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Rhode Island Quahogs Taste Great with Vinho Verde


Summer in the winter! We’ve paired Muralhas Vinho Verde with a Rhode Island classic: Quahogs. Known to some as hard-shell clams, or as the mythical town in Family Guy, the Quahog is not only the official State Shell but was once used by the Narragansett Indians to make beads that were used as money, called wampum. Now consumed as a savory local food, Rhode Island is right in the middle of “quahog country” and has supplied a quarter of the nation’s annual catch for years. They are typically served in clam chowder, clam cakes or stuffed.

Muralhas Vinho Verde

Richer than most, and made primarily of Alvarinho, the Muralhas Vinho Verde from Portugal will pair perfectly with a delicious Quahog dish. A predominance of peach and apricot aromas hit the nose with a good structure, well-balanced, smooth and dry palate. According to The Wines & Vineyards of Portugal “‘Muralhas’ wine is one of the most reliable and best known Vinho Verdes in the thousands of fish restaurants that line the coast of Portugal, from Lisbon to the Minho.” One of Portugal’s best co-ops, Adega de Moncao is the single largest grower of Alvarinho and has grown from 25 growers in 1958 to over 1,700.

Stuffed Quahogs

There are many variations on Stuffies within Li’l Rhody; some add green peppers and chorizo, while other swear by chorizo, or add plenty of spicy hot peppers. 

15 Quahogs, shucked then chopped
2 loaves of day-old Italian bread
1 Tbsp oil
2 medium onions
3 garlic cloves, chopped
2 Tbsp crushed red pepper
2 Tbsp parsley, chopped

Open Quahogs, placing meat and juice in separate bowls. Save shells. Break bread into small pieces in large bowl and add enough juice to just moisten. Add chopped quahogs.

In oil, sauté onion and garlic until soft. Add along with crushed red pepper to bread mixture. Mix well.

Wash shells and separate. Mound stuffing into shells. Sprinkle tops with parsley and paprika. Set in a pan and bake in preheated 375 degree oven for 25 minutes or until heated through. Serves 10-15.

Optional: Add ground chorizo sausage or green bell pepper to onion when sautéing.



Dogfish Head is Coming Back to Rhode Island!

Rhode Island Loves Dogfish

You’ve got the inside scoop! A few years ago, Dogfish Head Craft Brewing made the decision to leave Rhode Island (just awful, right?). But now, they’re returning! Watch Liam, our Beer Director, with Sam Calagione, founder and President of Dogfish Head.

Welcome Back to RI, Dogfish! With Sam & Liam

You may have seen their video announcing their return to Rhode Island and a few other states:

This was our response: Come to Rhode Island! A Beer Shop’s Open Threat to Dogfish Head.

And thus, Liam pulled one over on us, and made the epic journey to Delaware to visit Dogfish Head Brewery, chat with Sam, and scope out the situation.

Here are the results.

How we “brought” Dogfish to Rhode Island

Look for Dogfish Head Beers on our shelves next week!
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Welcome back, Dogfish Head! Cheers!

Brussels Sprouts Are In Season! And We’re Eating Them With Bacon!

It’s fall and we’re excited to pair our wines with warm, seasonal comfort food recipes from Edible Rhody Magazine. This month we’re bringing you a fantastic Brussels sprouts & bacon recipe paired with Domaine D’Aupilhac ‘Lou Maset’ Languedoc–the perfect crisp, autumn appetizer to enjoy with family and friends!
Available all year round, the peak season for Brussels Sprouts is from September to mid-February. The smaller the head, the sweeter the taste, so look for those that are about 1–1½ inches in diameter. Even though they last for a few weeks the flavor starts to become unpleasantly strong after three or four days so be sure to cook them right away–the fresher the better! Brussels sprouts have great health benefits too. Some good ways of cooking them are by steaming, roasting, or stir frying, but do not overcook or you will lose the nutrients. To ensure an even cook, slice an x into the bottom of the stem when cooking them whole.

Check out Farm Fresh for local farms to get your brussels sprouts this season.
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Languedoc is the largest wine-growing region in the world, extending from the Rhone Delta down to the foot of the Pyrenees.  It is also the most productive in terms of wine in France & the oldest. Because of its large geographical area & variations in terroir, Languedoc can produce a wide array of wine styles, with many of the reds being blends that are full-bodied, fruit driven & slightly spicy. These wines go perfect with the bitter earthiness of Brussels sprouts & specifically Domaine D’Aupilhac ‘Lou Maset’; mouth-wateringly fresh with a great balance of ripe fruit & silky tannins, a good length with a spicy finish.

Brussel Sprouts & Bacon

  • 1 pound (4 cups) Brussels sprouts, washed, trimmed & halved
  • ½ pound farmer’s bacon, chopped
  • Freshly ground black pepper

1. Fill a sauce pot with water and bring to a boil 

2. Prepare a large bowl of ice water and set aside 

3. Place Brussels sprouts in boiling water for 45 seconds, or until they turn bright green 

4. Drain and place immediately in ice bath 

5. In a separate pan, render bacon over low heat until pieces are crispy 

6. Remove bacon from pan and add drained, cool Brussels sprouts to the bacon drippings 

7. Sear the Brussels sprouts over medium-high heat for about 3 minutes, until edges are brown
8. Return bacon to pan, sprinkle with pepper, toss and serve

Owner & founder of Easy Entertaining Inc. in Providence, Kaitlyn Roberts actually studied pre-law before discovering her love for cooking while studying abroad in Rome. After she graduated she went to Apicius, a culinary school in Florence, for a year. Upon her return in 2006 she started working as a personal chef and soon, Easy Entertaining Inc. was born. Looking to preserve the local flavor of Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts she focuses on seasonal, local and gourmet cuisine. In 2012 Easy Entertaining opened a café in Rising Sun Mills for breakfast, lunch, classes, private events & more.


Check out www.easyentertainingri.com for more info
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Congratulations to Joseph Haggard, Winner of the 2013 Providence Cocktail Competition!

Providence Cocktail Competition - Joseph Haggard
Joseph Haggard at the announcement of his win.

Who has bragging rights as the winner of the Providence Cocktail Competition? Joseph Haggard from The Grange! After an action-packed evening of muddling, shaking, mixing and blending, guests and judges chose their winner from the group of participating competitors. A big congratulations to Joseph, who entered the contest with this stunner of a drink, Cervantes.

Joseph won a night of limousine service from Starlight Limousine with a bar stocked by Bottles, 2 tickets to any show and a $50 gift card at Fete, a “Stirred Set Up” bartender from Cocktail Kingdom, their cocktail recipe & ingredients featured at Bottles (stop by our store to see the display!) and an interview in the “Behind the Bar” column in the November issue of Providence Monthly.

Cervantes Cocktail Recipe by Joseph Haggard


by Joseph Haggard, The Grange

1 1/2 oz Olmeca Altos Reposado Tequila
3/4 oz Becherovka
1/4 oz Agave syrup
1/2 dropper Bittermen’s Elemakule Tiki Bitters

Stir all ingredients in mixing glass with ice until diluted. Strain into 5 oz. coupe glass. Finish by expressing oils from freshly sliced orange over drink.

*You’ll find all these ingredients at Bottles! Visit Us >

Joseph creating his Cervantes cocktail in round one.
The second round cocktail.
Accepting the reward on stage!
Straining the cocktail for attendees!
Check our our Facebook page for more photos from the Competition!

Presenting the Providence Cocktail Competition Contestants!

We’re gearing up for the Providence Cocktail Competition tomorrow night at 7pm at Féte Music! For just 10 bucks you’ll be able to sip 12 signature cocktails from bartenders and at home mixologists and help determine a winner. Plus 6 more secret ingredient cocktails made on the spot by finalists!

For us at Bottles, it’s not enough just to taste the cocktails – we want to make them at home too! Here are the 12 finalists and their cocktail recipes so you can print them out and try them on your own. And be sure to come to Féte on Wednesday, Sept 25th (tomorrow!) to vote for your favorite!

Click on the recipe to download and print! 








Jason Lawrence of Providence Fermentery





And Mateo Mancia, representing his own damn self!


Come on out to Féte and vote for your favorite!

Buy your tickets at the door or online here.
And come to Bottles to pick up all your cocktail ingredients!Cheers!

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Sons of Liberty Distillery – Pumpkin Whiskey Made in RI

Sons of Liberty Distillery Pumpkin Whiskey
Pumpkin Whiskey is here! If you haven’t heard, Sons of Liberty Spirit Company from South Kingston, Rhode Island, makes an award-winning seasonal whiskey: Pumpkin Spice Flavored Whiskey. And guess what? You can get your bottle at our store! We can even ship it to you, if you’re not fortunate enough to be located in New England.

Check out our visit to the Sons of Liberty distillery, where we met up with owner/distiller Mike Reppucci:

Sons of Liberty Spirits Co. is the first distillery to offer seasonal craft whiskies. Breweries have seasonal brews, so why not whiskey? And, this Pumpkin Whiskey uses all local Rhode Island pumpkins that are roasted to perfection. Add some winter spices like clove, allspice, vanilla, cinnamon, & sweet orange, and you have a buzz-worthy American craft whiskey. No artificial flavor or coloring here!
Make a Pumpkin Cider Martini, a Pumpkin Manhattan, or enjoy the beautiful aromas and flavors neat. Cheers! www.solspirits.com


Bottles Fine Wine
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Meet the Sons of Liberty Spirits Co. – A Rhode Island Distillery

Uprising - Sons of Liberty Distillery in RI

Get a backstage tour of the Sons of Liberty Spirits Co.,  Rhode Island’s second newest distillery since the 1800s. Mike Reppucci, Sons of Liberty owner/distiller, showed our store manager around the distillery. Learn how they make their great single malt American whiskey, Uprising, and welcome in their seasonal winter release, a Pumpkin Spice Flavored Whiskey that uses local Rhody pumpkins. A winner of the World’s Best Whiskies!

Visit us to shop local, and for a full selection of Sons of Liberty spirits: Uprising Whiskey, Pumpkin Whiskey, Loyal 9 Vodkas, and more.


Sons of Liberty Whiskey Distillery Sons of Liberty distillery - Rhode Island

A Visit to Westport Rivers Winery

Did you know award-winning sparkling wine is made here in New England? Nick, our Wine Director, recently visited Westport Rivers Vineyards and Winery where winemaker/owner Bill Russell showed him around the vineyards, bottling line, and more. Watch this video of the tour!

Visit Westport Rivers Vineyards and Winery, which is located in the beautiful South Coast of Massachusetts.

Looking to buy Westport wines? Visit our Providence wine store for a great selection of local wines.

westport rivers vineyards and winery
westport vineyards sparkling wine and champagne
bill russell of westport rivers
westport rivers wine
Westport Rivers Sparkling Wine - Brut Cuvee RJR
Westport Champagne
westport rivers winery and vineyards
westport rivers winery and vineyards

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Point Judith Calamari Wine Pairing!


Who knew that Rhode Island is the squid capital of the world? Point Judith squid is not only important to the economy here (bringing in 7 million pounds a year!), but is also used in the most popular appetizer of the state, calamari. This spicy, fried, and uniquely Rhode Island dish deserves an equally flavorful, action-packed wine pairing: Domaine de Martinolles ‘Le Berceau’, a sparkling wine made in Languedoc, France.

Bubbly + Seafood = Delicious.

In Season Now: Point Judith Calamari
While calamari is not yet the official state appetizer, there is talk of trying to make it the Rhode Island official appetizer. Here in little Rhody, calamari is typically served Sicilian-style, with banana peppers and marinara sauce, giving it that perfect mixture of crunchy, spicy, and sweet.

  • Here is a recipe by Jasper White in The Summer Shack Cookbook for authentic Rhode Island Spicy & Greasy Calamari.
  • Our friends at Edible Rhody Magazine have a wonderful recipe that combines calamari with other local seafood, mussles and steamers.
  • Our local Whole Foods has a few recipes for calamari on their blog.
  • For the freshest calamari, visit your local farmers market or go straight to the fishermen such as The Local Catch, located right in Point Judith. They even have a CSF, which is a great Community Supported Fishery program.

Wine Pairing
Domaine de Martinolles is located in the Lioux wine region, which is the western most part of Languedoc, France, and is known for Mediterranean weather of both hot and dry conditions. This sparkling wine is made from the traditional Mauzac grape found in this region. The grape is picked later in the season, so wines made from it typically display flavors of green apple, with good acidity. The refreshing acidity, dryness and sweet flavors of fruit are a perfect pairing with the spicy calamari, while the wine’s crispness will cut any greasiness.


Photo Credit: Cellar Tracker
– Deliciously dry and crisp, with notes of green apple, pear, yeast, & some vanilla, giving it great depth of flavor.
-‘Le Berceau’ is made from the Mauzac grape, traditional to the Lioux region, and is produced in the traditional champagne method.
– ‘Le Berceau’ translates to cradle, a reference to the birthplace of sparkling wine.
– The Vergnes family has owned Domaine de Martinolles since 1926.

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Newport Vineyards Tour – Rhode Island Wineries

Rhode Island wine! Nick, the Bottles Wine Manager, paid a visit to Newport Vineyards in nearby Middletown, Rhode Island (we’re a wine store in Providence, RI). John Nunes gave Nick a tour of the vineyards and winery, followed by a visit to their tasting room to try their impressive selection of wines.

Learn about Wine
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Newport Vineyards - grapes Newport Vineyards Newport Vineyards

Nick Shugrue

Newport Vineyards - Rhode Island wine

Bottles Fine Wine - Providence wine store