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Fava Beans Pair with Chablis (Chianti if you want, too…)

Have you eaten fresh fava beans recently? No? Well, you are missing out on a wonderfully sweet, tender, and versatile legume. Only the perfect bottle of wine can make a fava bean dish even better. In this case, we’re pairing Chablis with this newly in-season vegetable. Discover more food and wine pairings on our seasonal recipes page.

In Season Now: Fava Beans
June – September

While common sense tells us to avoid the culinary recommendations of cannibals, fava beans are actually a great summer ingredient! Fresh, earthy, creamy in texture, and sweet like peas, you can make a delicious risotto, sauce, or pilaf with fava beans. Split the pod, remove the beans, blanch them in boiling water for a few minutes, and cool immediately in an ice bath. Drain, and now they’re ready for a killer salad. A simple way to serve fava beans is tossed with extra-virgin olive oil, salted to taste, and topped with pecorino cheese.

Wine Pairing

Chablis from Chablis, France are some of the best Chardonnays there are. The term ‘Chablis’ has been  misused to refer to generic white wine, which is not what we’re talking about in this case. You should give real Chablis a try! Dry, steely, fruity, and super refreshing, Chablis is not your grandma’s buttery Chardonnay. Enjoyed with your favorite fava bean dish!

Or, just grab a bottle of nice Chianti…

Recommended Wine:
  • Domaine d’Elise Chablis is a white burgundy (100% Chardonnay grapes).
  • Wine has been made in the village of Chablis in Burgundy, France since the ninth century!
  • The limestone soils of Chablis give this wine a great minerality that matches the flavor of fava beans.

Peas n’ Picpoul: A Summer Food & Wine Pairing

peas wine pairing

Peas have arrived! Forget about those frozen peas you have the rest of the year, and enjoy super fresh peas grown right here in little Rhody. This is the newest edition of our series of seasonal food and wine pairings. Today, we’re pairing peas and Picpoul de Pinet, a wonderful French white wine.

In Season Now: Peas
June – September

There’s nothing quite like freshly picked peas! Snack on them fresh, cook them as a vegetable side, or make a soup, purée or pesto with this light & lovely veggie. Pick your own peas at Rhode Island farms from summer to early fall, or visit your local farmer’s market if there’s no time for pea picking in your schedule. English peas, sugar snap peas and snow peas are some common varieties. Sweet, tender, and a characteristic green color, peas are best enjoyed young and right after they’ve been picked.

Wine Pairing

Picpoul de Pinet is a French white wine. Picpoul is the grape varietal, Pinet is a town near the Mediterranean Sea in France. Light and fresh, summery and lemony, Picpoul and peas are a great summer food and wine pairing. A staff favorite here at Bottles, St. Peyre’s Picpoul de Pinet is medium-bodied with flavors of melon, grapefruit, and lemon.

Recommended Wine: Saint-Peyre Picpoul de Pinet
  • In a region well-known for great red wines, Picpoul de Pinet is a curious, and delicious, exception to this association.
  • Pinet is actually a small fishing village, with vineyards extending all the way down to the sea shore.
  • Impress your friends with this relatively unknown but fantastic white wine!
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Radishes & Wine: Seasonal Rhode Island Food Pairings

food wine pairing radish white wine "pinot gris"

Radishes are here in Rhode Island! As part of our series of blog posts featuring in-season foods paired with wine, this week we’re having Foris Pinot Gris with farm-fresh radishes. For more pairing ideas, visit our seasonal recipe page.

The other week, Darius Salko invited Nick, the Bottles Wine Director, to Allens Farms and The March Hare in nearby Westport, MA. Darius showed us around and gave us super-fresh greens to enjoy. Take a look at photos from our visit, here!

  • Allens Farms grows certified organic herbs, greens, vegetables and flowers in nearby Westport.

In Season Now
May – Mid-December

Radishes are a spicy root vegetable that grows best either in spring or early fall. Whether you prefer French Breakfast radishes or the familiar Cherry Belle radish (or both!), radishes are easy-to-grow and can be enjoyed fresh or cooked. Make an easy appetizer with a baguette, soft cheese, and chives, serve  them with artisanal butter and sea salt, or even braise them with shallots. A great way to enjoy the local harvest!

Wine Pairing

Pinot Gris is medium bodied white wine with notes of pears, apples, and stone fruit. Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris happen to be the same grape, but the former is grown in the northeastern region of Italy, and is generally paler and lighter in style. Foris Pinot Gris is delicious example of Pinot Gris from Oregon, with aromas of melon, pear, citrus blosson, and a hint of vanilla. A great summertime wine!

Recommended Wine: Foris Pinot Gris

  • Foris is a family owned and operated vineyard in southern Oregon’s remote Rogue Valley.
  • Pinot Gris grows well in cooler climates such as Oregon, Washington, Alsace, and Northern Italy.
  • Read more about Foris Pinot Gris at www.foriswine.com
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