Curt’s Picks for The Mountaintop

One of our absolute favorite times of the month is when Curt Columbus, Artistic Director of Trinity Rep, and his team visit the store to discuss the wines that the theater will serve during performances. His knowledge of wine and his passion for it are incredibly infectious;  Curt’s palate is as good as any pro’s, and his ideas are always spot on.

To pair with Trinity’s production of “The Mountaintop,” an astounding re-imagining of night before the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Curt focused on wines that play to the intense play’s surprising humor, spirit and craft. As a reminder, these wines are available by the glass during each performance. And if you purchase a bottle in store, Bottles will donate 20% of your purchase back to Trinity Rep in support of their amazing work in our community.

Herewith, Curt’s Picks for “The Mountaintop”.


Kings Ridge Pinot Gris, Willamette Valley, Oregon
“I mean of course I’d consider this wine, given its name, to pair with this production that has Martin Luther King Jr. as its central character. The fact that it’s a delightful, delicious and fruit-forward expression of Pinot Gris (aka, Pinot Grigio) made it a slam dunk.” – c.c.

Sofia Sparkling Wine, California
“The character Camae plays a really important role in this powerful, two-person drama. Her joyful, heavenly spirit – which is just magical to experience – calls for a drink that’s equally as special and effervescent.” -c.c.

And, for a tasty cocktail during the show, consider this:

“Joe’s Juice”
We’re honoring Joe Wilson, Jr., star of ‘The Mountaintop’ and one of the hardest working actors in show business, with his own cocktail. It’s his favorite!  Vodka and soda with orange and grapefruit juice.” – c.c.

Enjoy the show!