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The Bottles Instagram #Regram Holiday Giveaway!!

Interested in these delicious, delicious bottles? We’re giving you the chance to win one! Choose from our sweet selection of: Four Roses Bourbon – Bottles’ Barrel Select, Cantillion Iris Lambic, and If You See Kay Italian Red! giveaway-group

How to enter:

1. First, follow @bottlesfinewine on Instagram.

2. Regram the Giveaway Prize Photo.

3. In your Regram, you must @-mention @bottlesfinewine and #-hashtag #bottlesfwgiveaway!

That’s it!

The Bottles Instagram Holiday Giveaway ends at 11:59PM (Eastern Time) on Sunday, December 21st. Three winners will be announced on Tuesday, December 23rd, and winners will also be contacted privately through Instagram direct with details on how to claim their prize!

Giveaway Rules:

-Must be 21+ years of age to enter contest

-We cannot ship to Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Utah or Vermont. We do not ship outside of the United States.

– Enjoy responsibly!


Cantillon Iris 2013

This rare lambic-style beer has been called an “unusual treat that will thrill the connoisseur of traditional Belgian beers – absolutely, utterly unique.”  It is fermented by wild yeasts and aged for two-years in oak wine casks at the Brussels-based Cantillon Brewery. Iris is brewed only once every season and all the beers come from the same brewing. This is why the beer is dated.

give-wineIf You See Kay 

A red blend from Lazio, Italy. The label stops you in your tracks – it’s an image of a strong, pierced and tattooed woman who, in the wine makers’ words, “embodies the principles of living life to its fullest. She embodies the wide-open throttle approach to winemaking…she is about freedom, being true to one’s beliefs and dispensing with conventional thinking and boundaries.” We think the wine has the same bad-ass lust for life, ripe with flavors of juicy blackberry fruit and dark cocoa nibs. Immensely enjoyable.



Four Roses Bourbon – Bottles’ Barrel Select.

A very special bottle!! Eric Taylor, Bottles General Manager, journeyed to Kentucky a few months ago to the Four Roses Distillery. He spend a day tasting through many many barrels, and after much discussion and re-tasting, decided on this Bourbon. It features aromas of warm honey roasted hazelnuts and flavors of rich and creamy vanilla, toasted oak and a long cocoa laced finish. A truly unique expression and only available at Bottles!

Good luck!


The Bottles Team

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So You’re Having a Party? Amounts of Wine, Beer, or Liquor to Have

Amounts of Wine, Beer, and Liquor to buy for a party

Having a party? Ever wonder how much wine, beer, or liquor to supply your guests with? With the arrival of the holiday season, many of us are hosting parties, and drinks are a must. But, it doesn’t have to be a mystery when it comes to getting the right amount of drinks; just follow our party planning math guide!

Tips & Tricks for Entertaining

  • Survey your glassware situation. How many wine glasses have survived the summer?
  • Chill those drinks! Take white wine out of the fridge 20 minutes before serving, and have 1lb. of ice per person. Are you attending a party? Be a champion and bring ice!
  • Always serve food along with drinks.
  • Have a pitcher or two of water available for guests, and keep them filled!

Stop by our shop, we’re here to help you with your celebration!

Bottles Fine Wine
(401) 372-2030

3 Delicious Amari for Thanksgiving


Since Thanksgiving is a day that our stomachs get a full workout, I wanted to share some of my favorite Amari from our selection here at Bottles. Amaro is a digestif; an herbal liqueur invented by doctors, chemists, pharmacists, laymen hundreds of years ago to serve one purpose – settle the stomach.

These pragmatic folks chose to preserve medicinal herbs in a tincture of alcohol because, after all, a spoon full of sugar does help the medicine go down. And since a bit of sugar is usually added to balanced the bitter herb flavors, Amari can be enjoyed on the rocks after a meal, or used in place of sweet vermouth in Manhattans. Here are a few of my favorite Amari to sample after a feast: Amaro Montenegro, Cardamaro, and Bigallet China-China.

You may notice that I left Fernet Branca, a popular amaro off this list. Fernet is a wonderfully bitter and bracing amari but after all that pumpkin pie, I prefer a more mellow spirit to enjoy next to the fire before I fall into a glorious food coma nap.

Amaro Montenegro 

Oranges and coriander meld together in a wonderfully warm way that intersects perfectly with a bitter, vegetal undertone. Rosewater and cherry are also present in this delightfully smooth and complex Amari.


Cardamaro is an Amari that is breaking all the rules. Instead of a spirit base, winemaker Gionvanni Bosca infuses Moscato wine with blessed thistle and ages the wine in oak for six months. This Amari is a great introduction because it has more of a sweet note rather than a bitter, herbal tone. Don’t be mislead, though, this is not a super sweet spirit. Ginger and artichoke are kicking around in this bottle to help right your senses.

Bigallet China-China 

What can I say? A perfect balance of sweet and sour, this Amari uses both sweet and bitter orange peels to form a holy union of citrus in your glass. Dark and rich with the addition of caramel, the warmth radiating from this Amari is life changing. My new favorite winter accessory! Move over electric blanket, you’ve been replaced.

Cheers & Happy Thanksgiving!

Bottles Fine Wine