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The Easiest Oscar Punch Recipe

Oscar Champagne Punch Recipe

Having an Oscars party? Take it up a notch with a champagne punch! There are many variations on the champagne cocktail; think of this recipe as a wild departure from a mimosa. We’ve combined Framboise Lambic, sparkling wine, and a splash of orange juice to create a brilliant, delicious punch that will take only five minutes to make.

Champagne Punch Idea

Refreshing and fizzy, this Oscar punch gets its tart-fruit flavor and lovely red-pink color from Framboise Lambic, an ale which is flavored with raspberries instead of hops. Grandial Brut is one of our new favorite sparkling wines. A tremendous value at $9.99, this dry style Brut loves to party! Swing by Bottles for the ingredients you need!

Framboise Lambic and Sparkling Wine Cocktail


The Easiest Oscar Punch Recipe

1 small bottle Framboise Lambic (355mL small bottle)
1 bottle Grandial Brut sparkling wine
Splash of orange juice
Orange slices and wedges for a garnish

Combine Framboise Lambic, Grandial, and a splash of orange juice in a punch bowl or pitcher with plenty of ice. Garnish with orange slices. Serve with plenty of ice and an orange wedge. Makes about 6-8 champagne flute sized servings.

Sparkling WIne Punch Recipe