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Brussels Sprouts Are In Season! And We’re Eating Them With Bacon!

It’s fall and we’re excited to pair our wines with warm, seasonal comfort food recipes from Edible Rhody Magazine. This month we’re bringing you a fantastic Brussels sprouts & bacon recipe paired with Domaine D’Aupilhac ‘Lou Maset’ Languedoc–the perfect crisp, autumn appetizer to enjoy with family and friends!
Available all year round, the peak season for Brussels Sprouts is from September to mid-February. The smaller the head, the sweeter the taste, so look for those that are about 1–1½ inches in diameter. Even though they last for a few weeks the flavor starts to become unpleasantly strong after three or four days so be sure to cook them right away–the fresher the better! Brussels sprouts have great health benefits too. Some good ways of cooking them are by steaming, roasting, or stir frying, but do not overcook or you will lose the nutrients. To ensure an even cook, slice an x into the bottom of the stem when cooking them whole.

Check out Farm Fresh for local farms to get your brussels sprouts this season.
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Languedoc is the largest wine-growing region in the world, extending from the Rhone Delta down to the foot of the Pyrenees.  It is also the most productive in terms of wine in France & the oldest. Because of its large geographical area & variations in terroir, Languedoc can produce a wide array of wine styles, with many of the reds being blends that are full-bodied, fruit driven & slightly spicy. These wines go perfect with the bitter earthiness of Brussels sprouts & specifically Domaine D’Aupilhac ‘Lou Maset’; mouth-wateringly fresh with a great balance of ripe fruit & silky tannins, a good length with a spicy finish.

Brussel Sprouts & Bacon

  • 1 pound (4 cups) Brussels sprouts, washed, trimmed & halved
  • ½ pound farmer’s bacon, chopped
  • Freshly ground black pepper

1. Fill a sauce pot with water and bring to a boil 

2. Prepare a large bowl of ice water and set aside 

3. Place Brussels sprouts in boiling water for 45 seconds, or until they turn bright green 

4. Drain and place immediately in ice bath 

5. In a separate pan, render bacon over low heat until pieces are crispy 

6. Remove bacon from pan and add drained, cool Brussels sprouts to the bacon drippings 

7. Sear the Brussels sprouts over medium-high heat for about 3 minutes, until edges are brown
8. Return bacon to pan, sprinkle with pepper, toss and serve

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