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Point Judith Calamari Wine Pairing!


Who knew that Rhode Island is the squid capital of the world? Point Judith squid is not only important to the economy here (bringing in 7 million pounds a year!), but is also used in the most popular appetizer of the state, calamari. This spicy, fried, and uniquely Rhode Island dish deserves an equally flavorful, action-packed wine pairing: Domaine de Martinolles ‘Le Berceau’, a sparkling wine made in Languedoc, France.

Bubbly + Seafood = Delicious.

In Season Now: Point Judith Calamari
While calamari is not yet the official state appetizer, there is talk of trying to make it the Rhode Island official appetizer. Here in little Rhody, calamari is typically served Sicilian-style, with banana peppers and marinara sauce, giving it that perfect mixture of crunchy, spicy, and sweet.

  • Here is a recipe by Jasper White in The Summer Shack Cookbook for authentic Rhode Island Spicy & Greasy Calamari.
  • Our friends at Edible Rhody Magazine have a wonderful recipe that combines calamari with other local seafood, mussles and steamers.
  • Our local Whole Foods has a few recipes for calamari on their blog.
  • For the freshest calamari, visit your local farmers market or go straight to the fishermen such as The Local Catch, located right in Point Judith. They even have a CSF, which is a great Community Supported Fishery program.

Wine Pairing
Domaine de Martinolles is located in the Lioux wine region, which is the western most part of Languedoc, France, and is known for Mediterranean weather of both hot and dry conditions. This sparkling wine is made from the traditional Mauzac grape found in this region. The grape is picked later in the season, so wines made from it typically display flavors of green apple, with good acidity. The refreshing acidity, dryness and sweet flavors of fruit are a perfect pairing with the spicy calamari, while the wine’s crispness will cut any greasiness.


Photo Credit: Cellar Tracker
– Deliciously dry and crisp, with notes of green apple, pear, yeast, & some vanilla, giving it great depth of flavor.
-‘Le Berceau’ is made from the Mauzac grape, traditional to the Lioux region, and is produced in the traditional champagne method.
– ‘Le Berceau’ translates to cradle, a reference to the birthplace of sparkling wine.
– The Vergnes family has owned Domaine de Martinolles since 1926.

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