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Foolproof Brewing Company

Foolproof Brewing Company is the newest Rhode Island craft brewery, and they are located not to far from us in Pawtucket, RI. Nick Garrison, President & Founder of Foolproof, was kind enough to invite us over during their canning of Raincloud, a robust porter. We got to try beer fresh from the canning line, take a tour of the brewery, and let Nick guide us and give insider’s information about each of Foolproof’s year-round beer offerings: Barstool, Backyahd, and Raincloud.

Watch the video above, and be sure to browse our other brewery tours.

Empty cans of Backyahd, ready to be filled! Backyahd is Foolproof’s India Pale Ale, and a perfect pairing for grilling, summer bbq’s, and all your ‘backyahd’ activities.
Barstool is an American Golden Ale, and the beer of choice for a night out with friends. Foolproof 6-packs come in these handy and distinctive boxes. Conveniently portable, in our opinion.

The Foolproof guys at work! They have weekly tours of the brewery, so you can hang out, drink fresh beers, and see the brewery. If you’re near Pawtucket, Rhode Island, swing by and check them out.

We’re loving Raincloud at Bottles! This porter is “dark, smooth, and mysterious,” and a tasty treat for those rainy (or snowy) days.

Beer in a can? There are many reasons why Foolproof and Bottles like cans over glass bottles when it comes to our craft beer.

  1. Cans block all sunlight from the beer, which eliminates any chance for skunking.
  2. Cans have less airspace at the top, which increases the shelf-life of a beer.
  3. Cans don’t break & shatter! No one likes spilled beer.
  4. Cans are environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  5. Cans are lightweight, portable, and take up less space, making them perfect for hiking, the sailboat, the beach, picnics, golf courses…

Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project

This past spring, Bottles (we’re an inquisitive liquor store in Providence, RI, full of local beer enthusiasts) was fortunate enough to pay a visit to Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project. Dann and Martha Paquette run Pretty Things, which is based in Somerville, Massachusetts, but brewed in Westport, MA. Pretty Things beers are known for being delicious, quirky interpretations and twists on classic beer styles. Watch the video to take a quick craft beer journey with Liam, the Bottles Beer Manager.

The visit happened to coincide with the 4-year anniversary of the first batch of Jack D’Or. You can read the full description of Jack D’Or and the emblematic, mournful grain of barley named Jack, HERE.

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pretty things beer ale project jack d'or
Jack D’Or
Pretty Things Beer Rhode Island
Bottled Jack D’Or ready to go.
Pretty Things Beer Ale Project Massachusetts
The resident gnome with a few Pretty Things Beers and hop vines.
Martha Pretty Things
Martha at work!
Dann Pretty Things
Dann chatting with Liam, Bottles Beer Manager.
Bottles Fine WIne Providence
Westport, Massachusetts.

RI Breweries: Grey Sail Brewing Company Tour

Recently, Bottles visited Grey Sail Brewing Company, a two year-old local Rhode Island brewery. Located near the beaches of Westerly near the Connecticut border, Grey Sail offers a solid range of tasty craft beers, including their Flagship Ale and Flying Jenny Extra Pale Ale. Dan from Grey Sail was kind enough to give a tour of the brew house, and to chat with me about Grey Sail beers. Watch the brewery tour video here.

Grey Sail Brewing Company was started in 2010 on the beaches of Misquamicut and Watch Hill in Westerly, Rhode Island. Jennifer Brinton and her husband Alan, a home brewing enthusiast, took their children to these beaches nearly every day. In 2009, Jen decided to use her talents to build and run the brewery that her husband, Alan, envisioned.

Grey Sail Brewing Company Beer Tour RI
Since then, Grey Sail has been slowly but surely growing from scratch.
Grey Sail Brewing Company Brewery Rhode Island
Grey Sail Brewing Company made its home in a previous macaroni factory.
Can Craft Beers Alternative
Many craft breweries use glass bottles, while Grey Sail uses cans. 
Rhode Island Craft Beer Brewery
These aluminum cans are actually lined with a type of plastic, which better protects the beer from sunlight and air. Cans also take up less room in the fridge, are less likely to break, easy to recycle, and they can go where glass bottles can’t. This makes Grey Sail beers perfect for Rhode Island’s beaches, golf courses, patios and Rhody lifestyle.
Grey Sail Fermentors
Japanese fermentors.
Grey Sail Beer Leaning Chimney

A quirky feature of the old brick building is the leaning chimney, inconveniently situated, but a part of this historical building that Jennifer wanted to preserve. The Leaning Chimney Smoked Porter is its namesake.

– Liam
Bottles Beer Manager

RI Breweries: Newport Storm

The folks here at Bottles recently visited Newport Storm Brewery, a local Rhode Island microbrewery that was bottling their first batch of India Point Ale when we visited. This “IPA” beer is named after India Point Park here in Providence, RI. India Point Ale uses local Rhode Island Chinook hops and New Zealand hops. Bottles is a liquor store in Providence that has a great selection of craft beers to choose from.

Newport Storm was started in the 1990’s by a group of chemistry majors in college, and has been growing ever since.

They even distill their own rum, Thomas Tew Rum. Mike Rowe from the television show “Dirty Jobs” also paid a visit to the Newport Storm Brewery and signed a barrel!

We’ve been busy visiting more New England area craft breweries.
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