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Don’t Let Your After-Dinner Drinks Be An Afterthought

An easy and impressive way to elevate any meal – especially Thanksgiving Dinner – is to offer your guests an after-dinner drink, served alongside – or in lieu of – dessert. And all that’s required for this elegant and delicious end-to-a-meal is a thoughtful bottle choice (we can help with that), and clean glassware. Baking not required.


Though there are many mixed drinks that are popular after dinner (ie. Irish Coffee), we’re focusing on one-bottle postprandial sippers: those that you merely need open and pour to enjoy. Here are the 4 styles we like to serve during Thanksgiving season.

1. Sweet Dessert Wine ranging from fruit-sweet (Sauternes, Moscato D’Asti) to sugar and nut-sweet (Madeira, Port). One small glass does a body good either by itself or paired with pungent cheese.

2. Amari bitter (and sometimes sweet) liqueurs originally produced to calm upset bellies. despite — or perhaps in light of — their at-times super-bracing bitterness, an increasing number of folks are enjoying Amari after dinner – stomachache or not.

3. Liqueurs / Cordials traditional european liqueurs made with flavors of almonds, coffee and mint (just to name a few) are now being produced in small batches by American artisans. these new bottles are an outstanding treat.

4. Bubbles popping a bottle of sweet (sec) or semi-sweet (demi-sec) sparkling wine is an elegant and festive way to put a celebratory cap on a merry holiday meal.

Call or visit the store for help in finding the perfect bottle to end your feast.




3 Warm Drink Recipes for Chilly Nights!

It’s that time of the year again, and these cold, brisk nights are perfect for warm & cozy drinks. You’ll love these 3 classic winter cocktail recipes! It isn’t winter without at least one spiked tea or cocoa! Our mulled wine recipe is also a great alternative for punch at any party or gathering!

Grab these awesome printable recipe cards we’ve made too! Add em to your home bar collection, or stick em on the fridge for subtle reminder to drink to stay warm during this icy season!


—-> Printable Cards! <—–

Whiskey Hot Toddy


A cup of hot black tea

1 oz Evan Williams 1783 
Juice of half a lemon
1 spoonful Royal Rose’s Cardamom Clove Syrup

Directions: Combine all ingredients in a mug and stir to combine.

Historically, dropping some whiskey and a splash of lemon in your tea turned an afternoon tipple into a salve for the common cold. The warm tea soothed your sore throat and the vitamin C in the lemon juice provided support for your ailing immune system.

Royal Rose’s Cardamom Clove Syrup provides the experience of infusing a handful of spices Ina Garten-style over a warm stove for hours without any of the work. Our friends at Royal Rose have lovingly made this syrup so on a chilly day when your nose is runny and you feel under the weather you can add a drop of Cardamom Clove into your toddy, and head back to bed.

Infused Hot Cocoa warm-drink-hc

A cup of your favorite hot cocoa
1 oz Bittermens New Orleans Coffee Liqueur
1 spoonful Royal Rose’s Three Chile Simple Syrup

Directions: Combine all ingredients in your favorite mug and stir.

Bittermans New Orleans Coffee Liqueur tastes of Brazilian coffee beans and organic French chicory root that New Orleans coffee is famous for. A touch of vanilla and some Belgian chocolate syrup makes this liqueur perfect for hot cocoa.

Three Chile Syrup is hand-made with fresh poblano, jalapeño peppers, and dried ancho chiles. As a savory blend of sweet and spice, it’s a fantastic mixer for vodka, mezcal, and whiskey. Also, try it as a delicious marinade for meats and veggies!

Make a batch of this Infused Hot Cocoa, grab a blanket and settle in for a glorious evening of Netflix.

Mulled Wine

A crockpot
1 Bottle Dry Red Wine or White Wine (not too minerally or tannic)
½ a cup Sugar
Cinnamon sticks, Cardamom, Cloves, Star Anise to taste
Sugar/Simple Syrup (1/2 cup to 2 cups)
Lemon peels & Orange Slices

Make sure the crock pot is large enough to hold a bottle of wine and pour it in. Turn it on low and add the desired amount of spices. Be careful with the Star Anise because it is very powerful. Add about ½ a cup of sugar to start with and as the wine mulls, taste it along the way & add more if needed. Last but not least, add the slices of oranges & lemon peels for that last little kick of zest. Heat it till warmed & the wine has taken on the desired amount of flavors from the spice. Serve in ceramic or glass mugs for a true European experience.

Read more and check out our how to video here too!

Enjoy and stay warm!!



The Bottles Team