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Summer Cocktail Recipe Cards

A hot summer day is the time for some cool refreshing cocktails. Drinks these days can get pretty, but sometimes you just want to enjoy the familiar standby. Follow along with these classic cocktail recipe cards and keep cool all summer long!

With only two ingredients, the Dark & Stormy is a perfectly simple summer drink to enjoy on the beach, the backyard or anywhere!

A homemade Margarita is a wonderfully fresh way to enjoy tequila and lime. 
Infuse your tequila with jalapeños for an extra spicy kick. 

The Daiquiri became popular in the 1940’s when wartime rationing limited access to whiskey and vodka and trade opened up with Latin America. Rum-based drinks, once a a staple of sailors and drifters, saw a huge increase in popularity. Enjoy the classic today with strawberries!

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How to Make a Rosé Sangria

Enjoy this refreshing Rosé Sangria recipe at home or with friends, created by Joanna, the Bottles cocktail expert. This sangria drink idea is easy to make and great for the summertime! Watch this video tutorial for instructions on making this crisp and light sangria that uses Frog’s Leap Rosé, Mathilde Pear Liqueur, Q Ginger Ale and local, seasonal fruits and berries.

2 cups mixed fresh fruit
1 bottle of Frog’s Leap Rosé
4 oz. Mathilde Poire Liqueur
Top off with Q Ginger Ale

Pour the rosé wine and pear liqueur into a pitcher. Add fruit. Let sit for two hours or more, and when serving, add a splash of ginger ale. Enjoy!

ingredients rose sangria recipe

The longer you let this sit, the more the fruit will absorb the flavors. Also, try to use fruits that are in season. For the freshest fruit, visit your local farmer’s market.

Frog’s Leap is a winery located in California that makes this wine is dry and light with aromas of watermelon and summer flowers. Mathilde Pear Liqueur is a great cocktail ingredient made from 100% hand picked fruits. Instead of using regular ginger ale, try out Q Ginger Ale. This tasty ginger ale is made of all natural ingredients like rose oil, orange peel and of course, real ginger.

rose sangria drink idea

If you are letting the fruit soak more than a few hours, add the Q ginger ale just before serving, to add a little fizz to your sangria.

easy rose sangria best recipe

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