moncao is the single largest grower of Alvarinho and has grown from 25 growers in 1958 to over 1,700.

Stuffed Quahogs

There are many variations on Stuffies within Li’l Rhody; some add green peppers and chorizo, while other swear by chorizo, or add plenty of spicy hot peppers. 

15 Quahogs, shucked then chopped
2 loaves of day-old Italian bread
1 Tbsp oil
2 medium onions
3 garlic cloves, chopped
2 Tbsp crushed red pepper
2 Tbsp parsley, chopped

Open Quahogs, placing meat and juice in separate bowls. Save shells. Break bread into small pieces in large bowl and add enough juice to just moisten. Add chopped quahogs.

In oil, sauté onion and garlic until soft. Add along with crushed red pepper to bread mixture. Mix well.

Wash shells and separate. Mound stuffing into shells. Sprinkle tops with parsley and paprika. Set in a pan and bake in preheated 375 degree oven for 25 minutes or until heated through. Serves 10-15.

Optional: Add ground chorizo sausage or green bell pepper to onion when sautéing.



7th Annual WaterFire Providence Fundraiser

Bottles was very excited to partner with WaterFire for their annual fundraiser at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse this year! Year-round, WaterFire Providence transforms the rivers of downtown Providence into eighty sparkling bonfires, inspiring the community and creatively transforming the city for all to enjoy. The event took place at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Downtown Providence to great success with silent and live auctions, wonderful food and of course, unique wine pairings!

Check out the photos from the event below!

waterfire, bottles for the cause, providence, wine, community
waterfire, bottles for the cause, providence, wine, community, cocktails
And congrats to the lucky recipient of our personal wine tasting party for 20 guests!
We wish WaterFire Providence the best of luck with their new building and in the years to come!

Congratulations to Joseph Haggard, Winner of the 2013 Providence Cocktail Competition!

Providence Cocktail Competition - Joseph Haggard
Joseph Haggard at the announcement of his win.

Who has bragging rights as the winner of the Providence Cocktail Competition? Joseph Haggard from The Grange! After an action-packed evening of muddling, shaking, mixing and blending, guests and judges chose their winner from the group of participating competitors. A big congratulations to Joseph, who entered the contest with this stunner of a drink, Cervantes.

Joseph won a night of limousine service from Starlight Limousine with a bar stocked by Bottles, 2 tickets to any show and a $50 gift card at Fete, a “Stirred Set Up” bartender from Cocktail Kingdom, their cocktail recipe & ingredients featured at Bottles (stop by our store to see the display!) and an interview in the “Behind the Bar” column in the November issue of Providence Monthly.

Cervantes Cocktail Recipe by Joseph Haggard


by Joseph Haggard, The Grange

1 1/2 oz Olmeca Altos Reposado Tequila
3/4 oz Becherovka
1/4 oz Agave syrup
1/2 dropper Bittermen’s Elemakule Tiki Bitters

Stir all ingredients in mixing glass with ice until diluted. Strain into 5 oz. coupe glass. Finish by expressing oils from freshly sliced orange over drink.

*You’ll find all these ingredients at Bottles! Visit Us >

Joseph creating his Cervantes cocktail in round one.
The second round cocktail.
Accepting the reward on stage!
Straining the cocktail for attendees!
Check our our Facebook page for more photos from the Competition!

Presenting the Providence Cocktail Competition Contestants!

We’re gearing up for the Providence Cocktail Competition tomorrow night at 7pm at Féte Music! For just 10 bucks you’ll be able to sip 12 signature cocktails from bartenders and at home mixologists and help determine a winner. Plus 6 more secret ingredient cocktails made on the spot by finalists!

For us at Bottles, it’s not enough just to taste the cocktails – we want to make them at home too! Here are the 12 finalists and their cocktail recipes so you can print them out and try them on your own. And be sure to come to Féte on Wednesday, Sept 25th (tomorrow!) to vote for your favorite!

Click on the recipe to download and print! 








Jason Lawrence of Providence Fermentery





And Mateo Mancia, representing his own damn self!


Come on out to Féte and vote for your favorite!

Buy your tickets at the door or online here.
And come to Bottles to pick up all your cocktail ingredients!Cheers!

Brought to you by Bottles Fine Wine and

The Lurking Fear – An Ode to Lovecraft

Here at Bottles, we’re answering the call of Cthulhu for this week’s Necromonicon Providence Festival celebrating the works of famed Providence author, H.P. Lovecraft! So put on your best Herbert West face and reanimate your gatherings with this literary inspired cocktail.

chartreuse, cocktail, tequila, lovecraft, st. germain, kah, herbert west, cthulhu

The Lurking Fear
2 oz Tequila
1 oz St. Germain
1 oz Chartreuse

Add all ingredients over ice in a rocks glass and stir. Enjoy!

chartreuse, cocktail, tequila, lovecraft, st. germain, kah

We used Chartreuse not only for its green color but it’s a fantastic blending of over 130 herbs, flowers and secret ingredients.

chartreuse, cocktail, tequila, lovecraft, st. germain,

Chartreuse’s multidimensional flavor profile ranging from cloves, rosemary, cinnamon and thyme parallels the complex universe Lovecraft created with the beast Cthulhu in 1928.

chartreuse, cocktail, tequila, lovecraft, st. germain

A little silver tequila for spice, rounded out with our flowery friend, St. Germain and you’ve got yourself a cocktail to set your mind at ease about Cthulhu rising.

chartreuse, cocktail, tequila, lovecraft, st. germain, herbert west, scientist, horror

So get out there and enjoy some Cthulhu films and more at NecronomiCon!

Pinot Camp 2013 – Eric Taylor Goes to Oregon!

A few weeks ago we sent Eric Taylor, General Manager at Bottles, to Pinot Camp in Oregon. Oregon Pinot Camp is a three day immersion into the Oregon wine world. He had a blast and took amazing photos (and we got a week of peace & quiet). Check out our video and more photos below!

Argyle, winery, oregon, pinot camp, pinot noir
First day at the Argyle Winery in Dundee, Oregon. Along with producing the classic Oregon Pinot Noir, Argyle winemakers also produce delicious Chardonnays and sparkling wines.
Lena, the 100-year old ghost that haunts the Argyle farmhouse, which doubles as a tasting room for guests!
Eric attended and video chatted the store* from the Oregon Chardonnay Alliance (ORCA) Crab & Chardonnay Picnic.
*We have wine tastings every Saturday, so stop by and try!
The first day of Pinot Camp workshops started in Elk Cove Vineyards with a walk through the valley and a history of the Oregon wine industry and Pinot Noir.
Goats roam around the vineyards and help keep the weeds and grass at bay.
He also attended a grape growing workshop where he learned about all of the manual labor that goes into producing quality grapes.
Above are the original Pinot Noir vines planted in Oregon from 1966 — still alive and kicking today!
Campers had a really interesting “Soil Into Wine” tasting with 6 different wines from the 3 types of soil in Willamette Valley: Volcanic, Marine Sedimentary, and Windblown.
 Each soil type leads to a different tasting Pinot Noir. Volcanic soil creates softer, more tannic wines with high-toned fruit aromas. Pinot from Marine Sedimentary soils are earthier with heavier tannins and darker fruit tones. Windblown soil (which is most common in the region) creates mixed berry, cedar and exotic spice flavor with a rounded tannin structure.
An example of Volcanic soil lead by winemaker Alex Sokol Blosser.
Campers tried oak aged wine and talked about closures; the cork versus screw cap debate. To test which was better, they tasted the same wine from 2005 – one corked and the other screw capped. Eric was shocked to find out that they were exactly the same, with hardly any difference! 

On the last evening, Pinot Campers were treated to a traditional northwestern style Alderwood Salmon Bake at Stoller Vineyards.
Salmon is splayed out on wood frames so it will slow roast evenly over a large outdoor fire. It takes approximately one hour to bake completely, but is the tastiest, most unique flavored salmon around!
Of course we experience lots of rain, or “liquid sunshine” as it’s called in Willamette Valley.
Luckily Eric had his boots ready!
It was a truly enlightening experience! The wines were extraordinarily great throughout the region. The comradery and spirit of all the wineries was amazing. We will forever be a fan of Oregon wines!
Visit our wine store in Providence for a great selection of Oregon wines!

Bottles for the Cause: PPPRI Event

Last week, Bottles was honored to be a sponsor for a special event with Partnership for Philanthropic Planning Rhode Island (PPPRI). Taking place at the Aldrich House, one of Providence’s most celebrated historic homes and also the home of the Rhode Island Historical Society, PPPRI colleagues gathered for a networking and tasting reception.
PPPRI’s mission is to increase the quality and quantity of charitable planned gifts by serving as the voice and professional resource for the gift planning community. With over 100 Rhode Islanders in their membership, PPPRI was formed in the spring of 1993 by Susan DameGreene, Richard ELy and Richard LaFleur.
Attendees enjoyed a variety of fine wines and craft beers, selected by expert Eric Taylor, Bottles General Manager. Wines included Sean Minor Vin Gris, Girls in the Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc, Heitz Cellar Chardonnay, and Edna Valley Vineyards Pinot Noir, while the selection of craft beers included Cisco Sankaty Light, Unita Hop Notch IPA, and Allagash White.
A few days later after the event, Eric was touched to receive a thoughtful thank-you note and letter from outgoing President Joanne Speroni-Woody for helping put together a hugely successful  evening. Eric had also given Joanne a gift of a custom engraved wine bottle, complete with an etched image of the PPPRI logo and a message. This bottle was engraved in-house at Bottles, as one of our special gifting options.
Thank-you Joanne & PPPRI!