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How to Make Mulled Wine in a Crockpot

how to make mulled wine directions

The holidays are upon us, and sometimes it gets tricky deciding what wines or libations to serve at your holiday party. These cold, brisk nights are perfect for warm & cozy drinks. You’ll love our easy crock-pot recipe for mulled wine. Just make a large batch, adjust the spices to taste, and serve with a fresh slice of orange to impress your guests. Watch the video below and learn how to make mulled wine at home this winter season.

There are different variations from country to country but it is generally a heated spiced wine. With no exact recipe for mulled wine, it is all based upon one’s taste and preference. However, the basics are:

What You Need:
A crockpot
Dry red wine or White wine – not too minerally or tannic
Cinnamon sticks
Star Anise
Sugar/Simple Syrup (1/2 cup to 2 cups)
Lemon peel

Make sure the crock pot is large enough to hold a bottle of wine and pour it in. Turn it on low and add the desired amount of spices. Be careful with the Star Anise because it is very powerful. Add about ½ a cup of sugar to start with and as the wine mulls, taste it along the way & add more if needed. Last but not least add the slices of oranges & lemon peels for that last little kick of zest.

Heat it till warmed & the wine has taken on the desired amount of flavors from the spice. Serve in ceramic or glass mugs for a true European experience.

red and white wine mulled wine ingredients
Look at those burlap satchels full of mulled wine spices! Ready to go!

In the Rhode Island area? Stop by our wine store at 141 Pitman Street, Providence, RI and pick up our pre-made mulled wine satchels to make your own batch of mulled wine.

Cheers & Happy Holidays!
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