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9 Winter Wine Picks Under $20

winter wine list

Winter is the time to enjoy hearty beef stews, tuck into your favorite spaghetti recipe, or savor a pork shoulder roast. We’ve paired these classic winter foods with complementary red and white wines. Keep reading for our list of under $20 wines, and stop by our store to shop our winter wine display.

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Looking for delicious beef, pasta, or pork recipe ideas? Our friends at Edible Rhody Magazine have a dazzling variety of dishes to choose from. We’ve selected three of our favorites: Braised Aquidneck Farm Beef Short Ribs, Linguine and Clams, and Pan-Seared Pork Chops Over Cheese Grits & Pickled Cranberry. CLICK HERE to download and print the recipe card for each, and visit the Edible Rhody website at www.ediblerhody.com.


La Flor de Pulenta Wines Cabernet Sauvignon

La Flor de Pulenta Wines Cabernet Sauvignon
Mendoza, Argentina, 2008

From Argentina, where Malbec is King, this engaging Cabernet has spicy plum and dark cherry notes but also lots of interesting graphite and savory herb flavors and aromas. $18.99

Chateau Fage, Graves de Vayres

Chateau Fage, Graves de Vayres
France, 2010

This beautiful Cabernet/Merlot red blend has a solid core of plum and black cherry fruit flavors, but what really makes it special are the delicious vanilla and mineral elements lurking in the background.  A great choice with rich beef dishes. $11.99

Bousquet Malbec

Bousquet Malbec
Mendoza, Argentina, 2011

Grown at an altitude of 4000 feet, one of the highest in Argentina, this smashing Malbec is 100% organic and delicious.  Dark and intense in color with aromas and has flavors of blackberry, black currant and plum.  Very well made with an excellent balance of powerful fruit and elegant structure. $13.99


Palazzone Orvietto

Palazzone Orvietto
Umbria, Italy, 2012

Made from a blend of obscure grapes that are indigenous to Italy, this dry and zippy white is perfect to add a splash to the pan to brighten up a pasta sauce, but even better to drink! $12.99

Zeni Ripasso Valpolicella

Zeni Ripasso Valpolicella
Italy, 2011

Ripasso are often called baby Amarone because they have many of the same flavors and aromas, but at a fraction of the price.  This beautiful example has flavors and aromas of chocolate, mocha, fig, raison and other dried fruits.  Enjoy with rich, meaty, pasta entrees. $17.99

A solid, well built, no nonsense Chianti that’s very dry and a bit rustic – just like inexpensive Chianti should be.  Look for bright and vibrant aromas of black cherry, cinnamon and red flowers.  A perfect match with any red sauce pasta dish. $11.99



Firesteed Pinot

Firesteed Pinot Noir
Oregon, 2011

A delicious lighter style Pinot Noir from the beautiful Willamette (rhymes with Dammit) Valley, Oregon.  Medium bodied red wine with exuberant wild blueberry and ripe raspberry flavors with hints of cocoa powder and espresso.  A really great match with pork dishes, especially ones with rich and flavorful sauces. $14.99

Willm Riesling

Willm Riesling
Alsace, France – 2012

Rieslings are not always sweet – see my video!  This stunning gem is super dry with crackling bright acidity that can cut through the richest of pork dishes.  Loaded with personality, look for flavors of green apple, peach, blood orange and anise.  Lip smacking delicious! $13.99

Chateau Pesquie 'Terrasses'

Chateau Pesquie ‘Terrasses’
Cotes du Ventoux, France, 2011

In Latin, Terrasses means “Lump of Earth” and refers to gravelly vineyard soil, rich in iron and clay.  A blend of Grenache and Syrah, look for an intense aroma of black pepper and red berries followed by yummy flavors of plum, cherry and red currants. A match made in heaven with roast pork dishes, especially with lots of garlic and black pepper. $16.99