Rye Whiskey Revival Video

This month, Bottles in Providence is featuring Rye Whiskey, and we carry a great selection of quality brands in our liquor store, from familiar classics to interesting new finds. We even have an informational video all about Rye Whiskey, its history and current revival.

Rye was once one of the most popular liquors to drink in the United States, but after the Prohibition, American distillers moved on. Tastes had changed toward sweeter spirits such as bourbon. However, Rye Whiskey has been experiencing a revival, due to devoted cocktail enthusiasts who are bringing back traditional cocktails and local ingredients.

Rye must be made from at least 51% rye, while the rest is made from other grains. A higher ratio of rye gives whiskey its signature spice. The spicy, lean flavors of Rye pairs perfectly with citrus fruits, pumpkin ale, local cider and all things autumnal.

To see a great Bonal & Rye Whiskey cocktail recipe, click here.