Thanksgiving Wine & Drink Pairing Guide

Thanksgiving pairing recommendations from the experts at Bottles are here!! From craft beer, to specialty cocktails, and to finding just the right wine for each occasion, we’ve got you covered! Watch these 4 videos: Pre-Dinner Drinks, Appetizer Pairings, Dinner Pairings and Dessert Pairings, and then scroll down for a list of the best Thanksgiving pairings and different kinds of red and white wines that work with Thanksgiving dinner.  Bottles is a wine store located in Providence, Rhode Island, so if you’re in the area, visit us!

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Pre-Dinner Drinks

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’ve come up with suggestions for pre-dinner, football game time drinks and cocktails to have on hand.
Full Sail’s Sessions Lagers
Only $14.99 for a 12-pack, these are low in alcohol and high in flavor
Mayflower Brewing’s Thanksgiving Ale
Perfect for the craft beer enthusiast in your family, nothing else says Thanksgiving like this beer
Charles de Fere Blanc de Blancs
Looking for something bubbly? This sparkling wine is a great pre-dinner drink that everyone will love.
Boulevardier Cocktail
Similar to a Negroni, this easy & classic cocktail has Bourbon, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth

Appetizer Pairings

What wine do you serve with appetizers? Find out what Joanna’s picks are.
Beaujolais Rosé
A great wine for pairing with fruit plates
A nice French white wine that is crisp and delicate, pairing perfectly with cheese platters and savory vegetable dishes
Cranberry Cobbler Punch
An easy punch you can me before-hand; combine Gin, cranberry juice, Rose’s Lime Juice and Cranberry Bitters

Thanksgiving Dinner Pairings

When Thanksgiving dinner is ready, you’ll want wines that go well with everything on the table.
Pinot Blanc
A white wine that lends itself wonderfully with turkey, yams and herb stuffing; round and rich, Chardonnay fans will love it!
Anton Bauer Pinot Noir
People always reach for the Pinot Noir; Try this elegant Pinot Noir that is rich & velvety, but not too heavy.
Secateurs Cotes du Rhone
A red blend that is incredibly versatile when it comes to food pairing; it will show off everything on your Thanksgiving table!

Dessert Pairings

Eric talks about what to drink after dinner, as you are relaxing with friends and family, and enjoying Thanksgiving dessert.
Tawny Port
Perfect with traditional Thanksgiving desserts like pecan pie, this port is medium-dry and on the lighter side.
White Dessert Wine
Just a little bit sweet with honey and fruit flavors; serve cold or room temperature with fruit and cheese.
Serve it with coffee!
Amaro Montenegro
A digestif from Italy, herbascious & slightly sweet, serve this with a lemon twist to settle those stomachs!
Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or
Scotch aged in Sauternes casks that gives it a honey, slightly fruity flavor that is wonderful with desserts